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Thank you for visiting my site.  I want to bring you up to speed on what the Media including YouTube and other video hosting platforms have done to suppress my work.  I have had my channel removed from youtube four times now.  Each time I had over a million views and 20K subscribers, and the last time they took me down I was up to 8 million views and 25K subscribers.  The site remains down and the videos deleted.  This is why you will find broken links and missing videos throughout this site.  I had over 400 videos that are now gone.  Combine that with The Department of Homeland Security taking my hard drives and laptop it has left me relying on my viewers who have copied the videos so I can repost them and fix the broken pages.  So please be patient as I am working around the clock to repair the site.  It’s a constant battle that takes up a significant amount of time.  However, you can help by letting me know if a page is broken or missing.  Please email me with the URL to the page that needs attention to dallasgoldbug@gmail.com.

Thank you again for understanding the situation.  It shows that the information I present makes the mainstream controller very upset.  This speaks volumes as per the importance of the information on this site.


You must understand the following items

Video 1









So now that you’re aware of the game so they play, you’ll see that all the news in all the historical events that you can lead the belief are real are nothing but media scripted events created for content and profit.

Within the site, you will find a mountain of evidence that supports this statement. If you look at the news from a legal standpoint, you will be able to peel back the fiction and reveal who is propagating the lie. Since we are bound by legality and are punished if we overstepped those boundaries, the individuals and the stories that were shown must also adhere to those legal, limitations.

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