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Bush And The 9/11 Producers

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<p>Another 9/11 WTC Eye Witness identified and it's a big one.</p>

You might recall James Tracy from the Sandy Hook event as he was the professor that was just recently let go from Florida State University for his comments about the event being staged and a hoax.  Well, he would know because his family is the one that was behind the hoax and you can see his family is behind many other events that I have covered.


We can also see that one of the principal actors in that event is seen in this documentary called 9/11 MXL, which can be viewed on YouTube.  There many other actors in that fake documentary but these are the two important ones.

With Roy O Disney's son Roy E Disney, we see the hoax events continue even to the point where he mentions in this documentary, the JFK's assassination, which again was produced by the same acting family members.

Jeb and his role.

About 1:09 in


I suggest you watch the documentaries that I did on JFK to understand who the Bush Disney and other families are that are all tied to the Roosevelt's and are the German Royals after they were kicked out of their country.  Then you will be able to make the connection between the productions that you see today and who is all behind them.


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Mate Kubinyi

mr Chiarini, I respect your work. you are 1 in a milion who undrstood the game is played.anyway I am a freemason.I agree with any point of view.sorry for my english i am from germany.i leave my mail mate.kubinyi@web.de feelfreeto contact me,because i have no fear. i watched many videos you made and so i write this few words to honor your work. i do not know you work for government but i see your work and it is damn good. keep on working best regards and huge respect

Charles king

So Stacy the professor who is in on it tells us it was all fake then gets fired. What is his motive. I have stated elsewhere on wellaware1 that the pictures that ‘accidentally’ expose that it is a drill and allows us to catch them in the act, are all fake bs also. They purposely want us to see the whole thing as fake. And now the professor who is in on it is doing the same thing. Wth is this all about.

Dan Jensen

BUSH = BUll SH**, or slang for a woman’s genital area, since they are so obsessed with talking about that too.


There wasn’t anyone in the buildings, man. They were empty…



Interesting that Robert DeNiro is playing a fireman testifying to “molten metal flowing down a channel” in the remaining wreckage of WTC twin towers. He also plays a major role in the movie Wag the Dog which, coincidentally, tells the story of how the media derails public anger over a white house indiscretion by creating a completely fabricated pretext for having a conveniently distractive little war to accomplish a regime change in Albania. The reason that DeNiro is ‘Fiddling with that particular 9/11 truth’ while the country burns is because that ‘truth’ movement has been completely hijacked as controlled opposition and this is testimony the feeds the fraud that former BYU Professor steven e Jones that the Twin Towers were taken down by supercalifragilistic nano-thermite. when in fact the towers were literally turned to DUST with a rubble pile that accounts for approximately 10% of the mass of these buildings… while, at the same time the papers in file cabinets in all or most of the offices contained therein remained unburned…

Right guys, super-hot thermite turned 90% plus of the 500,000 TONS of steel and concrete in the twin towers straight to dust while preserving the papers that were inside metal file cabinets in the offices of both buildings unscathed, unscorched, and un-baked?

Can anyone say ‘Hutchinson Effect’? http://www.DrJudyWood.com

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