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Obama’s Richard Pryor Delivery


To learn more about Obama’s real father Richard Pryor visit …
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Thanks to ‎Noel Elias‎ for posting this clip to my FB page

So even Brian Williams describes the Richard Pryor like delivery.  Do you think Brian is giving me a shout out since his industry screwed him a little while back?  Possibly he was directing those in the know my way as a means to get one up on his employers who desperately are trying to suppress my work.  Well, whatever the reason is something maybe I’ll get to ask Brian in person, but until then I’ll just say thanks and his statement is right on the money.

Remember Richard Pryor played the first Black President on SNL.  This an obvious slap in our face since they were flaunting knowing that one day Richard son will be in the oval office.  Why do you ask?  Check out the Obama page to learn what I was able to dig up about his REAL PAST.  Michele O is Rain Pryor Obamas half sister.

O is a son of Richard Pryor and is the GreatGrandson of WR Hearst.

The story goes that when Richard Pryor was a teen he and another boy rapes a girl, (this is from their admission )  the girl kept the baby, and that is about everything we are told about that event.  I believe that was O’s mother.


This is said to be his grandfather. Which is correct but he is WR Hearst’s son




If you can’t see that Obama’s so-called sister,  is his half-sister and daughter of Richard then you are blind.`


You ask about Michelle?

Just look at the Signatures as well.


As for the daughters they are the daughters of Jamie Fox  Who is always at the Whitehouse as he should be since his daughters are minors he has to be there.


And My favorite.  O, Steven Speilberg and Tracy Morgan all pissed off because I outed them the month Pryor so they put together this little video bashing me as you are all aware I use ear biometrics as a scientific means to identify these actors,  So they were quick to add this little “How does he put his ears on each morning” to their little video.


Steven is mad because I outed his father as playing the role of a WWII Nazi Walter Krupinski 

Photo above is a more recent photo

These photos are from 2004 and older.  Walter is with the Greenbergs on a trip to China

Steven Spielberg's father Walter Krupinski a WWII Nazi Fighter Pilot Ace

Steven Spielberg’s father Walter Krupinski a WWII Nazi Fighter Pilot Ace

Steven Spielberg's father, mother

Steven Spielberg’s father and mother
she plays the role of the voice of Joyce in Spielberg’s Holocaust interviews and of course his father is famous Nazi Walter Krumpinski


  1. Donald Simonds /

    Does Richard Pryor also play the role of Steve Harvey?

  2. Again looking at his ex wives, knowing he keeps them close for access…. Hid daugter s not Michelle, His ex wife and mother to his son, Flynn Belaine, is a big girl, I mean tall and I don’t see any curren photos of her for some reason… ha ha ha… I also noticed that those photos of the litte obama is the same exact photo as the one next to it, his son did not look that much like him. So now you know 🙂

  3. I apologize to doubt your work I know that you worked really hard on your projects… I was looking at the scars that Obama has on both sides of his lower jaw and chin, and his scars appear to be the exact scars that Richard Pryor had…. why can’t you test richard pryor who died in 2005 to Obama that popped up in Illinois senate in 2006…. according to wikipedia, which lied about his crack freebasing accident, I know for a fact the man was in Chicago burn unit, because My daughter died a few of years later in that same burn unit.
    Although the shriners tried to help her by offering the childrens hospital, but it was too late, she was too severe to recover. Perhaps you are on the right track but chose the wrong boxcar?

  4. Berta /

    When I saw the video clip you posted showing Pryor acting as our first black president, I got chills remembering those days. The late 70’s was it? There it is, rehearsal of Obama 30 years in advance. We are being primed for a scripted “reality” all along the way.

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