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  1. Gail Woodard /

    JOYCEM, I am not with Ed Chinari, (Mispelled sorry) You need to contact Ed about this. I am just an everyday American citizen. I received mine already. If you give him your mailing address you should receive it shortly, as I did after I sent my address info to his email address which is listed on one of the messages above.

  2. Ed still waiting on vid. 3 months now. Dennis Lamond

  3. Maybe if you can find out where Danny Thomas fits in to all of this you may find just a little bit more info as he too was a partner with Arnaz

  4. Waiting on on mine too, hoss. Any word?

  5. I have not received the DVD either.

  6. Gail Woodard /

    Ed, I still have not received the Desilu DVD. I appreciate your work very much. These actors and actresses what ever you want to call them, it depends upon ones belief and the things they have learned. I have learned London represents the financial system, of their so called kingdom, Washington DC is the Military of their Kingdom and the Vatican the spiritual system of their kingdom. There are so many lies, mixed with truth that all of us are at different places in understanding all of this deception. If you can I would like you to look into the so called “Christian” part of all of this. For example We know TBN played a role in promoting the republicans such as George Bush. Then we have Pat Robertson of CBN is related to the so called Queens and Kings of Britain. Then we have Amy Grant professing to be a christian but puts up the Baphomet horn sign at her concerts. Then we have Pat Boone who used to go on TBN is related to Daniel Boone, who is related to queens and Kings. Then we have Keith Green who died in a plane crash in 1982. My question is are these people and others in the so called Christian playing other roles. And did Keith Green have a fake death and he is playing another role. Start looking at the fake Christian side of things and you might come up with some interesting stuff. Who Knows?

  7. now all conveniently dying hellooo george michael (i’ll be your father figure your preacher your teacher??) will be elsewhere and alan thicke now we got carrie and her mom and davie bowie got out fast etc just sayin somethin

  8. Gail Woodard /

    I became an annual member, and if you sent the DVD’s out on the 16th I have not received mine yet.

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