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Another FAKE Astronaut/Senator EXPOSED

So far I have identified all the Apollo astronauts as well known actors. Now add this one on top of the fake shuttle disasters and you have yourself one big mess they need to fess up to. The game is up, and the TAXPAYERS NASA robbed, want a refund as well as justice to be meted.




Are you going to be afraid of how others react to you showing them the facts?  Or are you going to tell them they are wrong, and if they don't look at the facts they will be helping the enemy of humanity attack this country and every other country that they target?  If they try to poo poo the information, walk away and ignore them.  Tell the next person.  Eventually, there will be more of us than those who are acting like sheep.  At that point, the game is over for these liars regardless if others don't want to listen.  The Facts stand on their own, regardless who is saying it.  Remember, it only takes one voice to start the chain reaction that will bring this lie and those behind it to their knees.




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  1. JustnAmurrican /

    Hello there DallasGoldBug… Dude, you are my hero…. i remember trying to pitch some of those dorks on the LDS freedom forum… (joke of a website and definitely troll control there) the fakery of the Boston bombing… all I got was ridiculed and when they couldn’t bury my posts with team trolling or multiple, multiple (weak) rebuttals and ridicule. they banned me cuz the complaints against my posts of your pics (too graphic, they said) with fake blood and your evidence of amputee actors…

    And now Pat Boone is AstroNOT Bill Nelson… that is another good one. besides the hand vein match and daughter (not seeing that so much) the ears of the young astronot Bill Nelson are a pretty good match with his more recent pics later in life.

    Keep it up!

  2. Bart Simpson /

    It must be fun to be crazy.

  3. Igetitnow /

    You are blind. How do I get a refund?

    • RbM /

      Every one of these I.D.’s is dead on…


    • I’m afraid it is you that is blind.

    • solonl /

      @Igetitnow the classic ad hominem attack. Funny, trolls are on the site, but no one has even found one valid argument against the evidence presented.

      • Correct. Anyone who is paying attention sees their mud throwing, when they should be presenting anything to prove me wrong. So bottom line it shows I’m correct.