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UPDATE Chelsea Clinton

Update Sept 09, 2016


Huma is related and is more like Chelsea's half sister.

Huma is related and is more like Chelsea’s half sister.


21685585The Official Version

Natalee Ann Holloway (October 21, 1986 – on or after May 30, 2005) was an American student who vanished on a high school graduation trip to Aruba, a Caribbean country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Holloway lived in Mountain BrookAlabama at the time of her disappearance, and graduated from Mountain Brook High School on May 24, 2005, shortly before the trip.[4] Her disappearance caused a media sensation in the United States.[5]

Holloway was scheduled to fly home later on May 30 but failed to appear for her flight.[6] She was last seen by her classmates outside Carlos’n Charlie’s, a Caribbean chain restaurant and nightclub in Oranjestad,[7] in a car with locals Joran van der Sloot and brothers Deepak and Satish Kalpoe. When questioned, the three men said they dropped her off at her hotel and denied knowing what became of Holloway.[8] Upon further investigation by authorities, Van der Sloot was arrested twice on suspicion of involvement in her disappearance and the Kalpoes were each arrested three times. Due to lack of evidence the three men were released without charge each time.[9][10]


With the help of hundreds of volunteers, Aruban investigators conducted an extensive search for Holloway. Special Agents from the FBI, [11] fiftyDutch soldiers and three specially equipped Dutch Air Force F-16 aircraft participated in the search.[12][13][14] In addition to the ground search, divers examined the ocean floor for evidence of Holloway’s body.[15] The searches were unsuccessful; Holloway’s body was never found.[16][17][18] On December 18, 2007, Aruban prosecutors announced that the case would be closed without any charges sought against the former suspects.[19][20]The Aruban prosecutor’s office reopened the case on February 1, 2008, after receiving video footage of Joran van der Sloot, under the influence of marijuana, making statements that Holloway died on the morning of May 30, 2005 and that he disposed of her body.[21] Van der Sloot later denied that what he said was true, and subsequently gave Greta Van Susteren an interview (the contents of which he later retracted) in which he stated that he sold Holloway into sexual slavery.

Holloway’s family criticized Aruban investigators throughout the search for a perceived lack of progress in finding her. The family also called for a boycott of Aruba, which gained Alabama Governor Bob Riley‘s support but failed to gain widespread backing.[22][23] On January 12, 2012, an Alabama judge declared her legally dead.[24]


The Reality

Natalee is a pseudonym personality that is played by the actor better known as Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea just so happened to be with her

mother overseas at that location, at the same time the event was said to of taken place. (Hillery claims it was business) But we all know we paid for that trip out of our TAX dollars. Not to mention the BS we had to endure while the Mainstream idiots beat the case in our heads day in and out.

All that and let’s not forget the roles the MTV Jackass crew played.

The Images of Joran that you are shown are old pictures and video. This is why he looks so young. The people producing these made for TV events will use whatever they have available as per footage and write the scripts around it. You had no idea when photos or video were shot and in all likelihood, they have a full archive of generic footage they have shot that they can assemble into a new event that fills in the gaps with talking heads who only read from a script.

How many videos of children (their family) do they have that consist of a child claiming a generic statement like, “All I heard was gunshots” with a statement as broad as that, they could follow it up with a news commentator stating, anything they want. From an active shooter to a crazes Islamic gunman, the possibilities are endless. So keep this in mind when you watch the events they show on the news and look for the generic statements that can be edited together with as many other children saying similar claims so they can increase the body count for whatever purpose they choose. Gun control, mental health issues, terrorism WHATEVER THEY WANT.

These are the faces they want you to remember.

Not her regular face that would give away the secret that she played a role in the lie.

This isn’t Steve’s (real name Yair Kaplan) first time playing


a role in a fake event.  Here we see a young Steve



Don’t think she is doing this all by herself, as you will learn the entire family is made up of actors.  Learn more about this image by visiting the Hillary page.                   

Evelyn D Rothschild, Steve O, Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton

Bernie Sanders is being played by Evelyn Robert D Rothschild, who is also the father of MTV jackass member Steve O.



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  1. Keep up the good fight…. your work has helped me and many others make sense out of
    The crap that appears in our so called reality. For years I’ve felt confused how so many people on t.v. looked alike yet felt crazy for not understanding what I was seeing. Now I see how these actors are all over the place and it has freed my mind from believing the drama they create to keep us from being happy. I hope you have many more years of success opening the eyes of the blind. Awesome work!

  2. None Available /

    If you think this was faked you are seriously grasping at straws for attention. Serious?

  3. @Gabriela “proving that the event was real”? are you kidding? Hey I saw mickey mouse on the moon and I have the photo to prove it. Must make it real then huh? People lie. The video footage doesn’t. NEVER take what people tell you as the facts when you can view photographic evidence (after being validated) BUT even then understand that even though it may look real and is real its just actors and its staged. You have to train your eye to catch the mistakes they will make to discern reality .

    • Gabriela /

      I agree that they can lie about everything that’s presented as “real” or “fact” and call other people crazy for not agreeing with their lies, but when it comes to the footage, I was talking about the two shooters who were seen in the cafeteria and the photo of their two dead bodies. That’s what makes me think some parts of the event were real. They probably used actors and dummy’s, especially the dummy seen outside being dragged around. I don’t see why people would think it’s a 100% real event though and some say they were present that day. I wish more people could look more into this shooting like they do with Sandy Hook.

      • hahahahaha Toooo funny. But nice try.

      • If an event is real there is no need to fake anything.

      • Gabriela /

        I’m not trying to be funny. I just don’t hear many talking about Columbine being a fake event with the footage. They just talk about having more shooters and a gov’t cover up. I’m glad you talk about this though so I can have another prospective than the general public one. I actually agree on you with events like this being intentionally hyped up and faked (Sandy Hook), just to put fear into the public and anger.

        • That’s because they haven’t seen my latest DVD the Desilu Effect. In that video I exposed all the players in columbine Sandy hook, and the jfk assassination and how they are all the same family.

  4. This is quite amazing. I never realized the Biometrics involved however when I research it… its exactly what you say. Can you tell me, have you run biometric comparisons with all of these people?
    I am Canadian. I have been studying these annomilies (false Falgs) now for about 10 years. It never occurred to me that they were all actors, hired by the elite. This would fill in the blank as they seem so stupid sometimes and have to look at teleprompters the rest. It is much harder to convey someone elses words in place of your own and be sincere.
    This makes it much harder to prosecute someone because who do you prosecute, the actor or the real person….if they did all of their crimes playing a role and committed no crimes in her real life then you would have to punish the person that hired them as they would be creating the false flags to support their positions on lets say….GUN CONTROL.

    I would like to start to discover the Canadian actors hired to run our country as well because if its happening there… its happening here. When I think about it logically it HAS to be world wide. If someone like you or I discovered this at a political level we would not keep this quiet…or we would be silenced…one or the other. Will you teach me how to use the Biometric software and I will start to help you out in exposing these fakes.


    • For most of them yes. If we have the spouse matching and other family members around them like their children as well sometimes I don’t. That’s why I like it when third party validations puts the work to the test. Some times I’ve been wrong and accidentally called out a person then found out it was their sibling or child playing the role. Again that’s fine because we are still looking at the genetic traits of the ear that are unique to the individual but do pass down the key traits of the family bloodline. Your ear is a combination of all your relatives in your direct family tree. So its a great way of identifying bloodline actors and then using that information to hunt down their supporting cast who are always playing the roles around them to protect the lie. I was fortunate enough to identify the core families early on . Some of that was my doing and some of that was their making stupid mistakes like leaving family photos online thinking no one would ever make the connection. Guess they will think again about being so careless that is if they aren’t dealt with and made examples of.

      Just some additional things to understand

      No false flags they are HOAX because no one is hurt and the events are staged
      No on the gun control for the most part there are a few in the royal families for obvious reasons that would like to see that happen.
      No on prosecuting them. They haven’t broken any laws and no one is forcing you to believe what you see on the tv. It’s their freedom of speech that protects them.
      Change the ability for the elected officials to get elected and never have to show any form of ID (See the Oath of candidacy form)
      Fix that loophole and you will see a world of change take place.

  5. you are crazy and have very bad eyesight

  6. Dark Side of the Moon /

    Chelsea’s husband reminds me of the dude who plays Chris on the Cole and Marmalade YT channel. Maybe they’re related.

    BTW, great site sir. You’ve done more to wake me up, than any other blogger out there. Others won’t touch what you will.

    But now with the Hillary thing and the possible body double shown on YT, I think more and more folks are going to see what you’ve been telling us for years.

    Wellaware1 - the Paul Revere of the 21st century.

    • Damn Bru. Might just be good eye, there… Shit’s a hoax, that’s for sure… Who believes this cockymamie ass shit anyway…???


    • Not even close. But as for the “Kaplan” name, they are part of the problem and the woman I recognize from Riley Harmons Bat mitzvah in 07

      • Gabriela /

        I have a question and it concerns Columbine. What about the witnesses who’ve come out, proving that the event was real and the footage? I’m not doubting you, I’m just wondering.

        • are you serious? hahah You trolls can’t even make a valid argument. WTF are you guys that dumb. “Well I saw Mickey Mouse on the tv talking about the war so it must be real” hahahah But then I was Tom and Jerry with nazi uniforms on so I dont know who to believe mickey mouse or Tom and Jerry, guess Ill just have to consult with my magic 8 ball then pray to Zeus, and hope my unicorn will guide me. ahhahahahaha

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