Brett Greenberg Spotted Again

Brett Greenberg at occupy Wall Street

If you are not aware who Brett Greenberg is, you can review some of the videos that I did about him in the early days of my investigation. His cousin is Tony Greenberg. The person that was the lead when it came to the majority of these alternative media hoaxes events until I exposed his identity. So they quickly put an end to his alternative hoax career. That, of course, left them with the need to find another point man, and Brett seems to be that person. He actually works at the White House for Obama as we see in this video above, and the connection that he has to Obama is through David Axelrod, who was the former advisor to Obama and is married to a Greenberg.

Lens Distortion MUST SEE

I’m often confronted by people who have taken two superimposed photographs and claimed I’m wrong about who I say the subjects are based on their evidence showing that the facial features don’t line up.  I attempt to explain to them the world of Lens Distortion but if they are not familiar with photography and most don’t know the difference between an F-stop and a Bus stop, then don’t comprehend.  So I set out to make a few videos demonstrating with the best of my ability the optical illusion along with the understanding that the events are exhibited are not on the same level as you videotaping your child’s birthday party in your backyard.  What we are presented via TV is a production that has the benefit of doing multiple takes, lighting, make-up, in some cases prosthesestics applied to the actors and most importantly the ability for them to use post production to edit and change the viewer’s perception of the event to best suit the predictions intended message.

Canada Being Duped Again!

When an actor accepts a role such as playing the part of an elected official, they are taking a role that is an extended full-time part.  Therefore, they must have a spouse to fill the role next to them.  In cases of our elected officials, I’m finding the majority are using siblings as the spouse.

Gawker.com Verifies Wellaware1’s Work

I must give credit to Andy for having the guts to validate my work and publish his findings on Gawker.com. I don’t know Andy, have never met or spoken to him and have no affiliation with Gawker.com.

I hope that he and Gawker continue to report on the rest of the candidates I have exposed so that one day the people of this nation will realize the loophole in the system that allows a person to run for office and never have to show any form of identification. Furthermore, they are not bound to disclose this to their constituents.

Is Carly Fiorina, Marti Hearst and EXPOSED?

Next time you think your vote counts in the election, think again. The media conglomerates by way of the legal loophole found in the Candidate oath form, which allows a person to run for office while using a pseudonym. But made even more problematic when you see the form gives the option for a third person or party to vouch for the candidate’s identity, allowing them to run for office without having to show any form of ID.

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