Hey Australia, Wake Up!

The thing these actors fear the most is being identified as the character they have created.  Their ability to play the role of the villain is hinged upon their capacity to change into their real person after the task is complete and therefore blend back into society and never have to be held accountable for the damage they have done to the psychology of their nation.

E-Cig TAX Laws Being Pushed by the Royals

With the invention of the Vape (E-Cigarettes),  You noticed the sudden jump in the number of VAPE shops across the US.  Well, guess who they have to buy their nicotine from?  You guessed it, The Crown-owned manufacturers.  Now with all that TAX money they are losing with the drop off of people consuming cigarettes they need the legislation to include VAP nicotine as a tobacco product and, therefore, regain that lost tobacco tax revenue.

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