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The Obama Deception EXPOSED!

Let’s boil it down for you right now then I’ll present the evidence to prove my case.

A long time ago, there lived a very rich publisher named Hearst.

Hearst had a mistress.  This was well known.  He bankrolled her comedy club ventures.  She was a comedian of her time.  They had a child.  That love child still around her mothers comedy night clubs met a comedian named Richard Pryor.

Of course Richard being Black and Hearst Love child being white, at that time would of been a major scandal.  So Hearst opted to send the child to Hawaii.  More to come on this.


Obama phony brother from another mother.


Link to his bro


There have been many rumors about the real identity of the person playing the role of our president. These rumors, some baseless, but other do have some merit and stem from the lack of history this person seems to have. The major points of his past have been pushed by the mainstream media and are the items that they rely on to cement the existence of this person in today’s reality. But when you begin to dig past the surface layer of those facts they fail miserably. No published papers while at Harvard, no classmates to step forward that are creditable, not grades, and a birth certificate that is clearly flawed on so many points that I don’t even waste my time with it.

My personal story begins with a visit I made to NY back in 90. I went with Robert Groden and his son John. During that trip we made a stop and were introduced to a friend of Robert’s named Jack Baxter. Who was a film director and producer that grew up in Chicago and was now living in New York. His father was well known in the business and had worked with many of the big names in Hollywood. Jack was producing a documentary called Brother Minister, a documentary on the life of Malcolm X. At that time I had limited knowledge of Malcolm, and really only knew of his assassination, and that it had many unanswered questions, just as the JFK assassination that I was working on with Robert If memory serves me correct High Treason had not yet been published.
When we arrived at the studio that Jack was finishing up his film, he introduced us to some people that were in the studio. Some working with him and others part of Malcolm family. The adviser to the film was a person named Jefri. He was a tall, thin built black man, looked to be in his early 30’s, wearing a bomber jacket, but I could still tell he was thin. I got the impression after shaking his hand that he was not interested in sticking around, as he made his way quickly out the door, as soon as he could politely do so. Next was Betty, who I recognized the name as the wife of Malcolm X. I was told that Jefri was Malcolm’s son, (at that time I was unaware that Malcolm didn’t have any sons) and Betty I assumed was his mother, but looking back I don’t recall if that was said or it was just something I implied after Jack said Jeri was Malcolm’s son in the presence of Betty. We shook hands and briefly said hello and she departed the same way as Jefri.

Years went by and I forgot about that meeting until not too long ago when a friend mentioned Malcolm and was wondering about my take on the information that several independent researchers were claiming. They were claiming Obama was in fact the son of Malcolm X. I decided to take a look at the evidence presented and sure enough, I could see the obvious genetic markers present in both faces. But when I started to look at Malcolm’s history that was when I realized he was said to have 6 girls and no male children. I even looked at the one son of his daughter that had been in trouble with the law and ruled him out due to age.

The age I believe is a very important issue when you look at this case since I believe someone is lying and it starts with Louis


Pulling out the big guns with Spielberg (I guess he has nothing better to do since he and Tom Savini’s failed attempted to fool you with the Boston Bombing Hoax

I hope they enjoyed their laugh because something tells me they won’t be laughing when they see the next release of our investigation into the world of BILL COSBY.


Louis Farrakhan Muhammad, Sr. (Born Louis Eugene Wolcott; May 11, 1933, and formerly known as Louis X) is the leader of the syncretic and mainly African-American religious movement the Nation of Islam (NOI). He served as the minister of major mosques in Boston and Harlem, and was appointed by the longtime NOI leader, Elijah Muhammad, before his death in 1975, as the National Representative of the Nation of Islam. After Warith Deen Muhammad disbanded the NOI and started the orthodox Islamic group American Society of Muslims, Farrakhan started rebuilding the NOI. In 1981 he revived the name Nation of Islam for his organization, previously known as Final Call, regaining much of the Nation of Islam’s National properties including the NOI National Headquarters Mosque Maryam, reopening over 130 NOI mosques in America and the world. The Southern Poverty Law Center describes Farrakhan as an antisemite.

Now you’re trying to tell me that is the face of an 80 year old man? Bull! Late 60’s may be.

But when I recently pulled the image up via a Google image search I found this image and the name Jefri Aalmuhammed’s name had been added after Jacks.

Finding the name Jefri Aalmuhammed brought back the memories I had of meeting Jefri back when they were producing this film. Having a name in hand, I began to dig, and dig I did. I began by running a name search for this person and came across a lawsuit he had filed against Director Spike Lee. Apparently within the suit he claims he was a consultant for Lee’s documentary “X” it turns out the Jefri is the leading consultant on the topic of Malcolm X, gee I wonder why.

There was a portion of the suit that described in detail the events where Jefri was the lead man that provided the information for Malcolm’s time he spent in the middle east, in fact Jefri accompanied the crew there for consult on the scenes where they were showing Muslim practices and he rewrote several of the scene so they would be authentic when viewed. During that time it would have allowed for the shooting of the “Bin Laden” characters footage. Although there is no way of knowing this, but we have to keep in mind the facial analysis of the Bin laden character and OB our president. They match to the point where it would have to be him or his brother.

Not remembering Jefri’s last names, but assuming it was little, or Shabazz, a name taken by his family as they were part of the nation of Islam, I decided to pull up the video that my friend Jack was working on and that I after that meeting did some of the work on the marketing collateral for them.

This was the box cover that I remembered.

Now just as I was writing the content for this page and did an image search for the Brother Minister box art I saw the image of Karriem Shabazz, which was not in the results the other times I searched for the box. But the image, then confirms my findings that Jefri is the same person as Karriem Shabazz and the makeup artist Valente Frazier.

We can clearly see Osama and Obamas palm prints are different, but not different enough to rule out them being related. Now all we need is the palm of 2 other people that we will discuss in a moment.

Aalmuhammed v. Lee 202 F.3d 1227 (9th Cir. 2000) - full text opinion Jefri Aalmuhammed’s was hired to ensure the accuracy of scenes depicting Malcolm X’s trip to Mecca in 1964. He coached Denzel Washington on the intricacies of the hajj, which is a series of rituals in-and-around Mecca that must be performed at least once in a lifetime by every able-bodied Muslim. More information about the life and work of Malcolm X is available

Now when you search for the Brother minister image on Google you will notice the following image mixed in with the results.


Brother Minister Karriem Shabazz at Muhammad’s Temple #13C dated 2009

He is the same person as Jeffri Aalmuhammed, and is also Valente Frazier.

In 1991, Warner Brothers contracted with Spike Lee and his production companies to make the movie Malcolm X, to be based on the book, The Autobiography of Malcolm X. Lee co-wrote the screenplay, directed, and co-produced the movie, which starred Denzel Washington as Malcolm X. Washington asked Jefri Aalmuhammed to assist him in his preparation for the starring role because Aalmuhammed knew a great deal about Malcolm X and Islam.  Aalmuhammed, a devout Muslim, was particularly knowledgeable about the life of Malcolm X, having previously written, directed, and produced a documentary film about Malcolm X.

Aalmuhammed joined Washington on the movie set.   The movie was filmed in the New York metropolitan area and Egypt.   Aalmuhammed presented evidence that his involvement in making the movie was very extensive.   He reviewed the shooting script for Spike Lee and Denzel Washington and suggested extensive script revisions.   Some of his script revisions were included in the released version of the film;  others were filmed but not included in the released version.   Most of the revisions Aalmuhammed made were to ensure the religious and historical accuracy and authenticity of scenes depicting Malcolm X’s religious conversion and pilgrimage to Mecca.

Aalmuhammed submitted evidence that he directed Denzel Washington and other actors while on the set, created at least two entire scenes with new characters, translated Arabic into English for subtitles, supplied his own voice for voice-overs, selected the proper prayers and religious practices for the characters, and edited parts of the movie during post production.

Washington testified in his deposition that Aalmuhammed’s contribution to the movie was “great” because he “helped to rewrite, to make more authentic.”   Once production ended, Aalmuhammed met with numerous Islamic organizations to persuade them that the movie was an accurate depiction of Malcolm X’s life.

Brother Minister Karriem Shabazz

Born and raised in Montreal, Brother Minister Karriem Shabazz embraced Islam in 1993, finding truth, purpose, and a driving desire to see Black people rise. He assisted in establishing the Nation of Islam of Canada, where he is currently the Minister of Muhammad’s Temple #4 in Montreal. Brother Karriem organizes museum visits and workshops to promote Black history and founded the Unity Festival, designed to promote Black businesses and programs. He has volunteered as a mentor and board member for the Black Star Big Brother Project, as a tutor for the NDG Black Community Center, and as a youth coordinator for the Nigerian Canadian Association. For several years, Brother Karriem wrote a weekly self-help column for the Caribbean Camera and Montreal Camera newspapers. He has spoken at churches, CEGEPs, universities, community associations, conferences, and discussion groups throughout North America. Brother Minister Karriem Shabazz remains committed to the vision of seeing his Black brothers and sisters become the great men and women that God ordained for them to be.

Just so you know.

Valente Frazier

Emmy Award-Winning Valente Frazier is considered one of the beauty industry’s most talented and sought after celebrity makeup artists. As an advocate of visual realization, Valenté is renowned for achieving vivid looks that are glamorous yet practical and approachable and has done so for more than 10 years. He has not only worked the faces of impressive A-listers, but has also collaborated with many of the industry’s top photographers, including Gilles Bensimon, Alexi Lubomirski, Steven Meisel, Matthew Jordan Smith, Keith Major, and Jim DeYonker, just to name a few.

Currently residing in New York City, the Virginia native, developed a zeal for artistic expression at an early age through drawing and often found himself in trouble with his grade school teachers for daydreaming and doodling. At Norfolk State University, he studied Fine Art with an emphasis in painting while simultaneously cultivating his enthusiasm for fashion illustration and makeup artistry. A great communicator, witty, and a quick study, Valenté completed his studies, graduating with a B.A. Degree in Fine Arts.

Soon after college, Valenté followed his dream to New York City, in pursuit of a career in the fashion and beauty industry. He landed his first job at Henri Bendel as a M.A.C. Artist, which became his “training ground”. Armed with experience and insight, he shortly thereafter became a freelance artist for Iman Cosmetics. Iman was so impressed by Valenté’s talent and work ethic that he was soon promoted as the National Makeup Artist and Trainer for her exclusive makeup line where he traveled extensively, honing his craft and instructing.

In 2003, Valenté was requested to work on a new television reality competition called America’s Next Top Model. After two cycles of working as Janice Dickinson’s makeup artist, he then became the personal makeup artist to Tyra Banks, host of the fashionable series. Since, he has traveled and worked in Paris, Milan, South Africa, Brazil, Thailand, Japan, Australia, London, Barcelona, Barbados, Amsterdam, China, and Canada, living and fulfilling his dream.

Valenté has done several campaigns with Victoria’s Secret. He has also worked several fashion shows with the famous Intimates brand, including the memorable Victoria’s Secret 10th Fashion Show, in which Tyra Banks made her final runway appearance. His work has appeared on the pages of magazines such as Italian Vogue, Elle, Elle Girl, Harper’s Bazaar, O, Jane, and Essence. Valenté briefly worked as a host makeup artist on the morning talk show The View. That experience prepared him for his journey to Los Angeles. There he accepted the position to become a personal makeup artist to Tyra Banks for the Emmy Award Winning Tyra Banks Show, which has since relocate to New York City. He creatively transforms the face of Ms. Banks on America’s Next Top Model and all her public appearances. Valenté was incredibly honored to have his expertise personally requested by First Lady Michelle Obama. To date, Valenté Frazier continues to be an authority in makeup worldwide.

After looking at the evidence so far I have come to the conclusion that Jefri is either Obamas Brother or his son. The genetic markers are of such similarities that these are the only options. Any person further that brother or son would not have such similarities as we see presently. But the question still remains is Obama, the son of Malcolm X. Well lets take a closer look and you tell me.

The Move People and Obama

Now what do the Move people have to do with Obama?

Well, let me tell you a little story about what happened while I was doing some research on Mayor Rizzo of Philadelphia. I grew up just outside of Philadelphia. I went to college at the University Of the Arts on Broad and Pine st. In downtown. I spent a lot of time in the city since my mother lived there.

One of the memories I have of Philly was the day Mayor Wilson Goode dropped a bomb from a helicopter onto the roof of a house that was known as the Move Headquarters.

MOVE or the MOVE Organization is a Philadelphia-based black liberation group founded by John Africa. MOVE was described by CNN as “a loose-knit, mostly black group whose members all adopted the surname Africa, advocated a “back-to-nature” lifestyle and preached against technology.” The group lives communally and frequently engages in public demonstrations related to several issues.

Since their founding in 1972, their actions have attracted attention of the Philadelphia Police Department. A major incident occurred in 1978, when the police raided their Powelton Village home. This raid resulted in the death of one police officer and the imprisonment of nine group members, now known as “The MOVE 9.” After this, the group relocated further west to a house at 6221 Osage Ave.

In 1985, the group made national news when police dropped a bomb on the Osage, house from a helicopter in an attempt to end an armed standoff. The explosion ignited a fire in which 11 people died, including five children and the group’s leader, John Africa. Only two occupants survived, Ramona, an adult and Birdie, a child. In addition, 60 homes were destroyed as the entire block burned.

Now understand that the incident that Willson Goode dealt with was not started by him it was started by the previous Mayor Frank Rizzo.

Through my research into the Giffords event in Arizona, I have become very familiar with the individuals we are told are the law enforcement of AZ, Sheriff Arpaio being one of them. When I looked at Frank Rizzo of Philadelphia I immediately recognized he looked like Sheriff Arpaio. Now stay with me here as this will all make sense as I explains a little about ARPAIO and how it ties to Obama and the Move people.

That is Michele Obama’s Mother.

A Lawyer for the Move People

Jim Tucker By the way, is David Rockefeller SR.

As I was searching for move videos on Frank Rizzo I cam across this video.

If you begin to dig deeper on that name you will run into Marion Shepilov Barry, Jr

More to come.

Also keep in mind that the person that started all the problems (so we are told) was Frank Rizzo and Frank is David Rockefeller JR now Sheriff Arpaio.

Skip to 1:26 in this video and look who you see. Yet another Saturday Night Live cast member. Remember Tina fey (who is Jennifer Greenberg Sexton) grew up just outside Philly in Upper Darby not far from where I grew up in Chichester. But If you have been following my work you already know she is a family member with Rockefeller and therefore you see several SNL members close by in these stories that involve Rizzo/Rockefeller/Arpaio


Putting more and more pieces of this Obama puzzle together, I found myself facing what looks to me as a decoy individual, but just as soon as I say that I get more evidence that make the connection more clear.

I just have that gut feeling its not correct, but I can’t pin it down. Even with the large pile of evidence that my team has gathered about him. It’s just too easy I think, that’s what is giving me the problem. I can’t believe they would be so bold with the president that I believe this person is a decoy. Meaning the person I am about to show you is not him, but a carefully selected look alike that has all the right moves, but is left out in the open for people to find him. But we shall see if in fact he is a honey pot.

Funny note about the character he plays on the FICTION known as the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The woman we are told had his child, is actually Deion Sanders wife. Just search for their current court battle and you will see what I mean.

Final Chapter?

I will keep you posted on the results of his ear exam, but whatever the case we know we have a match with the daughter and that is enough to get the proceedings started for impeachment. Unless he wants to come clean and fill the people in on who exactly he is so we know who is running the show or he can face the people and deal with them directly.

As for Michelle…

Looks like Africa to me!

Remember, if you find this information helpful, please consider contributing to the Database fund. This fund is set up to pay for use to move my massive database of investigations onto a platform that it can be made accessible to the public. So far it contains 4000 records of individuals with their cross referenced of who they play and what role that person has on the world, i.e. A fake government officials to fake CEO, fake is fake and it’s unacceptable, especially in positions where the person is an elected official who is responsible for making laws that we have to abide by.

The sooner we get the funding the quicker we can offer it to you.

No, but Obama is!

As usual where would be be without our connection to the Greenberg and the rest of the family that we have covered for the past 2.5 years. Their involvement with the BRAVO TV channel is through their Cohen family side. But that doesn’t stop the entire family from showing their faces at some point on a Bravo “FAKE” Reality show.

If you are familiar with the official Obama history, we have been fed by the White House, Obama has a brother in Africa. This may or may not be true, but one thing is for sure the person they call his brother is another actor from the Real House Wives of Atlanta Leon Robinson. Keep in mind that Michele was a Robinson and her brother played professional Basketball.

But as for this Robinson we clearly see its the person they are calling Obama’s brother.

All you have to do is listen to his voice and it’s over.

And now for the Scientific Evidence

The person of interest is former Chicago Bulls member Bj Armstrong. We ran several evaluations on both of them with good authentic photographs from the White house and The Chicago Bulls organization, Along with trading cards that were published over the many years he played ball.

But even with the solid evidence it brings us to a unique fork in the road as you will learn here shortly.

After performing an ear evaluation using proven methods we can easily conclude they are either the same person or they are brothers, possibly twins.

Here we can also see the overlay with the teeth. They are also conclusive, but as you are aware teeth are easily manipulated with veneers. But with that considered you still have the weight of all the tests matching combined with the additional external matching criteria that include several members of his alleged family and the family of the Greenberg’s that are right there next to him as David Axelrod is a member along with many of the White house staffers are also actors that appear on the Real housewives show right along side of the person we are told is his brother.

At some point you have to put aside the coincidence arguments and accept the facts as they are presented.

We can also see that Broadwell is Jada Pinkett Smith. Now we see her and BJ together and knowing the rule that I teach people when you are looking to verify these matches is to look at the person’s spouse and or children, don’t forget the siblings too. So look to see if Jada has any brothers and she does, a half brother named Caleb.

So you have Michelle Obama and Will Smith playing roles in the Move situation in Philadelphia. Remember her mother plays the role of a lawyer for the Move movement.

Take a look at Frank Rizzo’s campaign commercials and you will see many more of the SNL cast.

So let me break it all down for you…

Obama at first, long about looking to be related to Valenté,  but not Obama.  The question arose about him possibly being Will Smith which after an ear analysis came out negative, but one of these ears is a very close match and it takes doing both ears to make your conclusion valid.  Which means Will is related to him somehow.

Then the finding of Smith’s daughter Willow is a match for one of Obama’s  daughters.  Combine that with the video that Michele slipped up in and blurted out about how she is a single mom….Doh! How she feels like SOMETIMES since her husband is President makes it FEELS LIKE SOMETIMES she’s a single parent.  bahahahahha  Bullsh*t she slipped.  Then we see her in photos of the MOVE people in Philadelphia and standing next to her is a person that matches Will Smith.  (Remember Will is from Philly too)  So, since we have a match with one of the daughters for a Smith kid, I suggested we look to see if Jada is actually Broadwell which it turns out she is.  Then I said does she have any brothers and she does indeed have a HALF brother.  Upon pulling him up Caleb Pinkett we see him and Will Smith is very close and they do resemble each other.  Caleb looks like Obama as well.  So MR BJ ARMSTRONG.  I believe is Caleb and sitting with him who we were told was BJ’s wife is none other than his HALF sister Jada Pinkett.

HALF Brother is key.  NOW is we look at the person who is said to be Obama’s Brother in Kenya that turns out to be an actor on the Bravo Show Real Housewives of ATL.  He is the one that had the (FAKE) baby with the one woman (who happens to be in real life Deon Sanders, Wife hehehe a little side note there)  Anyway… The estranged husband of Nee Nee on that show (forget his name) looks to be Jada Pinketts Father or Uncle.  Also on that show we have Candy who actually is MC Lyte the rapper who, when you close your eves sounds a hell of a lot like Jada.  I’m thinking sisters or cousins.  But there are several people on that show that are actors that play roles in our government like Shela Jackson Lee, Tyra Banks is one there too as one of the housewives.  70’s Blacksploitation star (Pam Grier) Jacky Brown, Comedian Wanda Sikes is on there and of course, who can forget out US REP KID from Kid and Play is there too.  That’s just one show the other Housewives from other shows are highly suspect (one of which is Sheree who looks a lot like Michelle Obama and her eyes match)  I could go on and on about the Bravo (Greenberg /Cohen owned and operated) shill network but that’s for another day.

The Final Chapter (we hope)
It appears that Obama is the son of Richard Pryor

Looking more and more like Obama is the son of Richard Pryor.



Allow me to introduce you to Richard Pryor’s daughter

Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor

Pryor was married six times, most recently to Flynn. The two had a son, Steven. Previous children included a son, Richard, and daughters Elizabeth, Rain and Renee.

Elizabeth far right.

Now allow me to introduce you to Obama’s Half sister Maya.

AND HERBERT looks to be Randolph Hearst.

I will fill in the details as soon as I get a free moment.

More of the family of liars















Elizabeth Stordeur Pryor (L) and Rain Pryor (R)

His GRANDPAW is Herbert Lundy

Herbert Lundy was, among many other things in his long life, a well-respected member of the board of editors of the Portland Oregonian newspaper. Lundy was an Oregon Republican during his tenure at the paper as a reporter and editor, which began in the ‘40s and ran well into the ‘70s, and the paper itself was staunchly Republican in its political endorsement choices. This was, of course, a time when the Republican Party and its candidates held positions somewhat different than the bombed-out post-Bush Republicans might be presumed to hold today. Lundy, a compassionate conservative and passionate conservationist, was an Oregon G.O.P. member whose contemporaries included Wayne MorseTom McCall and Mark Hatfield, and was also, according to his grandson Bruce, a gruff, loving, headstrong and literate man whosuffered fools with little patience.

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