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Colorado Springs Shootings

Update Dec 6th -  Get ready for the President tonight to use the word “Actors” to describe the so-called terrorists.

Do I need to say it? This is such a no-brainer. Multiple agencies means multi-jurisdictional drill.

Per the official story:

(CNN)Two civilians and a police officer were killed when a gunman opened fire at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic in a nearly six-hour standoff Friday.

The suspected gunman is Robert Lewis Dear, 59; a law enforcement official told CNN. The official did not provide additional information.

Police captured him, but they’re still working to pinpoint his motive — and make sure he didn’t leave any explosives inside or outside the Colorado Springs building.

Bomb technicians are investigating what’s believed to be the suspect’s vehicle in a parking lot, a law enforcement official said.

The Reality

They can show you whatever they want per the imagery they are trying to use to create the fake event that is actually a year long planned drill that a Department Of Homeland Security gives a grant, to those who take part and host what they call an FSE (full-scale event or exercise) Part of the ExPlan HSEEP Program.  Feel free to go to DHS.GOV and search fo HSEEP.


There is no such thing, as they are simply actors.
It’s an attempt to put distance between their regular jobs and the jobs they do for their family members who own the media distribution conglomerates.


No one is hurt or injured in these events therefore, this is not a False Flag per its definition

Additionally, there is no criminal act taking place, so it is not a CONSPIRACY.

Other Proven Drills

EVERY school shooting in the U.S.  (I would imagine the same goes for other countries but having not seen them all, I can’t say they are included in the similar type of government drill.

This video will explain it all to you and show you examples of how it works.

This is how they legally do it.


The witnesses
I firmly believe this person is Gary Oldman

I believe this is Gary Oldman

Gary at it again



  1. I personally do not know *anybody* who would believe that the stories on the news are fake. I’m new to this website and Ed’s work and I am devouring it. My parents are visiting for the holiday. I was so hoping the Paris incident would not come up in conversation because I did not want to hear their conditioned point of view from the tv. They watch at least 2 hours of news a night and often catch a morning news show. My father would probably blow his top if I ever mentioned that these “shootings” were just drills or that ISIS is not real. My mother is more open minded, although she still uses buzz words like “conspiracy theory.” She brought up Paris the other day and I decided to try to convince her that it was faked. She was one of the myriad of FB friends and family who all changed their profile pics to the French flag just because FB gave them the option and everyone else was doing it. *eye roll* I tried my best to explain the how and why, but she doesn’t buy it. The most asked questions are: How can everybody involved be “in on it?” “Are all the news casters in on it, too?!” And of course my mother will say, “But he (name any big news anchor) seems like such a nice guy! Why would he lie to all of us? They would have to be these awful evil people to do something like that!” Or, “well Brian Williams…I mean, he got caught in a lie and look what happened to him!”

    I don’t have a thick skin, so I mostly keep these findings to myself so I don’t get attacked, like I have in the past when I have casually mentioned the word “hoax.” Since we don’t have broadcast tv or cable in our house, no one is watching the news this week. Anyway, the HOW and the WHY are the two most asked questions about any of this because it is so big and beyond reach.

    • Have her watch this
      Especially the section showing the disney produced boston bombing.

      Oswald hoax murder

      These videos should help your mother.
      Everyone is different as per what triggers their decision to see the truth that is in front of them. I caught a lot of hate from people when I branched out from the Giffords event and started to show the whole picture. But I understood that what makes one person become aware isn’t necessarily what makes the person standing next to them feel the same way. so eventually with all the work I have done, the majority of people will find something that triggers them.

      • Amanda /

        Thank you very much for your reply, Ed. I know you are very busy, so I do appreciate it. I do understand that each person has to find their own way of dealing with these things and their own timing as to when or if they will choose to accept truth. The very first thing that triggered my “awakening,” was 10 years ago from an article entitled something like “12 Questions” about 9/11 and questioning the official story. Before that I was like everyone else zombied out by the media unaware that anything else was even possible. I have been hooked ever since trying to decipher the truth out of all of the cacophony!

      • Thanks for the support and kind words. Have you seen my interview with Jim Fetzer?

  2. Oh, man. This sh*t has got to be exposed for what it is… I don’t even want to think of all the dumb ass Catholics who will wake up today and see this on the news and automatically swallow all of it and start their crying all over the internet, etc…

    Are people ever going to wake up…? Are the American people brain dead at this point…? I mean, it’s all turning into a reality T.V. show like - Survivor - or something…

    I sorry… RbM

    • dallasgoldbug /

      You are making that opinion based on how you think the public is reacting per what you see on the TV, but remember that is not reality and they are all actors that you see. Many are wellaware of the BS and its just a matter of time before the people take these corporations that are spewing this bullshit out.

      • I’m in with what you are saying, Ed - It’s all actor based reality controlled by the owners of the corporations, etc… “Many” are wellaware, you say…? How many, you think, Ed…? And just how are the people going to “take out” a global control system where all the laws are written in favor of the corporations…?

        Does it really come down to just demanding that people identify themselves when they run for political office in the United States…?The Pope has no proper identification - You know this, right…? He’s still using that fake I.D. from Argentina, man.


      • I’m sorry, Ed. But, man. The influence of all this fake “news” is having a “real” effect in the real world, the catholic arena that I frequent and those in the traditional movement in particular… A much smaller circle than you are influencing, I know.

        Problem is they just won’t hear anything at all… They treat us like we’re trying to talk to them about the annunaki from planet Nibiru or something. Really. I hope it’s O.k. to put a link here, (If not I understand) but it’s an example of just how thorough the brainwashing has been. I guess I just needed you to at least see this short video to see what I am trying to say.

        You tube video /watch?v=tbi7T49gqxU

        These are intelligent men, lawyers etc… With all of your evidence here, how can they not know by now..? I just can’t believe they know the true situation and are exploiting it to sell books. Sorry for the rants lately, and rhetorical questions, just needed to get it off my chest…


      • dallasgoldbug /

        That’s OK they have to accept it sooner or later because there is no other way.

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