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Publishers Clearing House EXPOSED

It’s one of the age old questions. Are lotteries real? Do real people win the PCH contests? My answer based on the lottos I’ve looked into and the findings that you are about to see on this page, I’m leaning towards NO.

After watching this PCH prize patrol video, it became clear to me that just like any other corporation they are in to make a profit and giving away money does not fit the corporate business, model. Then add the fact that the winner of this 1 Million dollar prize is Dave Chappelle. Using the ear as your benchmark and using the biometric evaluation we can see this is Dave and they are disguising him with facial prosthetics. They don’t however disguise his voice and his body mechanics that are recognizable as Dave. Not to mention the assistant for these Prise patrol videos is Perez Hilton trying his best to look and sound like Jamie Kennedy.

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  1. jaymass144 /

    OMG… Look at the next video where someone named Desire Scudder wins… THAT HAS TO BE CHRIS ROCK playing a woman. THE LAUGH< THE SMILE #WELLAWARE1

  2. emorganschuster /

    Fawk! All those mags I subscribed to hoping to win “My Dream Home”
    I would have subscribed to some of them anyway…just not that many.
    Well, now I have no reason to feel guilty downloading free bit torrents of the few mags I still find interesting .
    I kinda figured I’d never win anything…but I used to believe that someone did.
    Maybe I’d been a winner too if I was a gay black man….like Dave’s character.
    How low you’ve descended, Dave…and a terrible acting job as well.

  3. Awesome work I’ve been waiting for Chapel to show his ugly mug again. woohoo nice one brother. Hey why did you block me on twitter is it because you don’t want to be associated with my twitter account cause I suppose that is somewhat understandable but you should see my tweets to Richard Branson he is in Australia at the moment might go see one of his shows. Who knows if I get close enough I will publicly ask him about his Icke pseudonym persona 😉 p.s if you let me know about twitter I promise I wont tweet your work if you would rather I didnt.

    • If you go to see him make sure you video the meeting or at least carry a pocket recorder to get his response.

      • jaymass144 /

        I just clicked on the link to the next video October23rd… Looks like Christ Rock got his hand in it too, lol. Has to be him, I don’t even know if I can watch a third not sure who I’ll find, lol. Thanks