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Ariana Grande Manchester Bombing Was A HOAX

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DEADLY Incident At Ariana Grande Concert In Manchester UK Was A HOAX
Haley arnaz, daughter of Desi Arnaz

Haley arnaz, daughter of Desi Arnaz Jr plays the role of the crying girl in several hoax events


BINGO  DESILU ALL OVER THE EVENT Just like I said they would be.


Remember her latest role and how quickly it was dropped after I exposed it?


If you listen to the archived news broadcasts you will hear them talking about 20 people dead but the officials don’t say there was a bomb.  This means it’s all fiction.  Are there dead people?  Of course not if there was the officials would have known from the beginning there was or wasn’t an explosion.   This is hilarious when you watch the news and their lie’s.   As for the so-called eyewitnesses, NO ONE saw an explosion.  No one saw smoke.  But yet there are 20 people dead?  What a joke these scriptwriters are.

Wake up people Arrest the news commentators, put the network owners on trial for terrorism.


These Desilu family members.

They will be spotted on CBS affiliates networks.

More coming…

This is sooooo funny.

And if that wasn’t enough to get you to see its all a Desilu Production we have Desi jr’s daughter Haley.

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Henry Ford

Another crisis actor/actress. How much are they paying you, Laura?

Victoria Wright

Good answer Ed x


Charles King. Local events scams too, yes. In my small town we supposedly had a bomb threat at a new (privately owned) charter school. So new many in the town of only 3000 didn’t know it existed. The “bomb threat” redirected traffic to dirt roads round about the town, but left access to all businesses open. Some months later money is suddenly available to put in a new Walmart & build a beautiful new auditorium for the school. Drill money at work! You betcha!

Bernie Lehman

Great send me a copy of the death certificate and we can put all this nonsense to an end and file a claim of trespass against Ed to “let the royal’s alone”.
I have a friend of a friend that know’s the Easter Bunny and he’s really mean!!


They are dead or in hospital because they are not actors. this explosion really did happen.


not if they or their spouse or family members are law enforcement or military.


Dear Mr. Chiarini!

Your inclusion to my suspicion is aloof.

I preserve my conjecture towards your good self.

Is it, or is it not a fact that the dominance (corporations) of the World can create fake money on a computer?

If it is a fact, then the question begs.
Why do the corporations need conflict to produce money for themselves?

Mr. Chiarini!
I wish you unharmed, but the mistrust in me grows.
The corporations could easily hire an off duty police officer, hence your demise for exposing them.

I beg your correctness to assuage my uncertainty.



Accommodating whyswal!

In gratitude am I at your retort.

Thankfulness for abiding your vitality.

Due esteem bestowed upon Mr. Chiarini.

However, an extended search of the Internet has convinced me of the ensuing:
Please feel unrestricted to disagree.
1. The dominance of the World contain the ability to erect money on a computer.

2. Money unsupported by a value (fake money).

3. Therefore, the money of the masses is needless to enrich them.

4. Mr. Chiarini is risking his life by exposing the families identity on his website.

5. Perhaps, the families adhere to rules of thumb, but undoubtedly they wish persons such as Mr. Chiarini be kept reticent.

6. If the families need the masses living in fear, they inhabit apprehension of exposure themselves.

I retain the need to trust Mr. Chiarini.
The certitude is mine if I be convinced of his efficacy.

I concede indecisiveness with Mr. Chiarini.

Dear human!
Please be liberated to elucidate.
Your good self is unbeholden.



Then don’t buy it. That’s on you.


blah blah blah save your bullshit for those who are not in the know like we are here. And tell Desilu to go suck it.


Interesting interview, maybe familiar faces for you. He’s correcting her several times (at 4:30), also in other YouTube with these two.


And actress that seems to struggle with what caused the ‘bang’; a gun, a balloon or a bomb :



Hi winner25.

My understanding is that it is not a corporation but a few of them, that although related down the line they do compete with each other. As such they have STRICT RULES THEY MUST FOLLOW.
They do NOT have ultimate control over us, but it is to their advantage if we believe that they do. Their marketing techniques work a lot better on worried people. It is largely about getting you to spend money on things you would not normally spend money on. As you are not ‘forced’ to spend money on these things, it is money you have decided you ‘do not need for everyday living’. YOU (the spender) have decided this. A main idea of corporations is to make YOU willing to spend as much money on their products as they can. They have no desire to break us- as a corporation that would not be profitable to them. They NEED US TO HAVE ENOUGH MONEY to spend to make a profit on their products.

This is my personal view based on what Ed has discovered and been able to put together- feel free to believe differently. I will not be dragged into any arguements.

For a clearer background on what ‘powers that be’ are actually in play, Ed clarifies it very well at the ‘Start Here’ section on his page.



sounds about right.


Yes they are the Desilu family. Arnaz, lanzarone, Luckinbill, Duke, Astin, Greenberg, Bush, Roosevelt, Harmon, etc etc.




it’s always a friend of a friend hahahah


NICE ONE! Where was this taken?

Charles king

Looking at the media presented one face playing multiple roles at the local level caused me many a double take and disbelief at what I saw. When I first started seeing psyop written all over local events involving small businesses I rejected what I saw because how could these local small people be involved. Same with the likes of school boards and police forces, etc. But ya got to go where the truth takes you. Yep, we are rubbing elbows with their minions in everyday life.


anybody know what happens to the actors used? obviously they can’t go back to their former lives do you think there is a kind of witness protection scheme for them and new identities?


Yes. Ed has thousands of followers around the world. Many are using their own tools, following Ed to out people in their own countries. The woman from Netherlands finding the “killer” of Van Ghoh descendant is an example. Killing Ed would only prove his findings! That would make all of us more resolute in our own search! They are expecting that most of the people, most of the time will do as they are programmed and toe the line. A big surprise is awaiting. The people awaken!


Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the script. In REALITY, the public would not see any evidence that would be used for trial. They are not allowed to release evidence that could poison the jury pool. You can’t even get dash cam footage. Yes, that’s right almost all of the so-called dash cam footage you see is created for the purpose of drills. Go to West Law and search dash cam legislation and you will see they don’t release it.

Charles king

Ed, I too feel something is amiss here. And it ends up with the same question, why are you still alive. I am sure as I can be that what you are exposing is true and potentially devastating to tptb.But I don’t buy the idea that we are misled into believing that the big boys kill those who get in their way. Those fkers kill whole villages just for fun and destroy entire nations. Now I don’t know if most of those crimes against humanity are as the media presents but I was in Nam and know they went crazy on those folks. I always say don’t believe anything presented by the media unless you was there, but I think we can safely assume that yes indeed tptb will ruin your ass if you get in their way. And I also know that fake opposition and limited hangouts and gate keepers are the norm and it is possible that you fall some place in there while at the same time exposing truth that is stranger than fiction. One should never underestimate the enemy. And I think it inadequate to use the open carry issue as proof of anything. Sure it was an accomplishment but with all respect what have you or anyone else done that has changed the big picture one iota. Truth seekers abound but the shit just keeps on rollin unabated.


Pretty sure the moms of the children would start asking questions !

Kevin Bender

Ed, someone else found this but there’s Haley Arnaz, AKA Carlee Soto playing the same role yet again. comment image&h=ATOS1M_0Pq1agbDyDQHIIMmgln6_8dhpoiHEb7P7SGvrsiRzJZUVp0eoQS3epmt8orAkb3emd6alAv7Cl18Uzh1R1sbkmTFMoNNHkyrHcFahEAe1p8bBQqmOBwXV49GI2IxuqiPLRSg

Charles king

You might be right. Could be five different family members. And when it comes to families the facial features are often so alike that you can’t tell for sure which. But I am going with all the same face because it looks that way to me and one face playing multiple roles is standard fare. That’s how they do it with nearly every picture and I see no reason for that to change here. I say that picture was made in a studio with no actor even present.

Charles king

When it comes to the issue of one face playing multiple roles in nearly everything presented by all of the media, debate will never solve that question. I would be an idiot to expect any sane person to believe me. And you would be a fool if you did without seeing it yourself because the deception is so unbelievable. But hey no problem. With an open mind and just a little effort anyone can see see enough to know I am right. An hour or so comparing one facial feature at a time from the same angle will convince you. A little more effort and you will be stunned at what you see. This is nothing compared to what wellaware1 has exposed but the picture is not near completion until you train your eye. And don’t feel any security thinking this deception is confined to the world stage as exposed by wellaware1. Your well trained eye will discover it in some of the small businesses around you and local government. They walk among us.


Saw a crying girl on Aussie news, devastated about so called ATTACK.Then just before returning to the reporter, she is LAUGHING!

Charles king

That poor girl got the hell blown out of her dress. Look at the two in yellow helping her. Same face. Usually that much difference in angle of the face changes appearance drastically but here you can easily see they are the same. Same thing with the poor girl with her dress blown off and the one to our far left. Different angle of the faces presented but didn’t change appearance much. That’s unusual. Nearly every picture presented by the media,still or moving, including tv, movies and videos is one face playing multiple roles. Angle of face is one of the main things they use to change appearance. And did you ever wonder why so many characters have ridiculous facial expressions? Changes appearance.i could go on and on.


Ahahahaha GO HOME DESILU. We are watching you. Can’t wait till the day comes when the people take out their revenge on you all.

Kevin Bender

Ed, someone else found Carlee Soto, AKA Haley Arnaz, playing her usual grieving role.


You mean all five blood-related that’s why they all look alike.

James sweeney

You guys are stupid cunts. – Freind of a friend is dead and you guys think it’s media lies. Do you know how insulting this is you twats

Charles king

Train your eye by comparing one facial feature at a time from the same angle. Low budget movies and TV programs and kids stuff are easiest to see. So are soap operas​. Some stuff is real hard to see but it’s across the board. All of it.

Charles king

I say all five faces are the same face.

Charles king

The herd spends an insane amount of time with the media right in front of their mugs. If they ever start training their eye to see one face playing multiple roles the jig is up.





Good job ED and Team! Thank you very much for your discoveries.

Nancy Kidd

I have become much better at spotting the decievers.l can tell when the hairlines not right when there are strange shadows and the person is just not right.l sometimes still cannot believe they lie like a rug.l share with me family that is open and l also tell my friends.but l haven’t been able to get the dvd you sent me ed.l think they are not letting it through customs otherwise why would l have not recieved it .it would be the second one you send ed.mybe you need to send it with the the refugees that walk across the invisable boarder.if you could use extra postage or fly it in ed.l would be glad to help.you would need to leave me a box office and my gmail is no good.you could phone me if it would help.l am at a lose what to do.sincerely nancy

Charles king

I just can’t see how these actors are just a few and their main goal is to get us to spend. We already know they own the president who is one of them. They did a fake assination on Kennedy. They totally control the media. And by all appearances the entire government, military, education, intelligence agencies and just pretty much every institution and every significant position on the world stage and I see for myself they are controlling the local level also. And this is world wide. I don’t know who is at the top levels for sure but this power and control seems hugely far beyond the credit you are giving them. I don’t see anything significant they don’t control.


wow do you think you busted the buster with your questions? if they attack him it makes him either a martyr and or bringing attention to them selves by confirming his work by Accosting him! they love leaving things in the shadows so few can a actually see what they are doing, and assume that they are so far along, they can not be stopped & they would rather leave it ambiguous than confirm his assertions. remember we could catch them in the streets and they know it, so they do not want the truth to get out and be confirmed, so they are not very willing to confirm it with such impetuous activities.


Stop believing what you have been conditioned to believe via movies, happens to people who speak the truth. Yes, two attempts have been made on my life but they were by rogue pissed off actors. In reality, that type of thing is only what the little man tries. The government and these Desilu family actors are affiliated with law enforcement. So if you fuck up they will take advantage of it. They tried to make things up on me and I fought all the wat to the supreme court and won. (see Chiarini v Texas I’m the reason we have open carry in this state.) They have been warned if they try that again the city will be sued for malicious prosecution.


Surely there’s something we can do about this?
Noticed no cctv footage, numerous articles refusing local fire brigade entry for 90 mins after explosion.
Forensic guy walks out of the ‘suspects’ house with a booklet entitled ‘know your chemicals’ – not concealed from press. Lol.
Also the suspects father in Libya says and I quote “hidden hands are at work”!!
No bodies, no cctv, no blood. Killer vapourized but we are all certain it was him and have made an arrest off the back of no evidence- as he was vaporised!! Remote controlled detonator found but yet the guy decided to kill himself aswell and chose outside rather than in the auditorium. No windows blown or structural damage in foyer area.
But what can we do?


I am from manchester. I know people who were there at the time. This was no drill. People are injured and others did actually loose there lives. Sites like this have no respect at all.


Dear Mr. Chiarini!

I am perplexed.
Let us assume your website is truthful.

Also, let us assume the World is controlled by an evil corporation of families.

A corporation with ultimate control over humanity.

If you are honest about your birth name and home address, then the question begs answering.
Why are you still alive?

If you have been exposing the names of the evil families, another question is imploring.
Why has the corporation of families allowed you to live?

I do not wish to conclude the worst of you, but I am confused.
This ensuing question cries for honesty:
Are you employed by the corporation of families to hide a bigger fish?

Please offer a sensible explanation.



Yes. Ed has thousands of followers around the world. Many are using their own tools, following Ed to out people in their own countries. The woman from Netherlands finding the “killer” of Van Ghoh descendant is an example. Killing Ed would only prove his findings! That would make all of us more resolute in our own search! They are expecting that most of the people, most of the time will do as they are programmed and toe the line. A big surprise is awaiting. The people awaken!

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