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John Malkovich EXPOSED AGAIN

  john-malcovitch2   John is playing the role of Astrologer Neil Spencer.  Seen here in the Richard Dawkins interview.      
  Don’t worry Wendy Wright is next. You know her from MANY HOAX events. wendy-write Others involved in that same production with Dawkins… giffords-as-feminist pownstone teller  
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  1. Malkovich is not here never was. The eyes are also roounded in Malkovich , but The other guy has squared eyes, also the chin is not squared, and the mold in his chin is not present, thebags below his eyes are not there.You are wrong on this one man.Sorry.

    • you need to understand the ability for them to use makeup and lighting techniques with lens distortion. Then when you understand that understand the ears are what you use to validate.

  2. that guy is not Malckovich his chin is embedded while he talks and malkovich jaw is squared.

  3. Dude, I have no idea what you are talking about. Stop being lazy and get off you ass and you can see I am easily verifiable. If not through the numerous school photos that go back to 1st grade all the way to illustrating High Treason when I was in 10th grade. Best seller on my 16th birthday. Second best seller at age 18, video documentary with Groden that I sold to Blockbuster for Domestic release at age 20. If you don’t believe me just ask any one of the hundreds of my classmates that are still on my facebook friends list that you can verify them in my class photos. Or look at my military photos and my ugly mug in the Lackland yearbook with my flight. Duh! I’m about as transparent as you can get including arrest records, and supreme court victory Chiarini V. Texas I wish I had siblings, but I don’t. Probably a good thing that there aren’t two of me running around on this planet, ones enough I would imagine.

    • Unblock me from facebook as i don’t like to use fake accounts so once im blocked Im blocked for good. Plus I don’t know if you remember or not why I was blocked in the first place and I believe its because i just started learning about the ABR at the time and i was acting like a school girl groupie and come on too strong i believe i have matured now and i promise to be a good boy if you’ll have me back 🙂

      • Otherwise i have no access to your Facebook page and Im left to my own devices which we can all see already leads me to some rather enigmatic and imo profound conclusions, lol.

  4. Mary Ames /

    So how does he change his chin so dramatically? I can’t do that with my chin for even a second.

  5. Nice work Ed. It took me awhile but I finally figured you out and how you like your coffee. (I only write you here because I want to make sure you read this I shall make my words an enigma to everyone else as to not ruin a good thing)
    I think that you take your coffee with just a little bit of cream, ever so little 🙂
    Look I might just be being a bit of a fart-basket but I’m smart sometimes.
    I think that I finally get it, I finally get who you are and what your about.
    I think that you have a good heart, your incredibly intelligent and you care about this World and how it operates.
    You seem like you have a great family, I know that your younger brother and I have something in common.
    But most of all I like that your different and that you chose to do something new and interesting a great project all up.
    Please email me so that I can chat with you I swear I am never going to share what I have discovered because I admire you and I want this to continue for many years to come.
    I trust that you will write me because you must be fascinated by the one that actually figured it out and that must be exciting, at least I believe that I am the first and only perhaps there have been others perhaps I am the very first 🙂
    I look forward to hearing from you, you can delete this comment after you’ve read it if you like.

    • As I said to you in the email. I don’t have any siblings, I don’t like coffee, I don’t have any family, and I have never seen the movie you are referencing. So you might want to get some rest and go take your misinformation back to those you got it from and get your money back.

    • Got an ear analysis with that, bro…?


      • I never said Ed isnt himself I just said I finally found out who he is there is a difference. I certainly am not paying anyone to do anything. I support Ed’s work I support wellaware1. I am a normal guy Joshua Ball I live in Melbourne Victoria Australia and I certainly have nothing to hide I am with you guys not against you. Please don’t hate on me maybe I used the wrong language in my comment I was trying to speak directly to Ed not make any public claims or anything like that, I’ll sit on what I discovered I will continue to figure it out if I am way off I will let you know.

    • Let’s see…

      Ed is in fact “himself”, but, he’s not who he says he is… You however, know who he in fact is… And it’s not who everyone obviously knows that he is… But, if Ed is really “himself”, as you have said that he is, than how could he be anyone else than who he says that he is…? If he is in fact who he says that he is, that is…

      Is Ed not saying who he is…? Or is he saying that he is someone other than who he in fact is…? But than how could he then in fact be himself…? As you have said that he is…?

      You have said that you have discovered who Ed in fact is, but you have also said that he is also “himself”… Ed however has identified himself for who he is, and you have said that he is “himself”, but you then go on to insist that he is someone other than who he says that he is… And that there is a difference between the two - (1) The Ed that has misrepresented himself and is not who he says that he is, even though he is in fact “himself” as you have said that he is, and (2) The Ed that you have discovered him to be, his true identity, which is not who he says that he is even though it is in fact “himself” as you have said, whoever that is…

      You’re a normal guy, however. Well, that’s good to know. I mean, inquiring minds want to know… Sooo many people…

      Ahhh, never mind! You can delete this comment after you’ve read it if you like.


    • Oh, hey… All in good fun Josh. Right…?

      Just wondering… Why is Ed’s Well Aware 1 link on your Facebook page…?

      Just wondering.


      • Yeah the Batman analogy actually represents quite well what I was referring too as John Wayne is John wayne but at the same time John wayne is himself I am being deliberately vague because as i said this was just a personal thing i wanted to mention to ed and i wasn’t trying to publicly state anything really at all. As for the wellaware1 site been on my facebook, why wouldnt it be there? As I said I support wellaware1 I want as many people to come to this site as possible and anything i can do to help promote ed’s work I will do wholeheartedly. I’m not perfect by any stretch if the imagination but I care an awful lot about the deception, the social engineering and the perception management that is taking place in this World of ours and I will spend my lifetime doing all that I can to expose the average person to this deception I realised just recently that I am probably more interested in making the general public aware so that they can no longer be victims to such shenanigans rather than going after the source itself as that might even play into their game a bit where as if the general public were aware that their is a game going on well then the powers that be wouldn’t have a board to play on anymore.

      • RbM you can add me on Facebook if you like I can introduce you to a decent ABR community that i hang out with, there are a few snakes in the grass but that’s a given when it comes to facebook i accept most people the snakes you have keep close sometimes to keep an eye on what their up to. its like my youtube channel i have never deleted a subscription so to some it may seem like I am all over the place when in reality my youtube history shows my evolution coming through the alternative community until I came across Ed’s work and was from then on liberated from all the fear mongering propaganda that i was once conditioned by 🙂

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