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Hey Australia, Wake Up!

Yes, this is an old one, but I’m still repopulating the database with my past work.

So the powers that be in Australia are testing their citizen’s ability to think critically.  To believe this is a coincidence is absurd, to understand that everything you believe per your countries history is a lie shows you have common sense.  WHY?  Because you need to know that, “Once in power, always in power.”  These actors, come from families that span back to the Roman days.  Combine that with the fact the Australia is under the Queen’s rule and you understand her Majesties acting crew will be in full force, regardless of whether or not the people like it or not.

The thing these actors fear the most is being identified as the character they have created.  Their ability to play the role of the villain is hinged upon their capacity to change into their real person after the task is complete and therefore blend back into society and never have to be held accountable for the damage they have done to the psychology of their nation.  When they are identified, they run in fear of being held accountable.  The scripts they play out are hatched at the Bilderberg meetings each year and are the creation of a very select few of royal family members.

Australia  - Malcolm Turnbull, Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Prime Ministers, Silence of the lams cast

Australia - Malcolm Turnbull, Anthony Hopkins, Jodie Foster, Prime Ministers, Silence of the lambs cast

(My opinion)

Many of these individuals I believe are military funded if not officers themselves. Think about it logically.  The ability for a celebrity to walk through a countries defenses and sit down in the living room of that nation’s leaders home is something an intelligence agency dreams about being able to do.  Enter Brad Pitt and Angelina, give them a few foreign children and that gives them a reason for being over in that war-torn country influencing the leaders to do their bidding.  Report back to the intelligence agency they work for and bingo you have an international spy.  But remember what’s good for the goose is good for the gander, and the game is being played from bothe sides. 😉

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  1. I was looking back on Australia’s Port Author Massacre, and was so F’n angry on how the whole country fell for this obvious fake story. I must admit at first I felt sure the ‘poor kid’ was used as a patsy, but looking further into it, I realise every single bit of it was staged. I would love for you to do a video on that. Also a couple of very interesting points that were made, one was by Bryant Gumble of NBC, he said he was surprised, considering Australia’s very strong laws, which by the way he said he approved of, that the Aussie journalist spoke about the gunman’s background, apparently until the case is underway in court, it is against Australian law.
    Another point that stood out was when speaking of the then Prime minister, John Howard, the narrator mentioned another name, then said meaning John Howard, or whatever his real name is. The narrator was saying if John Howard allowed this massacre to be perpetrated he has committed treason on the Australian public. So should be charged with committing a terrorist act.
    Personally if no one was killed, its just the Government lying to us to pass there Gun laws. And I don’t think its a crime to lie, but I’ll go read our legislations to make sure.

  2. I have actually met both Turnbull and Hopkins. Turnbull during my university studies in 2002 and i met Hopkins at a charity function, I assure you they are very different people.

  3. They are Satanists meaning they kill children for entertainment.

    • No they are not. There is no such thing, since they made up the concept of the devil. People who think they are are simply fooled into believing in a boogie man. I feel embarrassed for you if you still subscribe to the notion of invisible things that live in a place that you will go when you die if you are bad. hahahahah I feel embarrassed even talking about it.

    • if you believe that you are just as stupid as they are for pushing that bullshit out for others to fall for it.

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