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Lunar Landing and NASA

My question to you is, if we went, then why the use of actors?

We see the game they ran on us with the crews of the shuttle disasters being the same, therefore two things are clear:

1. They are capable of the lie and show that with both shuttle disasters. And

2. They have motive since we were in a space race with other countries.

Motive and capability are evident.

Things you must consider, all the lunar missions took place during the office of one president. Nixon. The only president to be impeached for lying. Do you think he was capable of lying about that as well? You can do the math.


The latest.

The gangs all here. Playing a role in the news during the biker gang shooting in Waco Texas


Please tell me you are not that blind and can see that is the same woman as the wife?

In this video, you will see the proof of technology that produces microgravity. If they are releasing that to the public for their knowledge don’t you think they have been using it since long ago? I remember the levitating frog in my science books in high school 25+ years ago. So the technology has been around for quite some time. Do you think that they can scale it up given the budget to do so? Of course, they can and have.

As a corporation do you think they would risk sending a person into space if they didn’t have to, and just lie to the public so they could keep the inflated budgets?

Have you ever seen the creation of advanced technology cause the budgets of that agency or others who then use it to cut their budgets since that new technology would save them time and money? Hahaha fat chance. So they have to keep the lie perpetuated so they can keep the public involved and funded by Congress.

This find was one that dropped my jaw, as I still can’t believe their arrogance. To blatantly pull this off means the public was completely asleep and clueless to NASA’s actions.

And this info is VERIFIED by their use of Edie’s BROTHER as her husband when she plays the royal.

WHEN IN DOUBT CHECK THE SPOUSE. They use the sibling so there are no chance of problems you would have is it were a married couple and they decide to divorce and do so on not the most friendly terms. PLUS there is no chance of any relationship (sexually) that could end badly, and since they are siblings, they most likely grew up in the same house as children so it would not be that uncomfortable to do so again if the role calls for the actor to stay in character for an extended length of time.

So along with being a Royal, he plays the role of an anti-government protester. To me, that would look like he is a paid domestic terrorists since he is creating unnecessary tension between the people of this country and the local law enforcement. Combining his actions with the actions of all the other Royals we have caught doing the same thing, I believe that constitutes an act of aggression towards this nation, and they should be charged and put on trial.

A direct Attack on me By the Crown.


Watch the part one of my JFK documentaries and you will see this event outlined, and one of the crew that also doubles as her brother after the event.


Lets say for argument sake, he has a twin. Don’t you think it would be noted since Armstrong was a test pilot for the military? Don’t you think that would be something that Lear would use as an endorsement? Don’t you think their father would use him as the Lear test pilot? Come on now use common sense.

link to the discussion on my Facebook

When you watch him in motion you will see his relationship with Beau Bridges. Beau has a brother that they claimed died as a child. I believe that brother is the person playing the role of Lear and Armstrong. They are one year apart in age. (Beau and Brother) Which leads me to believe that Alex Jones is the one of one of them, and of course Jones is Bill Hicks OR Bill is Jones brother or cousin.

The genetic traits are visible in the facial landmarks and the ear biometrics.

Then we see the same actor, appearing in her normal role of a Royal.

McNair Busted

More to come for McNair.

This one takes the cake, as you have solid proof the images and videos we were shown of the moon landing are fraudulent. Whether or not we went there is irritant since they went through the trouble of faking the evidence. If an event is real there is no need to fake anything.


Buzz has even stated publicly that “I get people all the time confusing me with Kirk”. Yeah, I’ll bet he does.rocketboy


So you have an additional actor playing the role of the last Astronaut to have walked the moon.


THE SAME WIFE!! Stop denying the facts you see in front of your eyes.

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