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So far I have identified all the Apollo astronauts as well known actors. Now add this one on top of the fake shuttle disasters and you have yourself one big mess they need to fess up to. The game is up, and the TAXPAYERS NASA robbed, want a refund as well as justice to be meted.




Are you going to be afraid of how others react to you showing them the facts?  Or are you going to tell them they are wrong, and if they don’t look at the facts they will be helping the enemy of humanity attack this country and every other country that they target?  If they try to poo poo the information, walk away and ignore them.  Tell the next person.  Eventually, there will be more of us than those who are acting like sheep.  At that point, the game is over for these liars regardless if others don’t want to listen.  The Facts stand on their own, regardless who is saying it.  Remember, it only takes one voice to start the chain reaction that will bring this lie and those behind it to their knees.




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UPDATE  July 16th 2015
Hear it from the horses mouth.  We did NOT have the technology to pass through the Van Allen Radiation belts during the time of the claimed Moon landings.  WE DID NOT go.  So who would you hire to claim they went?  ACTORS.

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There are many serious issues with the physical evidence we the people have been shown with regards to the Astronaut Apollo moon landing. There are legitimate problems with the footage where we see the flag move after one of the astronauts walks past it.  I could go on and on about the numerous photographic problems as many have done over the years.

I decided not to rehash those pieces of data and decided that since the actor based reality has been filling our heads with crap from the beginning of this country and longer in others, the use of celebrity is the key to profitability in these events.  When I first saw a photo of Neil Armstrong I knew I recognized him from somewhere  before, but it took me a few days to finally pin point where I had seen him.  While I was researching him I started to clue in on the rest of them and who they were as well.  On a side note, remember all the moon landings took place during the Nixon years, the only president in our time to be impeached and the reason for that impeachment was that he lied.  So do you think it’s possible he lied about the rest of the events that took place while he was in office.  When there was so much to lose if we didn’t beat the Russians in the space race, the impact would have been devastating to the NASA budgets.  So, logically you would assume they would of faked it if they thought they could get away with it.

But like all the other fake events all I have to prove is that one of the major players in the event is not who they say they are and the fact that you don’t need to fake anything if the event is real to know this entire thing is a staged made for TV movie.  The evidence is clear when you see that all of the astronauts of that time were actors.  You don’t need a degree in forensics to simply look at the spouse of the person in question and you can see the truth without me having to lift a finger.

In this video you will see the proof of technology that produces micro gravity. If they are releasing that to the public for their knowledge don’t you think they have been using it since long ago? I remember the levitating frog in my science books in high school 25+ years ago. So the technology has been around for quite some time. Do you think that they can’t scale it up given the budget to do so? Of course they can and have.

As a corporation, do you think they would risk sending a person into space if they didn’t have to, and just lie to the public so they could keep the inflated budgets?

Have you ever seen the creation of advanced technology cause the budgets of that agency or others who then use it to cut their budgets since that new technology would save them time and money? Hahaha fat chance. So they have to keep the lie perpetuated so they can keep the public involved and funded by Congress.

This find, was one that dropped my jaw, as I still can’t believe their arrogance. To blatantly pull this off means the public was completely asleep and clueless to NASA’s actions.

And this info is VERIFIED by their use of Edie’s BROTHER as her husband when she plays the royal.

They use the sibling so there are no chance of problems you would have is it were a married couple and they decide to divorce and do so on not the most friendly terms. PLUS there is no chance of any relationship (sexually) that could end badly, and since they are siblings, they most likely grew up in the same house as children so it would not be that uncomfortable to do so again if the role calls for the actor to stay in character for an extended length of time.

So along with being a Royal, he plays the role of an anti government protester. To me, that would look like he is a paid domestic terrorists since he is creating unnecessary tension between the people of this country and the local law enforcement. Combining his actions with the actions of all the other Royals we have caught doing the same thing, I believe that constitutes an act of aggression towards this nation, and they should be charged and put on trial.

A direct Attack on me By the Crown.

Watch the part one of my JFK documentaries and you will see this event outlined, and one of the crew that also doubles as her brother after the event.

Then we see the same actor, appearing in her normal role of a Royal.

McNair McBusted


PERSONAL DATA: Born October 21, 1950, in Lake City, South Carolina. Died January 28, 1986. He is survived by his wife Cheryl, and two children. He was a 5th degree black belt Karate instructor and a performing jazz saxophonist. He also enjoyed running, boxing, football, playing cards, and cooking.

EDUCATION: Graduated from Carver High School, Lake City, South Carolina, in 1967; received a bachelor of science degree in Physics from North Carolina A&T State University in 1971 and a doctor of philosophy in Physics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1976; presented an honorary doctorate of Laws from North Carolina A&T State University in 1978, an honorary doctorate of Science from Morris College in 1980, and an honorary doctorate of science from the University of South Carolina in 1984.

Lets say for argument sake, he has a twin. Don’t you think it would be noted since Armstrong was a test pilot for the military? Don’t you think that would be something that Lear would use as an endorsement? Don’t you think their father would use him as the Lear test pilot? Come on now use common sense.

link to the discussion on my Facebook

John Olsen Lear (1942) is an acclaimed professional pilot, a UFO expert, an entrepreneur and a 9/11 skeptic. He is also the son of William (Bill) Lear, the famous inventor of the Learjet.

Neil Alden Armstrong was an American astronaut and the first person to walk on the Moon. He was also an aerospace engineer, naval aviator, test pilot, and a university professor. Wikipedia

This one takes the cake, as you have solid proof the images and videos we were shown of the moon landing are fraudulent. Whether or not we went there is irritant since they went through the trouble of faking the evidence. If an event is real there’s no need to fake anything.

bryan cranston

Buzz has even stated publicly that “I get people all the time confusing me with Kirk”. Yeah I’ll bet he does.


Charleston Heston and Gene teh last astro

You can think of each of these individuals as single reasons independently of each other that prove we did not go to the moon. Combine them all, then add on top of that, their matching spouse, and you have undeniable (unless you are completely ignorant of logic and reason) proof that we didn’t go.

I chose to investigate the individuals in history that we believe are the leaders or focal points of historical events. This is in my opinion the most effective way to debunk an event without getting caught up in the fictional script they present to you via their acting. Once you can verify an actor is being used that is all you need to do to confidently make the statement that the event is not genuine and is a production. Allowing yourself as an investigator to get caught up chasing down script context clues will keep you chasing your tail your entire life (just look at the Kennedy Assassination as an example) I spent the majority of my life believing a certain thing was fact pertaining to the case because, I, like many others in the world studied the evidence and believed it was real when in fact all the evidence was manufactured and presented to the public by those actors hired to create the production to begin with. The conclusions were and still are exactly what they wanted them to be in order to keep the event in the minds of the people by using drama and text book marketing tactics to keep the public interested in the fiction, and chasing their tails for the past 50 years. Once I chose to look at the individuals who were propagating that so called official evidence, then found them to be actors, along with being all connected to the music industry as hall of fame members, did I break the pattern of chasing the tail and getting nowhere.

The script they use to convey the message is the method by which they script out the nonsense they know the public will take part in propagating without their understanding that they are being used as puppets in this game. If you realize this then why would you think that the items in that script are any more important in your reality than the content presented in a Mickey mouse cartoon? What the actors say and do has no bearing over you in reality unless you believe it to be real and act on that information. The script does not have to abide by the laws of the real world that we are accustomed to. Therefore the contents of their actions and words should not occupy more than a brief moment of your attention because they could literally be anything the writers can imagine. WHAT DOES HOWEVER have everything to do with whether or not the event was real is if the identity of an actor can be established as one of the officials in the event. At that point you need not spend any more time (unless you want to) identifying the rest of them in that particular situation. You just automatically know that any aspect of that production when shown on the tv can safely be said a fiction, without ever having to watch the clip they are trying to influence your logical decision with.

To bottom line what I mean by this statement is if an actor is being used then the event is fake. I don’t care what the event is or how it’s being used. It’s a fiction if you can identify an actor playing a role in it. If an event is real then you do not have to fake ANYTHING. Since we can see several actors playing roles of astronauts then we can conclude the NASA space program is trying to defraud American taxpayers.

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