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Tracy Morgans Son’s Provocateurs In Baltimore

UPDATE August 9th 2016
So it appears that Tracy’s sons work for CBS.

Just like all the other protests regarding police violence against black youths, we see front and center Tracy Morgan’s son’s playing lead roles attempting to instigate a violent response from the viewing audience.

I think it’s high time that charges are filed on the production companies who are producing all the hoax events you are shown on the news, as well as the repeat offenders (the actors) we see over and over again playing the agitators.  It’s gone on far too long

They are clearly visible even though they attempt to disguise their appearance by the use of lens distortion and tilting his head back but it doesn’t work.  We are so familiar with these clowns they could wear a paper bag over their heads and we could still tell who they are by their body mechanics, and supporting cast members.

We Clearly see Malcolm Morgan playing his part in trying to instigate violence.

Charleston Church HOAX Shooting

The reason you are seeing these idiots so often these days is because they are the relatives of Obama.  They are trying to fit in as much work as they can and get paid before he is out of office and a whole new bunch of acting fools will grace the world stage to repeat the dumbing down of those who watch and believe these events are real.

Other events they have appeared in.


Orlando Nightclub HOAX shooting


Michael Brown HOAX Shooting


Michael Brown shooting hoax, Houston shooting hoax, Ferguson hoax, Plano Pool Arrests hoax, South Carolina Church Shooting hoax, you name it , Tracy Morgan and family are the root trouble makers. But in reality, they are not breaking any law because it’s their first amendment right to freedom of speech and freedom to act like a dumb ass, that they will claim they are exercising. But it’s also your right to know what they are doing is just acting, and the events are not real just real in TV land.


Plano TX Pool Arrests


Orlando Nightclub HOAX Shooting


  1. Thank You Ed for your years of hard work fighting these psychos. Respect!

  2. I think it’s time they are treated like the domestic terrorists they are and be put on trial and made examples of. Boycott everything SNL, and all Tracy morgans movies and TV shows. Including 30 Rock.

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