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The Royals Attack



Learn how what you think you know about the Royals and our Allies is not what we have been let to believe real.  The Actor based reality and their conditioning is in full swing globally not just in the US  or are we just being shown as the world that is specialized for our eyes only, The same goes for the people of other nations?  Who are the BBG.gov and why does the president of the United States have to choose them while the rest of us don’t even know who they are or what they do…..Read More



Mike McFadden Nathanial Rothschild

The Porn Star Queen

Oh, my I couldn’t come up with this level of crazy-ness, even if you paid me to write it.

It turns out the person I went to Arizona with, Stephanie Sledge, of “The Government Rag” website, which we have also Identified as the Crown Princess of Sweden, plays yet another character, but this one is sure to draw attention.

The Crown Princess Victoria is none of the than Bobbie Lennon Adult film actor. So the future QUEEN of Sweden is a porn star. hahaha. Let’s see how they damage control this one.

Terry Gilliam

Heres Johnny



Lee Iacocca


SISTERS Not Twins 10 years apart

The Queen is Lucy. When in doubt check the spouse.

From Recently Updated





























Prince Michael of Kent

The Royal Jackass

Prince Michaels Daughter

Ladysophie windsor

I love when I’m wrong, but it works out for the better

REMEMBER Lucy is a HUNT family member this is very important as you will see.

Try and tell me that Betty White is not the sister of Queen Elizabeth II. You are foolish to listen to those who bash me and don’t even take a second to make sure they don’t end up looking like fools. But that’s OK with me if the result is they disqualify themselves by acting like children, go right ahead be my guest.  queen-and-her-shill queen's-ear

The Queen Queen Mother and Princess Margaret
The Queen Queen Mother and Princess Margaret


Lee Ann McAdoo
Lee Ann McAdoo is the daughter of Queen Noor and works at AlexJones info wars.com








A direct attack on me. By the Crown.



Mitch McConnell needs to be detained and held for questioning about his status as a US citizens and to find out who Vouched for his Pseudonym use when he ran originally for office.

He is a Royal, and this is conclusive, his wife, an Asian woman, is the evidence that verifies this case.



The Full Monti

The Actor that plays John Cleese is the Prime Minster of Spain.


The Actor that plays Paul Newman also plays the King Don Juan of Spain.


Connection to the Roosevelt’s

REMEMBER LUCY IS A HUNT?  Well here you go.



Winston Churchill also plays a role of Herman William Goering and is also the son of Pres. Grant

Winston Churchill of course play by Lionel Barrymore and was HL Hunt. He also played the role of Herman Goering during the war
Winston Churchill of course, play by Lionel Barrymore and was HL Hunt. He also played the role of Herman Goering during the war


Part 1-3 THE case for CONspiracy EXPOSED


Part 2-3 THE case for CONspiracy EXPOSED


Part 3-3 THE case for CONspiracy EXPOSED




Prince Edward, Attempting to stir up problems in the US, by posing as a fake Russia Today Commentator and reporting false inflammatory news that is intended to cause problems here in the States.

Let me ask you, if a US representative went to the UK and reported a fake story about terrorists there with the intent to do nothing but cause tent ion, do you think that would fly?  I don’t think so.  What is an Iraqi official did the same here would our government turn around and treat them like a terrorist?

You bet they would.

So what’s the hold up here?

Crown princess Mette-Marit and Arch Duke Guillaume of Luxemburg arriving at the wedding dinner of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel.SCANPIXB104245


Steven came to visit me early on when I first started this work. We went to lunch where he played the typical pick my brain to get information as to my next piece.  I wasn’t having it.


Steven Spielberg's father Walter Krupinski a WWII Nazi Fighter Pilot Ace
Steven Spielberg’s father, Walter Krupinski a WWII Nazi Fighter Pilot Ace



Prince Edward
Prince Edward also works for RT news.

prince-frederick chapman_prince

Ruth Paine, Princess Elisabeth
Ruth Paine, friend of the Oswalds, is Princess Elisabeth of Denmark

princeharvey - Copy princess-beatrce prince-joquime

Bruce Payne a.k.a. Princess Elizabeth of Denmark is also playing a role supporting the Hillary campaign
Bruce Payne a.k.a. Princess Elizabeth of Denmark is also playing a role supporting the Hillary campaign

Princess Beatrix, Paula Deen, Tina Towner, Prince Pinard, Builderberg Group
Paula Deen is also a royal as you can see clearly. She also played a role in the Kennedy assassination Oaks as Tina Towner. If we examine Tina’s father, we can see that he is the same as the Princess’s father. He is the person that started the Bilderberg group. So next time you see Alex Jones outside of their meetings. Remember that he is one of them a royal.




Sir Ian Mckellen

Winkler is as close to a Sir as an American can get


Paul Davis Ryan is the 54th and current Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Ryan is a member of the Republican Party, who has served as the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 1st congressional district since 1999. Wikipedia
Paul Davis Ryan is the 54th and current Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Ryan is a member of the Republican Party, who has served as the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district since 1999. Wikipedia

JFK Assassination Exposed II Sect 1-3 ALEX JONES Quits! Alex Jones a ROYAL pain in the ass, literally. The Pope on a rope!   MUST SEE! D2NWO  Harry Link is GEORGE SOROS’ Grandson. jennifer-sanders evelyn-d-rothschild diane-disney wilhelmii grant garymorton desi-arnez-desilu lucyand-brother tex-happy-amry kaybai;y rockefeller redgrave jack-white denmarkroyals slider-6 received_10203089383620335 Jack-Ruby---Dan-Rather---Earl-Ruby---The-Gun-that-Killed-Lee-Harvey-Oswald---CBS-NEWS---JFK-005 texx dan-pratt 

Camilla Parker Bowles
Camilla Parker Bowles is Linda McAvan. And her so-called spouse Paul Blumenfeld is actually her son Thomas Henry Charles Parker Bowles

Sir Evelyn D Rothschild a.k.a. Bernie Sanders a.k.a. Gary Hoffman
Bernie Sanders, more like Bernie Rothschild. But really Gary Hoffman, friends of the Greenberg’s
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Technically these days Parliment declares war. Of course the queen is really not that far behind the scenes as we are told. I think “outing” these frauds and actors is the most important work to do. The “virtual” world they produce for us gets dismantled when we become aware.


The only problem with your argument is the fact that when the queen declares war people die. I was in the military and when I found out the chain of command had been compromised with people who were not who they claim to be I have a big problem with that. If someone is commanding you put your life in harms way and possibly take anothers life, you better believe they better be who they claim. If not, you have no idea who or what corporation they are the mouth piece for. if they want you to kill for a corporation then they better damn well make it clear. It’s all fun and games until the actor gets their birth name plastered all over. Then the accountability gets through their bullshit act. It also gets them when they lose a loved one because of their bullshit.


If you wanted to fool the world you would create counter-imagery and videos to offset any person exposing the lie. I always expect them to play that game but they overlooked the biometrics that cut through their bullshit every time.


Ah, no. Since when did a queen explain anything to her subjects? When did an actor ever explain to an audience? If you bought a ticket for a live show and the actor didn’t arrive, the venue (corporate sponsor) returned your $. She is fulfilling her contract. Millions loved her as “Lucy” and millions love her as the queen. We are the consumers and we are well entertained. That we aren’t getting “what we thought” is not her problem.


This is all really eerie, isn’t it…?

AAAAAAhh !!!



Desilu….In french-des (of the,from the) and ‘ilu’ (illuminate,illusion)



I don’t understand, has Lucy *always* been the “Queen?” Or is/was there ever a real queen? Are all royals in different countries really “Royal?” Or who are they? When did Lucy become Queen Elizabeth and who played Queen Elizabeth before her, or is Queen Elizabeth who she has always been, but stepped away from royal duties to play a comedian in America?? And then why?? I mean, when you see pictures of Lucy as a child and then of QE2 as a child, are they the same child? Who played the queens before her?


Luuuuucy! You got some ‘splainin’ to doooo!!!

Mwa Mwa Mwahahaha!


It’s just that this is so huge! You’re aware that hundreds of thousands of people around the world “worship” the queen–and royal family. This fantasy land is pushed on generation to generation with so called fairy tales of princesses and princes now especially with the help of Disney and all the videos for children. Even American Indians have the Indian princess fantasy. This goes deep into the human psyche. Lifting this BS is gigantic!


What about Lily Tomlinson and partner? No?
Also it would be good to have ear biometrics of
Lucy and Queen Elizabeth. Some photos, yes
Seems to be the same person, other photos not
So easily seen. The ear would prove it.


I remember seeing Lucy in the 80’s and she seemed genuinely unhealthy with a smokers voice. She’s still alive? I think they just keep doing trickery/effects to make it seem that way. I saw one shot of her at jubilee and the husband was a cardboard cut out. Not joking.


Good to see ear comparisons. It’s a match! Now we can simply laugh at the queen rather than bow and scrape. A step toward freedom. We are all equal.

John Donny

Its all in the family. Many of our prominent public figures and officials are either connected by bloodline to each other and their families origins tracing back to the same ancient roots to what we now know as the “middle east” (which consists of Saudi Arabia, Egypt (Khemet), Iran and Iraq, Israel, Libya and Syria, also the places where their current de facto, for-profit-and-control wars are continuing), or are one of the same playing many different roles of individuals and families.

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