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Wikileaks FAIL

Julian Asange is just another family member playing the role passed down from generation to the next.

Julian Assange is just another family member playing the role passed down from generation to the next.

If you really think Wikileaks is more than a big distraction designed to stir up the drama, so you will stay tuned to the FAKE drama, then you might want to look at the source of the misdirection. Please wake up and learn to put yourself in other’s shoes. It’s the only;y way you will see how made up all this is.  If the law enforcement did any of the things you see on the TV to you  before a trial you would have their balls along with the medias too.  You would sure the shit out of them.

If you were being investigated by the FBI do you really think you would hear about it on the TV?

Do you really think you would be allowed to comment on any legal matters that your legal team would be dealing with?

I mean people, come on!

REALITY is a place where people don’t talk about their case before a trial.

REALITY is a place where law enforcement doesn’t comment on ongoing investigations, especially to tell a person they are being investigated so all their friends can hide evidence.

Seriously the media had taken away people’s ability to think logically.  It’s a fake world that ends when you finally realize you have been scammed and the TV is the root of the problem.

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  1. Osman Konya /

    Amazing ED..
    Thumbs up …!!!

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  3. Roger garza /

    Just saw a documentary on Howard Hughes followed by a trailer for a movie about H.H.
    Like u said, one supports the other. Before 911 a bunch of patriotic war movies were coming out of Hollywood too. Tnx for keeping us aware of the whole scam. R

  4. That Hunt character was also Churchill not so? If ah remember correctly

  5. Vanessa Redgrave as Gloria Steinem?

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