Behold The Power Of One

The Election That Didn’t Matter.

Possible Scenario:

Trump wins.  They stage an assassination (since there has never been one) then Mike Pence is the president.  Mike being Partick Cassidy (Shirley Jones’ son) and we know Shillery Clinton is Shirley (just look in the front row of any of her speaking engagements and you will see Martin Ingerman (Who is really John Joseph Edward “Jack” Cassidy. Shirley’s dead husband and Patricks father)

Option two

Shirley Jones Cough cough, I mean Shillery Jones, DOH!  Clinton wins.  She is the highest ranking family member and is entitled to the position (so they think) Either way we see the same old family bloodline that dates all the way back to the Roman times.  (You ever wonder why all our national monuments and government buildings have Greek and Roman architecture?  That’s because Caesar is still king.

Option three

TIE (draw) so the media can milk it out even more.

Remember its all about the media conglomerates who control this world.  Whatever will create the most drama they will use.

Just some of those we beat up along the campaign.

pence 150507214411-mothers-day--hillary-clinton-and-dorothy-rodham-super-169 trump3 shirlyjones-and-marty2 shirlyjones-and-marty shirley-jones-marty ron

And Warren and Annette Benning and Warren Beatty

And Warren and Annette Benning and Warren Beatty

ferrage Hillary Calls It Quits! evelyn-d-rothschild

Emperor Wilhelm the second we see has infiltrated into the United States government, along with the rest of the German Royals

Emperor Wilhelm the second we see has infiltrated into the United States government, along with the rest of the German Royals

garymorton queen2 queen3 queens-ear zbig florence Chelsey shilleryclinton received_10208155541031104 Bill Cooper Phone Call 19022951-mmmain sherliy-jones natalee-holloway2 martyliar Channel-Art-Template5 hillarybusted nattely2 Ruth payne-ruth spot-marty marty-sighting2

Hitler was Kermit Roosevelt and the wife validates it

Hitler was Kermit Roosevelt and the wife validates it

tednug columba-bussmh churchillbusted2500 jennifer-sanders clinton-george gary-hoffman-IMG_8637

Paul Davis Ryan is the 54th and current Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Ryan is a member of the Republican Party, who has served as the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin's 1st congressional district since 1999. Wikipedia

Paul Davis Ryan is the 54th and current Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. Ryan is a member of the Republican Party, who has served as the U.S. Representative for Wisconsin’s 1st congressional district since 1999. Wikipedia


Karry Cassidy, founder of Project Camelot also plays the role of the Washington DC police Chief Cathy Lanier

Karry Cassidy, founder of Project Camelot also plays the role of the Washington DC police Chief Cathy Lanier


Brett Greenberg, Donald Trump, Batman movie shooting victim, leader of Hezbollah, Ofc. Deprimo,

Brett Greenberg plays many roles in the deception of humanity

Sir Evelyn D Rothschild a.k.a. Bernie Sanders a.k.a. Gary Hoffman

Hillary Clinton, Shirley Jones, presidential candidate

He received the biometric evaluation of Hillary Clinton and Shirley Jones. By the way of vein by metrics in the back of the hand, we can positively identify them as being the same individual.


Donald Trump is Ron Masack

Here we see the artist known as Donald Trump, who is actually played by Ron Masak. We can further validate this by looking at Ron’s daughter and we can clearly see that that is one of his wives while he plays Trump.


Mark Moses, Marty Ingalls, Hillary Clinton, see Edgar Koop, Shirley Jones, candidate

When you are trying to validates whether or not Hillary Clinton is surely Jones. It is as simple as looking in the front row of the speaking engagements of Hillary, and you will find Marty the suppose it husband of Shirley Jones along with their grandchildren and sometimes one of his friends, who appears to be C Edgar Koop The former Surgeon General of the United States.


Hillary Clinton, Pauline Robinson Bush, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Bill Clinton, Marty

Hillary Clinton also played the role of Pauline Robinson Bush, who supposedly died as a child, but we see the stories that the family did not even grieve that day that the child died, which is typical because she did not die. We also find that Hillary is the daughter of Joseph Goebbels the Nazi from World War II and her stepbrother is better known as Pres. Johnson. Hillary also plays the role of Shirley Jones the actor from the Partridge family TV show

benjamoin-carter horace-g-brown tboon2 Marti-Hearst doesntmatter dexter-lear dexter tedcruz-exposed marki-post brett-tredeau rothchild200_comp Chris Pontius, MTV jackass, Andrew Cohen, Bravo TV, Rep. Tim Huelskamp

Gov. Chris Christie from New Jersey is the actor that played in the New Jersey soprano TV series, Steven Ralph Schirripa

Gov. Chris Christie from New Jersey is the actor that played in the New Jersey soprano TV series, Steven Ralph Schirripa

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  1. Charles king /

    Observation is the only reality. Observation, awareness and focus are all the same. Those of us here who are focusing below the surface of things are on an accelerated spiritual path. When you focus deeply on anything you become aware of it. Awareness destroys illusion. The real you is that awareness. You are not the thinker. The real you is the one that is aware of the thinker.

  2. Charles king /

    As mentioned before with the picture above labeled secretary Clinton delivers, the audience is one face playing every member of the audience. For further proof of that being correct notice the mouse under the right eye of everybody in the audience. But don’t stop there. Turn on the TV or look at any picture, still or moving, and let me know if you ever find the mass media presenting anything that isn’t one face playing multiple roles.

  3. Lyn Utermark /

    Hi Ed,I’m sorry I’m such a cunt.

  4. Charles king /

    Another interesting place to study one face playing multiple roles is mug shots. Check out the current crop ofmug shots put out by the police and sheriff and media of arrested protesters in Portland. They do a good job on the mug shots but compare facial features one at a time from the same angle. Pay close attention to the eyes. I break it down to no more than two or three faces playing all faces. That is how most movies and TV programs break down. But I know from doing this for thirty five years that in most cases and maybe all of them itis very likely that one face is playing all roles. It gets scary when you realize that the top levels of police and sheriff departments are in on it. From what we see already for sure we must surmise that we ain’t seen nothing yet. Nothing is as it seems and that includes what we currently think is for sure.

    • Yes I exposed that a while back as there way of inflating the numbers for more federal dollars. All the jail releases due to overcrowding are fake and those are the names of the fake prisoners they claim to release.

  5. Charles king /

    It is not just happening with crowds and audiences but is standard for movies and TV programs. And you will find it across the board in tv land. Nothing is exempt except possibly sports. You will find one face playing multiple roles everywhere. Train your eye and see for yourself. This grand illusion doesn’t just consist of a family of actors playing certain major roles. The whole damn thing from media is illusion. This curtain is only part way pulled back. Never underestimate these people. Don’t fall for psyop agents and gate keepers.

  6. Makes me wonder about those huge crowds that supposedly gathered for Hitler speeches. If a lot of Hitler footage was shot at Disney’s home in California, might those grainy “newsreels” be Disney creations?
    It could very well be that some crowds that gather to see and hear politicians, or anyone else, are created. Yes, maybe even using the same face over and over in different angles, and such. But ultimately, so what? The real fakery is what Ed is pointing out. The same families keep producing characters whom we believe are leaders of government, military, science, education, etc, etc. That they use various “props” or technology to further the ruse is perhaps interesting but hardly the point.

    • You can see the layering of the same crowds in some of the footage. Much of the aerial photos looking at the japanese ships are fake too. They are miniatures. You can tell by the size of the water droplets as the waves hit the bow. Kamikaze are fictional as well since they used radio controlled planes. Kermit Roosevelt was trained as one of those pilots. They would get the plane up in the air then a chase plane would control it and the pilot would parachute out They could not land them so they would shoot them down or crash them this made for great footage of shoot downs. for the archives.

  7. Charles king /

    If there is anybody out there I say let’s not rush to judgement against the magicians. After all wth else can you do with domesticated herd animals? You herd the dumb asses. And put em to work.

  8. Charles king /

    The curtain being pulled back here at wellaware1 has unimaginable implications should this truth ever get wheels. I see it going nowhere with mind controlled humanity. Never underestimate your enemy. I bet the magicians have this curtain well covered and been waiting for it to open for some time. It’s all illusion. What else would you expect in a virtual reality. And I hesitate to call the magicians the enemy even tho they do seem to have some antihuman tendencies. Just from what we see so far these ‘folks’ are way way ahead of us commoners. You got to admire them. Must be fascinating to be them. They do need their asses kicked for making such damn fools and idiots of the rest of us.

  9. Charles king /

    Walk your path destroying one illusion at a time. Nothing is as it seems.

  10. Charles king /

    Wellaware1 has pulled back a major curtain so weird that most people won’t believe it if you walked them thru the whole thing. We should consider two things. This is runbelievably huge. World changing on a level never seen. But it doesn’t matter because the control is set deep. And in the greater scheme of things we have never discussed anything that matters if we have ever even thought it. And second , if the magicians have pulled off this much illusion what else is illusion that we don’t see. Probably all of it.

  11. Charles king /

    Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him to compare facial features one at a time from the same angle and he will see that ALL the media is fishy.

  12. Ed-
    If Masak is playing Trump, I find it likely that Kelly Anne Conway is an insider and a stage name also…my question is who is she? Same woman who plays Donatello Versace???

    Something about Conway’s features looks familiar.

  13. Charles king /

    I don’t know exactly what your job is because you have exposed the game but insist on staying in that box. The box is much bigger than that. And you know it. You can’t be this good at what you do and then not be able to see what I have pointed out. And I realize that your response is not really for me but for others who might listen to me. You know you can’t lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock n roll.

    • Take your meds, and please move on. There is nothing for you to see here. You obviously know more then me but yet you haven’t done anything about it. So what good are you? You sound like Brett Greenberg. I’m not wasting any more time with you so I wish you the best and let us all know when you beat your boogie man.

    • Additionally, looking at all your comments, I have addressed every one. So me saying if you feel otherwise to please be specific, is addressing your question. But you seem to think that me asking you to qualify your question and be more specific so I can accurately address whatever it is you are asking, is viewed by you as me being evasive?

      I think you really need to check your attitude at the door and BE FUCING SPECIFIC with any question of ACCUSATION you should have. Be careful I’m a real person and I do sue those who cross the line.

      Every time I’ve sued they settle outside of court. So if you want to be the next then please by all means accuse me of committing a criminal act.

  14. Charles king /

    I have no complaints with what you see. It is what you claim you don’t see that gives you away. What I have not accomplished has nothing to do with the fact that one face playing multiple roles is standard for the media. It is in every movie and TV program. You are responding to me like a psyop agent. I will tell you right now you are smoking me. And if you can’t handle the truth ban me. Address the points I brought up specific to the pictures I used for examples from your own site. And don’t tell me to point that shit out again. It is right here and you just walked right past it. I have been fked with by tons of psyop agents when I present these facts. And it feels the same with you.

  15. Charles king /

    You rarely compare facial features huh? That explains how you have missed so much or are you some kind of gatekeeper? The stuff you present seems right on but wtf is really going on with you.

    • Hummm sounds like you have a little issue with your inferiority. The fact that I have shown you over 6000 investigations and NO ONE OUT THERE COMES EVEN CLOSE. But yet WHAT HAVE YOU DONE WITH THE INFORMATION YOU CLAIM IS CORRECT? Nothing. That’s what I thought, since you are not effective with the ones you have I suggest you not come back to this site since you will just be wasting others time having to respond to you.

  16. Charles king /

    Goldbug, I have given you numerous examples from your own site using pictures that you dragged here. Ray Charles could easily see what I am talking about. With your experience you damn well see what I am pointing out. Et tu brute.

  17. Charles king /

    Pictures of audiences and crowds expose the ruse of using one face to play all or multiple roles. With a picture of large groups the magicians basically have two choices, they can present a group such as an audience all looking at the same thing exposing many faces from the same angle or show their faces looking all different directions making it appear more unreal. Often they say screw it all and show us just the back of the head. When you find a picture that doesn’t allow you to compare facial features you know what’s up. Once you get on to this you will find several tactics used constantly to blind you. Practice comparing facial features one at a time from the same angle. It teaches you to look deeper. Also, you learn to see what is the same instead of allowing the magicians to divert all your focus on what is different.

    • Rarely do I compare facial features because you dont know the lens they used to shoot the images therefore the lens distortion causes problems. The Ear biometric forensics is the only way to go that is court certified and accepted .

  18. Charles king /

    Look at the audience in the spot marty picture. Look real close. One face is playing every member of that audience.

  19. cecelia /

    They would need to tell some major lies concerning ages because Shirley Temple’s birth year is 1929 and Shirley Jones gives her birth year as 1934.

    • Its called a range, that an actor can pull off. I’ve seen far worse. Plus Shirley’s daughter is a makeup artist. But that is nothing since the dorsal hand vein matches so I really dont care what they tell you.

  20. Ed,

    I was just wondering if you have ever considered the “handedness” of the various Presidents in your evaluations…???

    JFK and Carter were both, ‘right-handed”…

    Left handedness is in only about 10% of the general population, but every President for the last thirty years has been left handed, except George W. Bush…

    Just wondering…


  21. Charles king /

    Look at picture above dated 12-29-07. Look at the crowd behind her. Notice boy with baseball cap lower right of picture. Above him and to his right is a lady sitting beside lady with camera. In upper left of picture is aguy with only left half of his face showing. Cover everything but the left half of those three faces. Looks like a match to me. And there are other matches in that audience also. Nearly every audience and crowd presented by the mass media has one face playing all members of the audience and crowd. And that is just the tip of the iceberg.

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