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Mark Dice


AKA Jeff Hallock

Some folks asked if I had the recording of me calling out Shepard Ambellas from, while he was on Jack Bloods radio show.

Shep is Mark Dice if you don’t know and is affiliated with the MTV Jackass crew (but no one was supposed to know that)

Listen to his reaction as he’s caught like a deer in the headlights, and doesn’t know what to say.
Click here to listen

Mark has no problem posting my name, and attacking me on various sites. But that’s because he thinks he can stay in the clear by the use of his pseudonym identity.

Not so fun now, is it Mark? Sure, hope you weren’t attacking me while you were on the clock at UT, even worse on one of their computers.

That would not be good for the school to know one of their employees is using their time to liable a REAL person like myself.






Lester Flats

You will see his connection to the Willis’ and their involvement in the JFK HOAX soon. Flats family is one of the lead families that have been and still are creating the actor based reality you believe is real but is just a scripted out skit they produce. Don’t believe me?

See the girl in this photo? She played the Gabby Giffords Aid that was at the Safeway during the shooting. THE HOAX shooting.

The following photographs as well as the ones above showing the girl, Jeff Hallock, and family, all come from the Online flicker account of the girls (Rebecca’s) husband’s account.

In the above photo you will find this individual who attended this wedding party.

You might also recognize him in his other role as Michael Palin from Monty Python.

Or as his other role he could play is Ron Paul

In that account, you will find numerous connections to the alternative media SCAM, as well as links to many individuals that were involved in the JFK HOAX Assassination, who are members of the Country and Western Hall of Fame, The Rockabilly Hall of Fame, The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and The Grand Ole Opry.

Remember Tex Ritter (AKA Nelson Rockefeller), and David Kenneth Ritter (AKA Roy Orbison, as well as the former Mayor of Beaumont TX) his cousin, both went to UT. UT is the number 1 ranking public school for the most private funding. At last count, they are at $16Billion.

You can fund plenty of Bullsh*t HOAX events and keep them filling up the heads of those who are unaware of the actor based reality they propagate.

The numerous connections to the JFK assassination are far too many to list them all since Ken Ritter also played the role of JACK RUBY, and is in the Warren report with TEX Ritter and Tennessee Ford , so not paying them after they did a gig at his club.

OH, but were are not done there…No No No. As they are all family with many well known Country singers and Grand Ole Opry members.

And we see the actors that play the role of Koope and wife also at the wedding of Rebecca.

Check out another sister getting an award from her relative Koope. She is the owner of Zoe Consulting.

She look families? She should.

Here she is in the Plane Shoot Down HOAX story.

This photo is from Rebecca’s wedding rehearsal. Rebecca’s aunt who plays several roles one you might recognize as Joni Mitchell the singer.

But the person to the left you might recall seeing her face before. Yes, she looks like and is a BUSH family member, but we will get into that later. She also plays the role of Mary Fallin (another pseudonym play on words Fallin, get it? Failing)

And look who we see her presenting an award to….HER SISTER REBA.

This photo was taken at Rebecca’s Wedding. The person in it is the Daughter of a Monty Python Member, who plays a role as George Soros. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the Makeup Artist who is also his wife. Then make sure you notice the role he is playing at Cambridge alongside another Monty Python member as the creators of a US Conspiracy lecture presentation. In that presentation, they BASH my work calling whose that thinks there are actors playing roles in history are delusional. BUT then follow the statement up with Not even Monty Python could write something so silly.

BUT WAIT! We are not even close to being finished with the individuals at the wedding.


Jeff Hallock (Google it)




Jeff Ragsdale




Marks connection to the Malaysian Plane Crash

She graduated from UT in Austin and seen here with Jeff Hallock, who is employed at UT, but is also the alternative media phony that attacks me, Mark Dice.

See the person on the sign with him? You may recognize her from the Giffords event as well as a person claimed was shot twice. Pam Simon.


She looks similar to Pam? She should, she is her sister.

But you say, “That doesn’t look like Koope’s wife in the family photos.” you are correct that is his daughter playing the role of his wife.

See the photo to the Left where you see Koope and wife? The reason she doesn’t play his wife in public is because she is the person they used as one of the GIFFORDS shooting victims. Stoddard. The small photos on top of it claims to be the Stoddard’s from the Giffords shooting.

Recognize her from the recent Plane Shoot Down HOAX?

She also plays a role in the Zimmerman Case



More guest of Rebecca’s wedding party. (ALL IN THE PHOTOS IN THE COLLAGE ABOVE)

This person plays the role of Dr Greer, a phony scam artist who leads up the scam called “The Disclosure Project” They are all part of the Arizona scammers who run the Project Camelot (More like Project Scam-a-lot)




Plane crash memorial

At the Austin Wedding.



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