Charles Manson AKA Paul Tate

Charles Manson tattoo

After viewing the contents on this page.  I hope that you understand how fake this story really is.  All you have to do is  look at the tattoo on his forehead and see that they couldn’t get it consistent from the photographs they took in Italy and the photographs released here.  It does not take an expert to understand what I just said and the fact that this whole thing is just made up.   It’s content for the media conglomerates to use and profit from.  Do you understand how many books were written about this topic?  How many documentaries were produced?  Understand how much fear these people instilled in the general public.  These people do not care about you.  They do not care about what they are doing to the mentality of the public.  All they care about bottom line is sales and content.


Charles manson 2
Right after I exposed his so called fiance is really his daughter and her mother is Debra Tate the sister of Sharon Tate, they pulled the story and canceled his fake wedding.


manson, occupy protest,
Here we see the actor taking part in the occupy protest. Unfortunately for him he didnt cover up his tattoo to well.


manson, sharon tate, charles-manson_138045 patboon  manson-3

They can’t even get the fake tattoo to match.

charles-manson2 manson_500 manson ltcoltate CDM_724444

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