Lens Distortion MUST SEE

I’m often confronted by people who have taken two superimposed photographs and claimed I’m wrong about who I say the subjects are based on their evidence showing that the facial features don’t line up.  I attempt to explain to them the world of Lens Distortion but if they are not familiar with photography and most don’t know the difference between an F-stop and a Bus stop, then don’t comprehend.  So I set out to make a few videos demonstrating with the best of my ability the optical illusion along with the understanding that the events are exhibited are not on the same level as you videotaping your child’s birthday party in your backyard.  What we are presented via TV is a production that has the benefit of doing multiple takes, lighting, make-up, in some cases prosthesestics applied to the actors and most importantly the ability for them to use post production to edit and change the viewer’s perception of the event to best suit the predictions intended message.

Deadly Kalamazoo, Michigan, Shooting AND SO MUCH MORE!

My comments –
AT THIS POINT, there would be a mistrial for juror poisoning, and to discuss details of a crime before a trial would be grounds for misconduct by the DA. God forbid they said something that causes evidence not to be admissible, and then the city would be responsible and held accountable in the WRONGFUL DEATH SUITS that would then be filed by the families of those claimed murdered. WHAT A JOKE. No lawyer in the face of the planet WHEN DEALING WITH A CASE THAT INVOLVED PEOPLE BEING KILLED would make comments as per the details of the investigation before the verdict rendered. I’m sorry, I have no comment per this case due to it still pending a judge’s decision. No questions at this time, please. THAT would be what you would hear if the case were real.

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