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UPDATE 12/05 Trump Out Trumped PROOF


Ron Masak is Donald Trump. His entire family is playing roles as the supporting cast.

trumps older sister 
This is Trumps Older Sister.  
Don’t even try to say that isn’t Ron Masak’s wife.

other and Daughter 



It’s all made up.  It’s all a dog and pony show.  Round them all up and try them for treason in a REAL court.




the donald, donald trump, Ken Maisak

Donald Trump is a Pseudonym. Like you didn’t know that already.

This is how they leverage celebrity from one actor and use it to create celebrity for their children and siblings.


Ron Masak


Embed from Getty Images

Ron Masak and his daughter

Ron Masak and his daughter who plays his second wife Marla



Donald and Marla Trump who is really his daughter or grandaughter it’s tough to know with all the lies they tell the public.

Even Ron says it himself.

A FEW MOMENTS WITH…Not The Star Not The Celebrity - Just The Actor A Regular Guy

December 29, 1991 By Charles Fishman

Ron Masak is a big man, wide across the shoulders but trim of waist, who has a vaguely handsome and vaguely familiar face and the resume of a man who plies the acting trade steadily without either fuss or fanfare.

Frankly, I’d never heard of him.

I half-hope, half-expect that when I meet him there will be a flash of recognition: ”Oh, this guy.”

No such luck. Ushered into a VIP lounge at Universal Studios, I know which person is the celebrity partly because he has the standing tall bearing of a personality, partly because two female Universal employees are beaming at him, and mostly because he’s the only person in range likely to be named Ron.

”The star himself!” I enthuse, with only the barest suggestion of facetiousness, and offer my hand. Masak’s shake is firm, his grin wide, his manner expansive. He looks like a retired professional athlete.

”Well, I beat the hell out of King Kong” -he’s fresh from a trip through Kongfrontation -but I’m the actor. John Wayne is the star, Donald Trump is the celebrity, I’m the actor.”

A little pat, but charmingly modest.

The hoped-for moment of recognition does come eventually, about half an hour later. Masak is talking about his work in commercials. ”I’ve done 32 Budweiser commercials.” Uh-huh. Well, it’s a little hard to keep those big, athletic-looking, beer-commercial guys straight.

”I’m the voice of the Vlasic pickle stork.” Now we’re on to something.

” ”Look for Vlasic pickles in the deli case,’ ” he says, imitating himself doing the stork. The memory chimes go off.

”There’s a really funny story about how I got that job,” he says. ”Pat Harrington Jr. -Schneider on ”One Day at a Time’ -he used to do it. He couldn’t once, and they asked me to fill in. They told me the voice Pat used was his impression of Groucho Marx. So that first time, I was doing my impression of Pat Harrington’s impression of Groucho Marx.” He does a little Groucho Marx, convincingly.

”Eventually, Harrington wasn’t doing it anymore, and they asked me to take his place. So look for Vlasic pickles in the deli case.” It’s the stork, no question.

THERE IS A TV UNIVERSE IN which Masak doesn’t need to do his stork voice to be recognized. It’s the universe of people who watch ”Murder, She Wrote,” the Sunday night show in which a 60-something mystery writer (Angela Lansbury) in a small town stumbles on a real murder each week and promptly solves it. Masak plays the town sheriff, Mort Metzger.

The following of ”Murder, She Wrote” is almost cult-like and is big enough so the show has landed in the Top 10 consistently for years.

”They’ve thrown a lot of things against Angela,” says Masak. ”Spielberg’s ”Amazing Stories.’ ”Family Ties,’ with Michael J. Fox, at its peak. This year, Jim Garner in his new show -he’s a wonderful, comfortable, old-shoe type. He bombed there. The love affair just goes on with this lady.” The Bush White House, Masak says, is devoted to ”Murder, She Wrote,” as was the Reagan White House.

And Masak is devoted to Lansbury. Indeed, he talks for nearly 10 minutes, without further prompting, about what a remarkable woman she is.

Which is part of the charm of Masak. He is so busy telling admiring stories about the people he’s met in Hollywood, it’s hard to get him to talk about himself. In the course of an hour, he talks about Boris Karloff, Steven Spielberg, Jimmy Cagney, Gary Cooper, Sandra Dee, Carl Malden, Ernest Borgnine. Steve Garvey is godfather to one of his daughters.

He’s known Marlon Brando (”I once thought I could be as good as he is, but I realized he wasn’t a happy man.”); Harry Morgan (”If I could have Harry Morgan’s career, I’d be thrilled.”); and Rock Hudson, with whom he worked on Ice Station Zebra (”He was as nice a human being as anyone -he was an international superstar who was the guy next door.”).

Masak isn’t by any means a groupie in these stories -he’s a colleague. But neither does he ever overstate his own role. He tells a story about how after Ice Station Zebra he always introduced himself, and his wife, to Rock Hudson each time they met at work or a social event, and how Hudson would say, ”I know who you are, Ron.” Once, Hudson spotted Masak from across a studio and called out at the top of his lungs: ”Ron Masak, you SOB! Do you believe I know who you are now?”

”I used to sit in the theater when I was growing up in Chicago,” says Masak, ”watching those people up on the screen, I was in awe. I’m still in awe. I’m a big fan.” One 30-year-marriage, six kids, and a relatively regular-guy acting career later, Masak seems genuinely tickled, actually grateful, to be acting for a living.

”I’d have been happy on a dock,” he says. ”I might have been a professional athlete” -he was offered a contract by the Chicago White Sox.

”I’ve never really wanted to be a big star, and so far I’ve succeeded,” he says with a big grin. It’s a line he’s used before, but he clearly enjoys it.

Masak is here to play in a charity golf tournament. ”I’m the world’s greatest all-around adequate athlete,” he says. ”When we left for California, golf was the big thing. Then celebrity tennis. Then celebrity skiing.” Masak changes sports with the seasons of the charity events.

At the benefit for Florida Hospital, Masak played golf with Neil Armstrong, among others. Masak figured the man had heard nearly every possible line of gratitude and admiration about Armstrong’s first step onto the moon.

”I said to him, ”Are you aware that ever since the night you brought that moon rock back to Earth, our weather’s been sQ-?’ He laughed.”

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  1. Yes it all makes complete sense now….just as masak got his OJT for future presidency as biden so is shillary’s son now gonna get his as ‘pence'(ten asses)…nice pseudonym huh?

  2. Christine /

    So you are saying that Donald Trump is really this Ron Masak guy and that he puts on a Trump disguise every day? I’m looking at the photos and I’m thinking a relative. I’m just saying pretty damn good makeup if that’s what it is because Trumps skin is better then the old guys.
    I’m with you on a lot of what I’ve seen of your work. Honestly there are a couple that I’m not so sure about though. This one I just don’t get it, seems like a lot of unnecessary.

    All of this seems so crazy and so extreme. I guess I realize they have some sort of agenda but this all seems like so much. These people would basically be living in a constant state of fiction. How do they keep it all straight?

    • You are not looking at skin you are looking at silicone. This is why hes orange. They aren’t blending his color. This is why he and Hillary dont sweat under the hot lights of the stage.

  3. Of course. For those who question, they need to see for themselves. Do some footwork, see what’s public & what isn’t & begin asking their own questions. That way it becomes more than just believing what Ed Chiarini says. That, after all, is just more of the same-sucking up what someone else says.

    • Why do you think I just present a portion of my evidence? I’m not going to give all my work for free so they can just bash it and name call me. Its up to them to get up off their asses and put in on this shit. If they don’t they look foolish to those that have done the work and have validated what I’ve done and they sent their finding to me to show me. They are still afraid to go public with their work, but when they do, all they have to do is give me the work and I’ll post it.

  4. To Exilevent. Since you are so intrigued with this question of who vouched for Trump on the candidate form,why don’t YOU investigate? If finding the president form is too daunting to start, why not look up your state’s congressional representatives, or the governor of your state? If that’s too much, see if you can see the form for your city’s mayor or council members. We need more investigators, not more people who need their noses pushed into the milk to see what’s in front of them.

  5. Question ? So who vouched for Trump on his candidate form or did he show I.D. ?
    Anyone ?

  6. Sharon /

    Poor Hugh, lost in space. The sheep are everywhere and so easily duped! He has no idea of the Hollywood actors within government, stay ignorant Hughy, stay ignorant!

  7. Lyn Utermark /

    I’m just a retard so dont pay any attention to me. Im sorry for wasting your time and being a bitch.

  8. Lyn Utermark /

    Was Marla Maples, Katherine, Morgan Fairchild?
    Ivanka Trump ~~~>> Britney Spears (Kevin Federline)??

  9. Charles king /

    Don’t look at it as needing all kinds of supporting actors and having to change wardrobe and makeup, etc all the time. This is the media. What they present to us is nearly all illusion and those illusions are created with technology of some sort. Most likely they don’t need the actors presence. And one thing that is being overlooked is the one extent of using one face to play multiple roles. Much of what is being seen as family members is still that one face playing multiple roles. It’s how they roll. Nearly everything you see in the media is one face per TV program or movie playing multiple roles. The game goes deeper than most realize.

    • You are absolutely correct, the secret societies have a technology that masks peoples faces. I have seen this with my own eyes. Finally, someone who is getting it.

      • This whole being impatient with people who just don’t get it is rather rude. We’re talking about things that are so unthinkable. You need to help people when questions are asked, help them so they will get it. It would be so nice if we would learn to just be nice, even if someone is being rude. We keep acting like each other, bad habits and all and that too is a part of waking up. Our attitudes. Its not just about “them”.

        • Gina, Yes! We are all in this together. Helping one another see and understand the depth of deception takes patience. Yet we are not the one standing up on the firing line, Ed Chiarini is! We have no idea the flak he gets regularly. He gets the tough job of wearing a suit of armor & learning to soften his heart. Not an easy place to be or easy lesson.

    • Look up disney’s beautification software and Fire boxes. You will understand it a little better. It was created by Sony.

  10. Lyn Utermark /

    I’m still very interested of the possibility Masak could also be related or even be Boris Yeltsin, does anyone have an exact on that? Would love to see that confirmation after watching the Documentary on him…

  11. “I love the kids. I love them so much I marry them.”
    Actor Alec Baldwin as “Actor” Donald Trump on SNL skit at:
    2:38 minute mark

  12. Dnole55 /

    There are so many people flocking to his rallies where there are very few going to Hillary’s. The people are expecting them to steal the election and are actually preparing to go up against the government. There are cells of ex-military and patriots that have formed across this country. They actually have their own version of FBI infiltrating the mainstream media to keep up with what is really going on. It is the craziest thing, but they are organized all across the nation. If civil arrest arises and people are hurt or even worse killed because of these dirt bags,can there not be like a class action suit against all of them for leading the people to believe the BS the broadcast as being factual. Most all Americans believe the news to be factual. There should be a way to hold all these people responsible for the lives they are damaging.

  13. Ah guess now would be good a time as any for them to start ‘sheep-dipping’ him so Plan A Hearst family still in power could jus slide right on in…his backup wouldn’t be much different either cause with’em its always a ‘heads I win,tails u lose’ & ‘6 is one,half-dozen the other’ game of death

    • The president doesn’t do anything anyway. Its the states that matter. All congress does is pass laws that are already on the state’s books.

      • Hi Dallas GoldBug. Looks like YOUR site is still being jacked. I can’t stand seeing you and your amazing work slandered BY people who Are only OUT for themselves.

    • Yes, anytime some weeks before the election so the “dip” really sinks in & there’s plenty of air time & comment & “outrage” etc. Not so far away as to allow forgetting or “fixing.” Not so close as to lose the “run” with it. All the “33” & other number nonsense is scripted in as yet another diversion for those so inclined. Just like the mystery shooter on the grassy knoll in JFK murder hoax. The more diversions, alternate conspiracy theories & “demonic” groups the better. We are left groping in the dark for years! I can hear them laughing! Yeah! Go after those Masons!

  14. Oh, Dude… This is so excellent…


  15. I find it odd that the photos of Trump & Masek are not sharp and clear. Given today’s digital imagery & how many photos there are, especially of Trump, I’d think I could find one to enlarge and keep sharp. Extremely difficult to compare teeth (though those are so easily faked) or any facial features when so blurry. This might be the giveaway for me.

      • Yes, ear & profile much easier to see now. Thanks. The guy with the name “rubicon” in it. It means something you can never take back but has a big impact on others. Began use when Caesar crossed the river into Italy as an act of war.

        • Mata, looking at Ed’s post showing a character called “Rossini Rubicondi” who is “really” or also Trump Jr, we can see the name game of Rubicon. Look it up. It means what I said. In addition it is connected to Rome and Cesar. If you’ve been following Ed’s work you know that he has connected these families as far back as the Roman Empire and maintains that we are still being directed by that empire. Perhaps this clears up your confusion.

  16. todyen /

    i came to the now so called donald,his children do not look like him.that is why you are right.

    • No, his kids do look like him. If you look at his so called current wife, you will see she looks just like his so called daughter. That’s because they are sisters.

      But I’m laying off of them right now because it’s useless for me to spend my energy exposing them when they can change their pick if need be. I would rather wait till they put Hillary in then release all the info I have on her and her family. At that point, they have limited escape routes and will have to deal with my work or look foolish as the people find out the office of the president is merely a figurehead for the corporations that run the country.

      • I’m just not seeing this one. Would appreciate some biometrics, ear, vein, whatever. I realize those aren’t always easy to come by. We have to deal with the photos available. For sure Trump is a pseudonym & an actor. But is Masek the one? Maybe to you the daughters and granddaughters are a plain giveaway but not so clear to me.

  17. andreab /

    Ron Masak looks a lot like Boris Yeltsin in that photo with his daughter..!?

  18. Dan Jensen /

    I’ve been wondering who Trump really is, with all the hype behind his campaign. I’ve learned a lot about generational celebrities from this. Great work again!

    • dallasgoldbug /

      Thanks. Yes the leveraging of celebrity by use of a sibling or child, is a tool they have all used and continue to use to this day. Most of our elected officials are actually sibling partners. They, of course, are not really married but this allows them to travel together as husband and wife and there is no chance of the secret being leaked out from a real world divorce.

  19. domchef /

    ron’s nose has a big difference on his left like a cleft ,and he does not have donald’s energy or vigor at all

    • Do you not understand what actors do?
      Address his wife
      Address his daughters?
      Address his son?

    • They can fill in clefts, and change the face easily with makeup.

      • I’m a little confused by your synopsis. So, in this scenario the “real” person is Ron Masak, who plays Donald Trump?

        If so, why would he choose to wear makeup in his “real” life, and not as “the Donald?” Seems like it would create unnecessary problems like having to have a live in make-up artist to fix you up every time you take the dog for a walk.

        Conversely, if he’s really “The Donald,” why again does he need the Masak character? The Donald is actually famous. He’s rich. I can’t see the upside from this angle.

        • The fellow may not be either Ron or Donald. These are fictional characters. They strut about the stage to create an illusion for us. The illusion has us believe we have mighty leaders, business tycoons, etc. It has us believing we live in “the greatest country in the world” & other similar ideas. We are utterly captivated & hypnotized into believing in this complex & multilayered illusion. Peel it back a little at a time & peek behind the curtain!

        • Correct I have said this from day one about all of the actors. Masak = MAY SACK you as in YOU’RE FIRED! It’s all a dog and pony show if you see it on tv.

        • Garth- Yes, I get that. Lots of supportive actors are needed. As Ed has found, they often play a lot of characters! It sure seems exhausting to me to have to play a mid-level “voice” actor, then Trump, then perhaps someone else in the background, etc. But then it’s not my life or my family’s commitment, thankfully!

      • bertanelson: I understand most of this argument, but I’m still hung up on why the need for a mid level celebrity character that requires years of make-up wearing and performing bit roles on obscure tv shows. The Donald has obvious utility.

  20. domchef /

    Do you still say Ron Masak Is The Donald…i think you r wrong

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