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I Ed Chiarini claim the GOFUNDME reward as well as the reward offered by the police on this FRIDAY AUGUST 12th 2016.


At first I thought…

In Nelly’s defence, she may not even know her image is being used for this fake event.  But even if she did chances are she does not even own the rights to her image or likeness and the media along with her parents are using it as well as profiting from their scam.  As we see the GOFUNDME page immediately went up and started collecting their bonus money because as we all know since there was no murder, the information I am providing them is out of the scope of the reward.  OR IS IT?  Since the reward poster says any information about the above OBJECT (not murder, not leading to the conviction of, not information about a particular person)  but it calls it an OBJECT, I do believe they messed up and legally I can make a claim to their reward.

Then I realized the mother is NELLY with makeup on.  So I take back the nice things I said and will state your own words  “ITS THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD AGAINST YOU”


Ear Biometric matche for Nelly playing the mother.

Ear Biometric match for Nelly playing the mother.

My questions for the NYPD… I know you as a corporation,  know what you’re doing.  But are the detectives and the rest of the honorable members that serve the people with integrity aware?  Maybe you were unaware of the over 50 Dallas Police officers who quit just days before the staged shooting HOAX last month.  Of course, they claim it was due to low pay, YEAH,  not enough to buy their integrity, so they quit.   I wonder how many of your department left because they have integrity?

I hope you are aware that any money you get becomes profit on your quarterly earnings. Come next time around what are you going to do when that artificial bubble that grants money created is not there, and you are facing a loss for that quarter?  I guess you become a slave to the FEDS who are out to undermine your corporation and put you out of business while they (A federal corporation) create a federal police force and YOU WILL BE OUT unless you take pay cuts and become federal employees.  What will it be?  I guess we will find out when I call a detective in a few hours, and we will see just how friendly and receptive they are to this  so called OBJECT as it’s referred to on the reward poster.  



The following is the official version of the event.


Monday, August 08, 2016 09:34 AM

The parents of the woman found murdered after going for a jog in Howard Beach spoke out for publicly Sunday about the death of their daughter, with her father saying “Justice will be served.”

No arrests have been made in the death of Karina Vetrano, 30, of Queens, who left her home for a jog around 5 p.m. Tuesday. When she failed to return, family members reported her missing and started searching for her.

She was found around 9 p.m. in the marshes of Spring Creek Park, off 161st Avenue and 78th Street.

The medical examiner’s office performed an autopsy Wednesday and ruled her death a homicide, saying she was strangled.

Vetrano’s father Philip began the press conference outside the family’s home by expressing thanks to the NYPD, as well as friends and neighbors.

Her mother Cathy delivered a strong message directed towards the killer.

“Now it’s the whole entire world against you,” she said. “The whole entire world knows what a pathetic, puny, weak, piece of filth that you are.. And soon, I know they’re all going to know your face as well.”

Now for the FACTS.
The murdered person is an image of the artist known as Nelly Furtado.
The people playing the supporting actors in the news clips you see on TV are her immediate family members

Parents José Antônio Furtado e Tata Furtado 6-year-old photo November 2010

2011 photo of parents

 The VIP Ticket holder is her mother and the person playing her mother on the news is Nelly.  It also appears that the man holding the mic is her father so that would again fit the rules they operate by and we are looking at her father and mother in the same news clip. We will have to wait and see.

as well as her boyfriend is visible playing a role in the search party.  The person claiming to have met Nelly by way of buying a VIP ticket.  (I say that’s bullshit, and she is her aunt or other relative)
n the news clip we see Nelly’s sister Lisa Anne Furtado 


The bloggers posting

Here is my call to the detective.

So I called back and she answered but couldn’t hear me for some reason.  So I called back again and this is what I get.


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So if I was wrong then why are the actors all now trying to attack me?
Including one City Councilmen’s wife?



OH, AND I HAVE SO MUCH MORE TO POST.  As I’ve said many times on my FB page, people ask me how do I find these fools?  I tell them When you are the shot caller they come to you.  All you have to do is look at the post on Youtube, FaceBook, and this site to see them trying to desperately protect their acting jobs.

Think about it for one second.  If I was so crazy then all it would take is for one of them to present evidence to prove I’m wrong.

They instead choose to throw insults and throw temper tantrums because if they had one shred of evidence ONE SHRED they would have presented it during the past 6 years I’ve been outing them.

NELLY’s Grandfather

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  1. comero /

    what about now?

  2. Nice expose`dude PS:looks like comments r back 2 normal


    Good work Ed.I have been watching this story on The Nancy Grace Show.There is another “jogger”that was killed a few days later and maybe related according to the show.Thanks for letting people know the REAL truth in all this.

  4. Dan Jensen /

    These scumbags have screwed the gullible sheeple out of almost $230,000 on gofundme. Great work again Ed!!

  5. Just spoke with the Sgt on the case and sent him the information.

  6. You are scum, this young lady is my coworkers niece…how dare you!!! Hope you rot in hell!!!

  7. Will the catholics ever wade up…??? Fake priest..??? Really…???

    Go Ed Go… Damn Bru… These people are pieces of sh*t, man…

    As soon as I saw this I knew it was fake because it was in the NEWS…


    • Correct. Since the news is a for profit corporations they can’t show you things they are not going to get a return from. Showing you information about real missing or murdered people gains them nothing for the valuable broadcast time they occupy with the story. They are unfortunately not in business to inform the public they are in business to generate profit. So just keep that in mind with every story you see on their channels. It must generate a ROI or it gets canned.

      It’s not a conspiracy it’s simply business.

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