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Obama’s Supreme Court Pick Is Just An Actor

Obamas Supreme Court Justice Merrik

Obamas Supreme Court Justice Merrik


On March 16, 2016, President Barack Obama nominated Garland to serve as an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, to fill the vacancy created by the death of Antonin Scalia. To date, the Senate has not held a hearing or vote on the nomination; the refusal of Senate Republicans to consider the nomination has been a source of controversy.[2]

Merrick Brian Garland (born November 13, 1952) is the chief judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. He has served on that court since 1997.

A native of the Chicago area, Garland graduated summa cum laude as valedictorian from Harvard College and graduated magna cum laude from Harvard Law School. After serving as a law clerk to Judge Henry J. Friendly of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and Justice William J. Brennan, Jr. of the Supreme Court of the United States, he practiced corporate litigation at Arnold & Porter and worked as a federal prosecutor in the U.S. Department of Justice, where he played a leading role in the investigation and prosecution of the Oklahoma City bombers.


Merrick Brian Garland was born on November 13, 1952 in Chicago, Illinois.[3] He was raised in the Chicago area,[4] in the northern suburb of Lincolnwood.[5]

Garland’s mother Shirley (née Horwitz)[6] was a director of volunteer services at Chicago’s Council for Jewish Elderly; his father, Cyril Garland, headed Garland Advertising, a small business run out of the family’s home.[4][7][8] Born to a Jewish family, Garland was raised in Conservative Judaism.[8] His grandparents left the Pale of Settlement in the early 20th century, fleeing antisemitism and seeking a better life for their children in the United States.[8] Garland is a second cousin of Iowa Governor Terry Branstad.[9]

Judd Asher Nelson (born November 28, 1959) is an American actor, screenwriter, and producer. He is known for his roles as John Bender in The Breakfast Club, Alec Newbary in St. Elmo’s Fire, Hot Rod and Rodimus Prime in The Transformers: The Movie andTransformers: Animated, Nick Peretti in New Jack City, Billy Beretti in Empire, and Jack Richmond in Suddenly Susan.[1][2]


You don’t have to believe me all you have to do is look at his sisters to see they are the same as his so called spouse, daughter, and sister of Garland.  They create the sibling marriage in order to do two things.  1st, to leverage celebrity.  2nd, they can control the lie because no one’s going to tell on their family member.

Bud and wife Ruth

Bud and wife Ruth

Bud and his wife are Texan’s who I found associated with individuals I exposed in the JFK Assassination hoax.  That is the only photo I found of them and even though the quality is not perfect you can clearly see it’s them.

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  1. russellkanning /

    Who knew Bender would get such good grades at Haavuhd?

  2. Berta /

    Re, Texas vs Edward L Chiarini case. The more I see about this case the more confusing it is to me. 1st it seems Ed “just so happens” to be walking by with his gun when commotion is happening on his condo property.

    Then it seems as two guys knew in advance that “something was going to happen.” They are on the scene, perhaps threatening the HOA PRESIDENT’s life, for which Chiarini is standing by until the cops come. The cops come and arrest Chiarini, NOT the people threatening the HOA pres.

    Was this a set-up Ed? If so, how did they “just happen” to find you transporting your weapon from your car to your house?

    Though the law doesn’t state how often you can walk back and forth transporting your firearm, presumably you could do it all day long. But that would present open carry issues, since in that scenario you’d be spending more time outside transporting your weapon from vehicle to home. I’m not saying you did or do that. But how was it that they just “happened” to draw you into their drama right when you were carrying a pistol?

    If a set-up on you, Ed, perhaps it explains why the FBI is having such difficulty finding the now former HOA president. How could someone on the FBI’s Wanted List be hiding in plain sight in your condo complex? Don’t they do a better job than that? Couldn’t they have looked her up on that info site you mention the cops called on you?

    The entire story is exceedingly strange. Who are/were these guys who testified against you? Was it a set up against you? Who were the cops? Who does Madam Former HOA pres. Work for and why is she seemingly exempt from FBI arrest even as she is on the wanted list? Is there a deep rabbit hole underneath this story?

    • Berta /

      Searching for Dallas Fusion Center I found the Rand Corporation’s book Moving Toward The Future of Policing. I’ve read the summary only. Interesting that it was inspired by Mark Wollman. Hasn’t Ed found the Wollman family in his travels? Same people?

      The tone of the book seems very matter-of-fact and non- threatening. However, when you are wellaware that many of the activities this policing is aimed at are hoaxes, or “inside jobs” you might wonder where it is a leading.

      • The police that arrested me called the fusion center to get my information. They noted it in their report. I wanted to hear what they said about me over the police broadcast but found out that’s why they use the fusion center because they can call them from their cell phones and nothing is broadcast over the radios.

    • I was walking out to go to Marshal Tx to shoot my weapon. So there was no setup BUT yes the two guys that testified against me are problems over here and worked for the old HOA president as her managers for the ReverseGentrification of the property. They can be seen on the Youtube video where they tried to get the new HOA president killed by having one of their friends run her over, but they missed and ended up with their car caught in the stairway. But you can see and hear these two plotting while they record the event. They just happened to be on the other side of the property in the bushes when it took place.

      We got rid of one of them Brent Edmondson but Gilbert Leal the real trouble maker remains. He tries to bait me into a confrontation with him, but I just ignore him like he wasn’t there. So he makes videos about me and lies on the witness stand as to which the judge didn’t believe a word they said and was very close to holding them in contempt because he saw through their lying.

      As per Jini Tan the old HOA president that I got booted she still owns 18 units here and is still running around free even though she is on the FBIs most wanted list for 5million in mortgage fraud. Using a pseudonym. I wish the FBI would do their job and get her. I gave them her address and her phone number along with photos and video of her to show it’s her, but they do nothing. I wish I could find out who she defrauded when she was arrested; maybe I could go to them and have them press the issue.

  3. Berta /

    Makes me wonder about the judge’s bio.
    All made up? Did someone serve as law clerk to judges Friendly & Brennan?

    Makes sense he prosecuted the hoax Oklahoma City bombers. You can see the threads of these people’s actions come together as they move from one role to another. Richly rewarded as they move along no doubt.

  4. RbM /

    Excellent, Bug…


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