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Miles W. Mathis Is A Thief

Miles Mathis

Nice Perm Miles Mathis you thief.


Every so often I get an email from someone alerting me to a person calling himself Miles Mathis of .  They ask if I have seen his site and am aware that he’s stealing my work.

One item, in particular, is his claims he discovered the microphone discrepancy in the Oswald shooting films.  He did not, and he claims he published it in 2007 but then states he can’t understand why the way back machine online never archived it.  The reason why is because he didn’t release anything at the time and in reality, he didn’t even have a website during that period.  The URL was available and before that when he did pay his hosting fees his site was a portfolio page selling his paintings.  Which I do think he is good at and should go back to doing full time because he sucks at stealing.

This is my work that was published five years ago.  Miles thinks he can just claim he discovered something years before someone else but what he failed to do and I did, was to file for the copyright.  So if he wants to play games, I will sue him.  I have filed for and received the copyright on all my work and continue to copyright my material to protect it from thieves like Miles Mathis

I challenge Miles to a debate so he can defend his actions.  He won’t discuss anything via email and won’t let you comment on his site so why is he so afraid?  I know why.  Come on Miles, debate me.  You know how to reach me.

The reason I am even addressing this matter here is to put a call out to all fellow researchers and members of this site.  Let Miles and anyone that mentions him know that he stole the work from dallasgoldbug.  Call him out and tell him what you think about people that take work from others.

After I went to his site and saw that after every youtube video I posted on my channel (which was taken down by youtube), he would write a story and take credit for.  I told him via email what I think of him, and that he is a hack and has never had an original thought his entire life.  He would not address me other than to dodge the accusations and claim he looks forward to the publicity after I mention his name,  which shows you exactly what he is all about.

If he thinks this is good publicity, then I wish him the best as I’m sure my fellow researchers and fans will make sure he knows exactly how they feel about thieves.

This is what he put as a footnote about me in his JFK paper.  It shows you how scared he is just the fact that he mentions me shows you he is guilty.  He should have never even said my name because it speaks volumes:

†I had thought this paper was first written in 2008 or 2009, since I remembered writing it at my old house. But with some further digging I found the first draft was actually written in December 2007. You can see signs of that in the paper itself, where it says that the event happened 44 years ago. Obviously, I had to have written that in 2007 or early 2008. Within a year or so I had put the paper up on the internet, but I can’t remember if that was 2008 or 2009. I will say 2009. I couldn’t find the paper at the Wayback Machine, which is curious. But regardless, the paper has been up on the internet for most of the past 6 years (not including 2013, when I took it down as a favor to the woman I was living with), but as an html, not a pdf. It was not linked into either of my websites’ index or updates pages, but existed unlinked and unadvertised, known only to those I gave the URL to. I now suspect it was found by some other people, who no doubt reached it using the right search terms. When I first wrote this in 2007, I searched on similar theories and found nothing, so it is curious to find so many now. Those who have promoted similar theories in the past 6 or 7 years may have read this paper. I suspect some or all of them of trying to pervert it on purpose, by surrounding it with noise, which is why I have now linked it into my updates page and gone public. I am sure DallasGoldBug has done this, and the others on youtube and elsewhere may be doing a similar thing. I have no connections to any other person or site promoting similar research into faked events, and do not recommend or trust any of them. I work alone, under my own name, and have a full bio up as proof of my identity. I do my own research, and do not read anyone else’s research going in. I like to look at events fresh, which is probably why I discover things other people do not.

Here is another of his papers that he claims is his original work when really he took the content from a radio show I was the guest on.  He even had the nerve to contact me (before I knew who he was) on youtube and asked for information.   (Didn’t think I would remember Miles did you?)  I remember it, and I remember telling you the information you then turned around and put in your paper.  You are a coward and a thief Miles Mathis.

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