Update From Fort Hood To Fort Lauderdale The Shooter Identified

There has never been a school shooting in this country, there has never been a mall shooting in either.  There has never been any postal office active shooter event that is broadcast on the news that was real. They have all been scripted drills that the host of the drill gets grant money from the DHS’s HSEEP program.  Go to their website and look it up.

The Political Godfather of this Country.

This is unfortunately where all the problems began. The year 1900 was a pivotal point in this country’s history. From that point on the Royals really sunk their talons into us.

But wait, it gets a whole lot bigger than what you see here. Get ready for the family tree to come crashing down and used as the wood for the peasants to make their pitchforks, and torches.

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