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Bill Cooper Found


Of course connected to the Greenbergs as he is the author of the fake Nazi books about Molders, who was played by Tony Greenberg. The photos and the story are fake and the photos are fraudulent. They have made millions off of unsuspecting individuals who think they are learning about history when in fact they are being conned by this evil family for hundreds of years.

If you would like to talk to him you can reach him at the location below.

Bill cooper Anzeige

It is also possible that he played the role of Jack Ruby in the JFK HOAX.  Jack was played by David Kenneth Ritter, the former Mayor of  Beaumont, TX.  A large number of music legends that played roles in the JFK event were located in and around that area.


Playing the Role Like Many Others of That Tie

I wanted to move this story up to the top because of those who obviously don’t look past the first few stories and continue to avoid the facts of the matter in an attempt to mislead others.  Attacking me personally for presenting the facts of the case just shows your own inability to debate the issue.  OR you just choose to defend your own ignorance instead of seeing the truth.

I can explain the facts to you, but I can’t make you understand them, that is on you. If you choose not to ask questions then again you show your intentions without me having to point them out.



The reason you see them censor the face of Hitler is due to EBAY will pull the auction if it has Hitler on it. They are selling these photos plus many others Online. This is a fraud. See more about tony and his role on his page here.


























I decided to search for Walter Wilhelm

Then scrolled down and saw a face that look like him.

Scrolled down and saw this

Searched for that name and the rest is history.

So it looks like he was using a first name of a friend of his he served with, and a last name of another person in his group. So those two names together were associated with that photo in the search engine. Funny how they slip up and get caught.

As for my phone call with him (link below) it took place around Christmas time. I wasn’t going to release it (because really who cares, but now they sure will.)

You can hear I’m not very thrilled to have to sit there and not call him out for who I recognized him as (at that time only bill cooper, I had no idea about the Nazi history until he slipped up and gave the other name, as you hear on the recording, and today deciding to search for it).

You will also notice I threw in the Bill Cooper name at the beginning to see how he would react. Toward the end he brings up cooper and tries to pump me for the info I have on him. You hear me laugh when he tries to bullshit me and states “he’s not trying to scam me.” That’s the reason why I’m posting this, I don’t like being lied to, so since he is trying to scam me he gets exposed.

Audio is bad in the beginning for a few minutes (while I get the recorder up to my ear and situated) it drops out a couple of times for a few seconds but overall you get the Idea and can hear his voice.

Hear Bill Cooper’s  phone conversation with me click here.

~~~Now for an update. I have been receiving calls from a person calling himself Walter Williams via Skype (Walter Wilhelm). It is clearly the person that is known as Bill Cooper. His voice is clearly identifiable as well is the signature cough he begins to develop as the conversation went on close to 3 hours. This is the last portion of it.



This is the Bill Cooper “Driver shot JFK BS”  you can see his hands and you can see the shine I talk about during the call.

You will hear him persistently push his agenda, which is the Knights of Malta and the Vatican. These two aspects of this entire fight between good and evil may be valid, but when it comes to me and what I investigate, it is not verified able, so I do not discuss it. If I can’t get people to see that the actors from one TV show are the same actors they see on the news playing roles in events that push political agendas then how am I going to get people to understand a group of individuals that may or may not have existed thousands of years ago?

I can’t put them in prison for treason or acts of domestic terrorism, but I can sure expose individuals living today that are part of an organized terrorist ring so that justice can be meted.

See the JFK page for more on this.




  1. yes it sounds like Him, but as You know the best way is to use one of those voice matching software devices . That will prove it 100 percent.

    • You cant use voice analysis since you cannot verify the evidence is genuine and not changed in post production. Sorry but its not admissible.

  2. the guy next to cooper is Chris Wallace from Fox.

  3. Benjamin Davis /

    I would like to contribute more info regarding the JFK plot if you find the time to contact me about it. As I exchanged info with you on FB messenger recently, I must insist that the info I have to share must stay private until I get permission from my living 88 year old mother to do so. I will set up a video recording for an interview on my mother when she agrees to disclose her information. Being near her last stages in life, she has told me that she will make sure what she has to disclose will happen before she dies of old age. And that may still be another decade in her genes.

  4. oli /

    I want to mention I looked up that dollard fellow, at first I got excited, a fifteen year old Tesla, and I see how he could have fooled people with great acting skills and real knowledge of math but i think the “multi-dimentinal math” math is just an act. It appears that he has been outted by several people including his own students, who raised $30000 for him to build a free energy. Alex murkarimi and Eric dollard have since been exposed by enough real people to think they are frauds. Fraudulent free energy is a good meme for the rich right now, though.

  5. RobbyGlasnost /

    This is a groundbreaking information. Thank you Ed.

    • Thank you. You will find that all those alt media characters, are all part of the programming those in control use to keep people fighting with each other about the concepts they present to you. It’s when you stop and ignore the script they present, as well as the script they are part of, and ask who is that person? If they cannot be verified as per who they really are (Birth Name) and are unwilling to subject themselves to be examined and questioned as to who they are, then rest assured they are hiding the fact that they are simply an actor, and you will find their reality will fall apart as they flee. They know the psychology of humanity, they have been around a long long time and know there are questions that humans ask about the world around them. Their understanding of this natural thinking evolution is what they use to hijack your reality by offering all the right answers to all the questions all wrapped up in a nice package, with photos of the boogie man so you can focus your anger on that character they present to you. They know that character or that organization is simply a straw person, that can never be found or held accountable, but you don’t realize that so you will say things like it’s the Jews, or it’s the Vatican, or it’s the Masons. This it the gambit they use to keep people running in circles and never stopping for once to examine who is feeding them the bullshit. If anyone try’s to sell you a solution that exists only in a fictional world, but if you were to bring their solution into a world that is held true to reality y laws and accountability, and the processes for the people to hold those that do them damage accountable. KNOW at that point that they are feeding you crap.

      Cooper is just one of the crap shovelers and is simply an actor. They are all actors and they cannot tell on each other so you will never see them question the pseudonyms identity. They will claim there are actors and Hollywood is scripting reality, but when you press them to tell you who the actors are or who the producers are and name them by name that is where and when you find the truth.

      Just my two cents.

  6. oli /

    Marathon conversation, really interesting, I’m only through the first half and I am glad you posted, what a mind fuuk. Bill cooper is the epitome of disinformation, and proof there is indeed a phenomenon called disinformation. I believe this man is privy to lots of truth which is his main asset in his campaigns, adding just enough to peak the interest of his listeners while leaving them completely in the dark. It sounds to me like in your conversation he was fishing to find out what you know so he can really lead you astray. Im not surprised he persued you after. I will have to check out the dollard fellow. Disinfo about disinfo is also part of the sordid game.

    • I was fucking with him as well. He is not Jordan maxwell, but I wanted him to squirm and react. I wanted to see if it caused him to pause and rethink what he was going to say. It id as you hear him shift thoughts.

      I only wish I caught the first hour of out conversation. I wasn’t home at the time and couldn’t record it until I got home.

      He slipped up in that part as the conversation was via skype and therefore he would have had to know my user name dallasgoldbug to add me on his friends list but he slipped and asked me for my screen name, which means someone else placed the call for him and it was a three-way call.

  7. acacius /

    Glad to see Cooper and Maxwell exposed; seems like they are/were alternative media entertainers (confusion artists) with a different target audience than Alex Jones who seems to appeal to younger people.

    • Yes, I’ve been looking into the person Eric Dollard an electrical engineer that you can view his videos on YouTube. In his videos he talks about the phony people like Beardon, MKULTRA, along with the Philadelphia experiment which are all Bullshit. He is the first one, other than myself, I’ve heard call them all out. They are disinfo agents and are put in place by the Royals that own the multimedia conglomerates that profit from the content they create. They are planting their mind virus in the public perception, that causes them to to be conditioned to believe the unbelievable and to look at the believable as ludicrous.

      • RbM /

        I’m glad you’ve decided to look into Dollard.

        • Yeah at the end of his video he says that Bearden is a fraud and so is a bunch of the other crap coming out of Arizona. The people in his audience were trying to get him to talk about them as if they were legit but he wouldn’t go for it. NOW I will say Dollard does look familiar, and the name is giving me a bad feeling. He could be fake, and I am kind of thinking more and more that he is, but can’t think of where I’ve seen those big ears before. But until I do, I’ll just say on the surface his info is correct. But I’m sending him a letter to questions him, I’ll let you know how it goes.

      • debra yetman /

        Thats the truth in a nutshell~!