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Flat Earth Debunked

JAN 04, 2018
REALLY?  Is this the only thing you opposition can argue?  (and not well might I add)

Of all the attacks you guys pick this to email me about.  WOW.  My work must really be getting to you.



NO.  So the flat earth claims that they are both close to us and its simply a matter of perspective that causes them to disappear over the horizon is the only question they need to address.

Don’t hold your breath because it will never happen.

We all know that objects that move towards us appear to increase in size and they do.  Objects that are moving away from us reduce in size.  THE SUN AND MOON DO NOT CHANGE SIZE.

Flat earth is debunked with that simple argument.


UPDATE Oct 11, 2016 @ 07:00

As a spheroid, you see the sun for 24 hours.  You can’t if the earth is flat.  This is proof.  So all those who want to question it after viewing this video are either not very bright or in bed with those who are positioned to deceive others for personal gain.

Published on Aug 13, 2015

In the summer time at Scott Base the sun is above the horizon for 4 months, from roughly the end of the third week of October until the end of the third week of February. This shows the movement of the sun over a full 24 hour period near the peak of summer.

A camera was set to take a photo once every one minute and one second (so that the second hand would be moving). Lens was set on f22 to get enough depth of field to have the watch and horizon both in focus. A modified Orion equatorial telescope mount was used to track the sun. Camera and tracking powered by solar panel and batteries.

Case closed!


UPDATE the Royals are behind the Flat Earth push.




See? What did I tell you?  He pulled his video.  COWARDS!  Hey, Prince GO BACK TO YOUR COUNTRY WITH YOUR TAIL BETWEEN YOUR LEGS.  Because that’s about all you have between your legs punk!  Take all your little Royal buddies with you.  While you’re at it tell your family member Prince Alex Jones we the people will be coming for him and all the royals that work for him in Austin soon. 


Here is the above video he just moved it to a different site


Honestly, I cannot believe that I am actually dealing with this topic, but since some fans asked me to weigh in on this issue, I will add my two cents.  Hopefully, this gives you some ground to prove this is nonsense, and the people that are behind it are part of the big scam.

I see it as very easy to debunk simply by the fact that if you look at a tornado in the northern hemisphere and look at a tornado in the southern hemisphere. You will notice something is different.  On one hemisphere, it rotates in one direction, and on the other hemisphere the opposite. If the earth were flat, it would spin in the same direction.

In Australia (The Southern Hemisphere) they rotate Clockwise.   In the U.S. (The Northern Hemisphere.) They rotate counter clockwise. Here is your experiment If you grew up in the northern hemisphere, I want you to picture a tornado in your mind, note how it spins.   It rotates counterclockwise.   Here is a video to help you imagine it.



Proof of a Sphere Shaped Planet

Now watch this video and you immediately feel that something is wrong with it because you are used to seeing the tornado spin in a particular direction your entire life so you will notice it immediately.


This is because we are in different hemispheres of the globe and as a side note, the toilet flush thing that’s a myth.  It only spins like that because of the direction of the water is pushed into the bowl.

More Evidence we live on a spherical planet

Further proof we live on a sphere as you can see the spin of water rotates differently per the hemisphere it’s on.
Thanks to Stef P for the video link.



If some of you were unaware of the fact that NASA is a scam and a huge massive lie, you are in for a surprise.  But don’t believe me,  I will let them tell you that we did not go to the moon. AT 3:05 you will hear him talk about the Van Allen radiation belts. Hear him say “Shielding will be put to the test and Orion cuts through this dangerous radiation. WE MUST SOLVE THESE CHALLENGES BEFORE WE CAN SEND PEOPLE THROUGH THIS REGION OF SPACE.”  There you have it not from me but NASA.  WE DID NOT GO TO THE MOON. (By the way, this is not the only NASA video that says this either)

AGAIN….that video is from NASA.  They lie and with it they steal billions of tax payers money to throw at creating Hollywood productions that are used to con the people out of more money.  Search for astronauts on this site and see the actors you think walked on the moon.


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  1. Like the analogy with the orange. The orange being the earth, if we rotate 360 degrees observing the horizon we would not see a curve it would be mathematically impossible, we would see a straight line. Logic is supposed to be a test for falsehood , and the curve fails miserably

    • Yeah, the orange is a good example. But the one thing that stops them in their tracks is to ask them when the sun or moon rise does it get bigger? Do they get smaller when they set? They have to if its a perspective issue but they don’t so they are wrong about them being close/

  2. It boggles my mind how these FES keep expecting to see a curve on the horizon. One’s logic is supposed to be a test for falsehood. Also the Coriolis effect is something they can’t really talk about

  3. brian hatzer /

    Hi Ed, The infighting your flatearth arguments create seems a lot like what the Royals do to keep us running in place. These  people came to your website because they saw truth there! seems you could approach it another way maybe? Now as for the tornadoes, WE know that the & NASA use the weather as a weapon, they create it and guide it! spinning tornadoes and hurricanes at will. at — — it is explained in detail.Would you please be so kind and check his work out for us who still beleave in your work and tell us what you make of it! to use weather as a weapon allows them to borrow from the fed, sell gas, lumber, home depo wins, steel money with red cross, donations all over the networks! and blame mother nature!!! its a hell of a scam,                                                                                  weatherwar101,con   or you tube as well.    hope you look into it .Brian

  4. I love how the flatearthers avoid the first video on this page like the plague. They cant counter a 360 degree sun.

  5. Amanda /

    Earth can be proven flat 100% of the time every time unquestionably through thermal imaging. Thermal scopes only operate in a straight line and they cannot detect mirages under any circumstance. That means it debunks and destroys the atmospheric refraction argument dead in its tracks.

    Anything we are told is a mirage from “x” distance away can immediately be put to rest with a thermal scope. Chicago skyline 60 miles away over Lake Michigan? Easily proven it’s not a mirage with a thermal cam. That is exactly why you often see people near open water sources with tha de thermal scopes looking across the water. The evidence is so damning in fact that it caused Neil Degrasse to immediately kill a live Q&A period when a caller brought it up. Since then, Degrasse has gone completely quiet. simply, They cannot risk bringing light to the thermal imaging test because anybody can get a hold of them to test it. It literally is the golden dagger that killed the globe.

    the detail of thermal cams is so precise, you could be standing across the water 100 miles away amongst an array of roaring BBQ’s and the thermal cam will easily pick up the fact you’ve wet yourself after you’ve been told you can be seen @ 100 miles away and a thermal pic snapped of your finger up your nose.

    Checkmate, its over people. There is nothing you can do about it because further arguing or debating over it is going to cause more eyes to be drawn to it and the fact the test exists. People can and always will go test the lack of curvature for themselves because it’s quick, easy, and free to do so, as any of the places selling them will let you borrow them for a day. Not only that, thermal scopes can also be found as attachments to smart phones.

    As I said, it’s over shills, checkmate.

    • hahahah you’re funny. You might want to read up on thermal again. While you’re at it look at the first video on this page and then stop pushing your nonsense.

    • You are incorrect as per your math and have no grasp on how large the earth is. But I don’t need to argue with someone who can’t understand what I’m explaining to them. So believe in a 600-year-old theory that has been proven wrong over and over again. Go watch a Foucault pendulum or the phases of the moon and then ask someone to explain it to you. Since you are having a hard time understanding the basics.

  6. Sad. I respected your research but certainly not anymore. Fool. Water does not go down the drain in the opposite direction and the 24 hour sun video you show is the most obvious fake EVER! The directions are behind the mountains and the sun rays do not change. I officially will begin to call you disinfo. Way to blow years of good research. Clown

    • If you think that video is fake, you my friend, are the fool. I wish you well, please don’t let the door hit you on the way out.
      But you might be able to redeem yourself by stating WHY you think the video is fake. AND THE OTHER HUNDREDS OF VIDEOS THAT YOU CAN WATCH.

      • Amanda /

        Earth can be proven flat through thermal imaging. There is absolutely no excuse anymore for anyone to think we live on an all when the test is ridiculously easy and quick to do

        • Through thermal imaging? hahahah do tell. You obviously don’t know how thermal technology works. I used a FLIR many times testing my Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electrode for my patent.

        • If you think that you have no idea what thermal imaging is. You also need to understand there are lunar eclipse which are impossible with your flat earth bullshit.

        • Dandelion /

          There is NO proof whatsoever, that we live on a globe. I suspect WELLAWARE is a gatekeeper now. You guys arguing for a globe, who are you trying to convince????

        • dallasgoldbug /

          You can’t use thermal over the lake.   Try again.

  7. bobby darren /

    Quote by dallasgoldbug / April 9, 2016

    It began when Hearst paid someone to come up with the story and generate content. with it. ITs all the medias doing.

    Dude, to say the Flat earth began with Hearst is like saying the globe began with the Vatican. Flat Earth is older than scriptures and goes back to Enoch and before.

    I think you are a government shill pushing this bullcrap a site that has NOTHING TO DO WITH FLAT EARTH! You don’t talk about ANYTHING ELSE but your typical agenda here and yet you single out Flat Earthers?????

    Yer real scum you know that!

  8. Zachius /

    Hi Dallasgoldbug, I have been following your work for quite some time now and I am marvelling at your research, I salute you man. Please keep it up. This flat earth issue is being attacked by shills to debunk it. No doubt you revealing this actor’s involvement is cause for concern but please take the time to do more investigations, it’s not just as simple as the evidence you provide. I say this with the up most respect.
    I am from the UK and although I don’t watch TV I am aware of most of the American actors you expose. Is it possible you could investigate the UK actors and politicians in more depth. You have opened my eyes and I am now looking at these people in a new light. God bless you man. one love Zachius

  9. Dallas I like your stuff but you should look into flat earth more your tornado and water examples explain nothing regarding the shape of the plane. That’s like saying it’s it’s a globe cuz toilets flush differently in austrailia… granted there are a lot of shills in flat earth. I recommend mathpowerland/youtube: thenasachannel

    It’s not a spinning ball. There is more land. These lizard actors you expose are from across the pond.

    As newton said himself anyone who believes there is a gravitational force acting on everything around them, [atmosphere etc,] is[retarded]. When I think back to my days on the ball, that’s how I feel.

    • No you are incorrect. You must understand WHY the spin is different on different hemispheres. You must look at the work of copernicus with his phases of Venus to know we are not the center of the solar system. THEN you can get your own inexpensive telescope and observe Venus with your own eyes to confirm that infact we are on a sphere that is rotating and revolving around the sun. This is a simple observational situation that is supported by what I have stated above. You dont need NASA to tell you anything. You can see it with your own eyes.

    • Don’t you get it, bru…? We live inside the Earth, not on top of it…! It’s spherical concave.

      Yea, that’s right. And mountains are tree stumps, too…

      Ahhh…!!!!! Hahahha…!!!!


  10. James /

    Water always finds its level and is always flat. Explain how you think the oceans are able to curve around a globe? You can’t find one example where a body of water is not level/flat…!

  11. steve wells /

    all the evidence supporting the earth plane,you debunk it by spin direction! this only confirms it further. most people can`t overcome a lifetime of programming regardless of the facts, So to try and explain these would be a fruitless exercise with individuals that have their emotions guarding the intellect.

  12. And as for the argument that the earth is stationary and the sun moves around it all you have to do is look at the phases of venus and that proves we move around the sun.

    AND observe a pendulum.

  13. andreab /

    “On one hemisphere, it rotates in one direction, and on the other hemisphere the opposite. If the earth were flat, it would spin in the same direction.”

    This is just nit-picking, but if the earth was flat then the direction of a tornado’s spin would more likely be either random or subject to some other variable, and you’d get a mix of spin directions in both hemispheres, probably averaging 50% in each direction. If tornados spun in the same direction everywhere, I think we’d be looking at a new theory - that of a Cylindrical Earth! 🙂

    • Funny but don’t forget the straight down, no spin, on the equator.

    • Plus the flat earthers are so dumb that they don’t even understand how Copernicus verified the heliocentric sun centered system . It’s simple if you have a small telescope and you can see the phases of Venus. Think about it and that tells you we orbit the sun along with the other planets the same.

      • He was a Satanist. How is Venus (a symbol of Lucifer) going to prove this? What about the North star staying in one place? This would not be possible on a globe at 66.6 degrees spinning 1000 mph; going108,000 km/h around the sun. If NASA is all B’S how then can we believe any of their data? This realization is just like the stories and people you expose.

        • Stop acting like a child. Grow up and put down the conspiracy theory bullshit the conglomerated push to you day in and day out.

  14. Johnknott /

    Thought they would of sussed out the space travel (radiation belt)along time ago,it’s like there starting from square one.

  15. Once again I win and cause the BULLSHIT pushers (in this case the royals) to eat their words and they removed their video. hahahah I win again

    • Berta /

      Ah, that was the meaning of the video with the guy saying “I’m done.”
      Also the 2 brief vids show the perception game clearly. Not only is the “monster” distorted with wide angle, almost fish eye lens, his whole stupefied demeanor is so opposite the prim and proper prince. Of course that’s what acting is all about. It isn’t all make-up and face putty. It’s putting on a completely different character. The more opposite, the more confusing it is for the viewer to identify them as the same person.

  16. Berta /

    Perhaps this false flat earth “controversy” has to do with the fake religion vs secular belief false controversy. Only a very small percentage of people on earth ever believed the earth was flat. They were the Europeans who were ruled by the “Holy Roman Empire” and doctrine of the Catholic Church. The Chinese never went through such nonsense nor did the people of the Americas. I’m not sure that the educated Europeans believed the Church’s BS either, but they had to say they did or face the fate of Copernicus and Gallilao. Why is it being raised now? Perhaps to separate the “believers” from the non-believers in some way. More divide and conquer routine. Something shady going in!

  17. Berta /

    Makes me wonder what this flat earth nonsense is really all about. Just another distraction? Yes, the Van Allen Belt has always been an obstacle to outer space flight. NASA “amazingly” overcame it in 1968 with the hoax moon landing and nary a word about how they got through the Belt. That’s because they didn’t. Those in power always think if they ignore certain truths and facts, the public will go along with what they say. We see it again and again with the hoax shootings, etc. they can fool most of the people most of the time but not all the people all the time. As more become awake and aware, this BS will either have to stop or get a lot more sophisticated.

    • I find it so sweet that NASA even admits it in that video and still people want to resist it. Yes I said NASA said it themselves. Come on people wake the eff up.

      • Berta /

        Yes, it is a great find. As you say, there’s more than one. I remember seeing something similar years ago, obviously not in the Internet. When I pointed it out to people their blank stare indicated to me the depth of their programming. DO NOT QUESTION WHAT YOU ARE TOLD! It’s still the same but it is so much easier to show the lies now and to a much wider audience. I just read “History has been weaponized.” That’s what you are uncovering, from JFK fake assassination, fake moon landings, fake “Heroes” (JFK, George Washington, etc, etc). Let’s not forget about the fake recounting of WW2 to fit certain agendas. It goes on and on, back further and further. Yes to the “Holy Roman Empire” and even well before. I’m researching that now.

    • Berta /

      Maybe the flat earth BS is connected to religion/ secular belief false controversy judging from the religious nit wit comments on your FB page.

      • It amazes me that women would be attracted to the bible. Guess they don’t realize that it wasn’t written for them. When it was written they were considered possessions or property, and had no rights nor any platform to say anything or they could get stoned. Deuteronomy (if a woman isn’t a virgin when she is married the marriage is not valid and the husband can stone her to death. Gee sounds like some fun times for women back then.


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