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If You Know My Work You know The Name Brett Greenberg.

 Feel free to use the search engine on this site to learn more about him and his family.

Here’s his latest.



If you still doubt my work you are simply too conditioned to save. If you can’t see it after you watch this video.





OCT 16th 2016

The Greenberg’s domestic terrorists 

If you only do one thing I ask, please let it be to remember the name, Greenberg.  

Before you attempt to disregard the information on this page I suggest you take a step back and realize it’s that knee-jerk mentality that got us into this situation.  You must learn to break free from the conditioning the TV creates via its programming Understand the events you view on it,  are produced by a hand full of families that you are about to learn about.

These people are true domestic terrorists who use freedom of speech to protect themselves from prosecution.  

What you think you know about the world is either partially, or entirely based on a scripted out lie that these families play the roles as the actors you believe are real.  

Your clues are the keywords they use to tag their productions.  Words like Green, Brown, or their favorite the Dick joke.  Pay attention to these codes and you will know the stories are fake, and more importantly, you will know who is behind the production.  That will tell you who to look for within these made for TV dramas,  as the family members to hold accountable.

They are the descendants of the ruling elite that date back to the Roman Empire. They are the families of the US presidents and the owners of the BIG 6 Media Conglomerates like Disney.

If you commit their faces to memory, you will be able to decipher the news and KNOW THAT IT IS ALL STAGED.

This is where it gets good and you see what I’m saying is valid.

In the following article, you will learn the connection to the Greenberg family members, the MTV Jackass members, the Rothschild banking, Israel Finances, and other elite shadow families that I have been uncovering, as well as their participation in the political presidential race.  They are all family Clintons (which is a fake name, That is publicly known, the Greenbergs, the Wohl’s, the Kaplan’s, the Harmons, and the Hoffman’s,

This video will tell you all about these people.

alaska (2016_03_19 02_30_33 UTC)

Just a few of the Greenberg, Kaplan, and Sexton families

Harmon's, Kaplan's, Greenberg's, Blumberg's, Sexton's, and the De Vincent'a

Harmon’s, Kaplan’s, Greenberg’s, Blumberg’s, Sexton’s, and the De Vincent’a

Greenberg Family 0000091

Harmon, Greenberg, and Sexton

The Harmons

The Harmons


I am the one that found the over 5000 personal family photos of these families who are controlling this country.  Without my work, no one would know the name, Greenberg. So when you see others talking about these families Know they got it from me and you might as well come to the course for the truth because there are many of these people posing as researchers trying to throw you off.



The fake researchers have attempted to steer you the wrong direction by saying the person from the sandy hook hoax is Michael Greenberg. This is not correct and you can see I know who he really is and his connection to UT

Back to the story

These families combined are a massive part of the media conglomerate ownership that feeds you crap and keeps this country believing in the next boogie man is out to get them.  They Have direct ties to Israel as you will soon find out and I will go into more detail in a follow-up story.   Yes, they are Royal family members and they are associated directly with the Queen and The German Emporer Wilhelm II.

Emperor Wilhelm the second we see has infiltrated into the United States government, along with the rest of the German Royals

Emperor Wilhelm the second we see has infiltrated into the United States government, along with the rest of the German Royals

They control everything you see on the TV and ALL the candidates that are running for office are their Blood Relatives. It doesn’t matter who you vote for you are voting for the same people that have been in office since the beginning of this Nation.  They are the root of all the problems so they need to be rounded up and tried for treason and acts of aggression on this country.  They are filling your mind with crap as a means for them to divide the public and keep us fighting amongst each other when we really need to be focusing on them as the problem.







JP Morgan is the Great Grandfather of Ross Perot. You won’t find that in the history books but you will see them listed as bankers.

The BASICS (you need to know this)

Yes, I know you will say you don’t watch TV and you don’t know who the Jackass MTV crew are.  Well, Google it because you need to know their faces.  In fact, EVERY name you hear me say you should google it so you can put that face to the name and remember it because you will see them again I guarantee it!

I have stated in the past that Steve-O from the MTV Jackass Show is the son of Sir Evelyn De Rothschild.  Here is the photo to prove it.  But wait it gets better.


Steve-O top left, next is the Son of Sir Evelyn and then his daughter who you see the photo next to her is a screenshot from Steve-O’s documentary about his life and is his sister. You can see his father in the documentary who was the CEO of Pepsi Co Latin America

You can watch the bio here

Remember 2004 above, and 2007 below

Steve O 2009



You might remember her from the Sandy Hook HOAX shooting where the Greenbergs are all spotted there as well as Tony Greenberg who lived at 12 Flower Farm Lan in CT a 2.1 Million dollar home listed to Hoffman Contracting.


Tonys old home 12 Flower Farm Ln in CT


Hoffman Contracting 12 Flower Farm Ln, Westport, CT 06880 (203) 594-7307

Hoffman Contracting
12 Flower Farm Ln,
Westport, CT 06880
(203) 594-7307

About 25 minutes from the SANDY HOOK SCHOOL SHOOTING HOAX  and guess who we see at that event but Tony Greenberg’s Cousin Brett Greenberg


Brett Greenberg at the Sandy Hook event

Parents pick-up children outside Sandy Hook Elementary School after a shooting in Newtown, Connecticut. At least 27 people, including children, were killed on Friday when at least one shooter opened fire at the elementary school. (Michelle McLoughlin/Reuters photo)    The short person in the back is Brett Greenberg.



We see Hillary tied to Bernie.  Do we see Steve-O tied to the Clintons?  yes, we do since Chelsea played the role of Natalie Hollaway.  The girl who went missing in Aruba (just so happens to be at the same time Hillary and Chelsea were there on official business so they claim.)


Natalie Holloway, the abducted and murdered teen from Aruba was played by Chelsea Clinton. Her mother at the time was in Aruba on government business, so they claim.

Natalie Holloway, the abducted and murdered teen from Aruba was played by Chelsea Clinton. Her mother at the time was in Aruba on government business, so they claim.

Natalie Holloway is played by Chelsea Clinton

Natalie Holloway is played by Chelsea Clinton

Remember they are using an OLD image of Steve o

Natalie Holloway's play by Chelsea Clinton and we see her abductor's play by Steve O. The connection is, of course, her mother and of course Steve O's father who is Evelyn D Rothschild. He also plays Bernie Sanders and this is why we see Bernie and Hillary together.


Natalie Holloway’s play by Chelsea Clinton and we see her abductor’s play by Steve O. The connection is, of course, her mother and of course Steve O’s father who is Evelyn D Rothschild. He also plays Bernie Sanders and this is why we see Bernie and Hillary together.


In SteveO’s life of documentary we are introduced to his father who they claim worked as the President of Pepsi Co in South America  Hmmm  that’s funny since Argentina has so many ties to the Bush family and the so-called Nazi’s they always find there (which we know all about that and the Roosevelts but that info can be found by searching Roosevelts on this site)



I have also stated that Sir Evelyn De Rothchild is, in fact, Bernie Sanders (who’s AKA is Gary Hoffman)
What?  you say that’s not Bernie or Gary.  Ok let’s examine the evidence, shall we?


Bernie Sanders a.k.a. Evelyn D Rothschild is using his niece as his spouse, Camilla Sereys De Rothschild, and is also the character known as Jennifer Disney and can be seen in the Sandy Hook shooting as plain. The role of an aunt of one of the victims


Bernie Sanders a.k.a. Evelyn D Rothschild is using his niece as his spouse, Camilla Sereys De Rothschild, and is also the character known as Jennifer Disney and can be seen in the Sandy Hook shooting as plain. The role of an aunt of one of the victims

Within the 5000 family photos that I snagged from the Greenberg, Harmon, Whol, and Kaplan family members (who are the producers of the BULLSHIT you think is reality and news on your TV, when, in fact, it’s all scripted and made up and then the family members are the ones playing the roles in the events)  We see Michael Greenberg, the head of the family and his wife Vicky on safari with the Hoffmans.





phone 8595

I have several hundred of them so feel free to ask for more if you still are unable to see the facts.


The caption of this photo when I found it was “Michael with Yair” 2008

STEVE-O and the Greenbergs trip to Israel

We also see STEVE-O  with the Greenberg’s and on a trip to Israel.  listed in the photos that his real name is Yair. So since we see him with the Kaplan’s in most of the Israel photos we I assumed its Yair Kaplan.  So I did a little google for that name and bingo.

Yair Kaplan Is better known as Steve O

Yair Kaplan Is better known as Steve O From MTV jackass

Yair Kaplan

Co-CEO at Paz Group

In case he deletes his Linkedin account here is his screenshot.

Note the links to Citibank so know since his father also plays the role of Sir Evelyn De Rothchild that city bank is a Rothchild bank.

Yair Kaplan LinkedIn


Steve-O in Israel Wohl, Kaplan, and Harmon families 2009


Steve O in Israel 2009

Steve-O in Israel 2009


Steve O 2009

Steve-O in Israel with the Greenbergs 2009

MAKE SURE YOU LOOK AT HIS LINKEDIN IMAGE  you will see the ties to Israel are undeniable.

The Wohl family own several Museums in Israel
You can thank Arden Wohl for the Gulf War since she is the one who testified before Congress and lied about the babies and the incubators.

nursen-ny_final (2016_03_19 02_30_33 UTC)


Of course, as she aged the tip of her nose drops and her lobes become stretched




Since you see that jackass with the Greenbergs have we seen them hanging out together before?  

WE SURE HAVE.  At a protest surrounding the Gabrel Giffords HOAX shooting where we see Johnny Knoxville, his Daughter, Spike Jones and Michael Greenberg walking behind them.

Johnny Knoxville

Michael Greenberg in the background with Johnny Knoxville, Spike Jones (an MTV Jackass Partner) Johnny’s former wife and daughter



AND who is this we see playing a cameo role in a protest said to of taken place in …..  There’s Johnny and who is following right behind him?  Michael again.

Watch the following clip from HBO Vice and you will see (RIGHT IN THE LAST FEW SECONDS ) Johnny Knoxville (CARRYING A FLAG) in the foreground and Michael Greenberg (IN THE WHITE SHIRT) in the background.  This is not by accident and remembers one of the producers of this is JOHNA KAPLAN, and the executive producer is BILL MAHER

Now let me show you what you can think about VICE and this comes from the founder’s own clip.  AND notice the Jackass mention and of course he is talking to SPIKE JONES who you see in the photo with Michael Greenberg and Johnny Knoxville and family.



Michael Greenberg in China 2007





Michael Greenberg at the Dallas Gun Rally 2015

And we see Michael Greenberg at the Dallas Gun Rally.  This is a photo I took of him.


Look at the other family member that was there that day in Dallas sneaking up behind me.

Warren Buffett at the Dallas gun rally, almost running into me

Warren Buffett at the Dallas gun rally, almost running into me



Warren also played a big role in the JFK assassination hoax, as the judge for the Clay Shaw Trial.

It all made perfect sense that we would see YET AGAIN Johnny’s daughter producing a piece at a Bernie Sanders Support Rally.

So obviously we see these protest and the organizers of them are all blood-related  (aka Rothchild, Hoffman, Greenberg, Kaplan etc)  Know everything you see on TV is staged THIS INCLUDES YOUR NIGHTLY NEWS.


Johnny’s daughter you might also recognize her as one of the pepper spray girls during the Occupy Wallstreet FAKE paid scripted out protests.  She was also one of the Actors I filmed at the Dallas Occupied protests.  ALL OF THESE PROTESTS ARE CREATED BY BUSSED IN ACTORS.


He plays the protester that stormed the stage at the TRUMP RALLY


Say Hello to BRETT



OH And Here’s Brett Again at the Occupy Wall Street.

Brett Greenberg at occupy Wall Street

Brett Greenberg at occupy Wall Street



Brett again


Michael Greenberg, Brett Greenberg, and his father Leon Greenberg

Michael Greenberg, Brett Greenberg, and his father Leon Greenberg

Leon you might know as
leon-faces leon_greenberg_son_of_sam2

So you can see where Brett gets it from.

Brett Greenberg

Brett Greenberg at the Tennessee shooting


Brett Greenberg, Ferguson, Michael Brown

Brett Greenberg in person getting accosted by the crowds as he was throwing rocks at the cops all staged. Of course

Here is brett again at Ferguson playing a different role

Fullscreen capture 762016 41514 AM


These protests are paid for and not real.  DO not let them get you emotional because they are designed to get you wrapped up in the script and then get you to talk about it as well as come back to view more video and watch more clips they produce that also come with ads they make profits from as you watch.

This world is a fully scripted out fake existence that is being run by a few elite families.  They do not want you dead.  THAT IS BULLSHIT if they did who would buy their goods and watch their productions?  Use your common sense when you are watching TV and know if it seems far fetched, IT PROBABLY IS.


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    • Correct. This faction of the family are the Disney clan and parts of CBS, and NBC, along with FOX news.

      The Baldwins are another faction as well. I’ve exposed them all numerous times. The Hoffman, Ritter, Kennedy, Hunt, Carter, are Roosevelts as are the Greenberg’s and the bush families. They all stem from Emporer Wilhelm II the Kaiser. I’ve outlined their entire scam and you can find it all here on this site.

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