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Cop Murders Philando Castile HOAX




Bobbi Kristina Hoax

  1. All you need to know is when you are placed under arrest, the handcuffs are put on you and your personal belonging are taken from you, ESPECIALLY a cell phone that is a piece of evidence.    So the fact that she still has hers means this is yet another fake creation by the same individuals I have been exposing.
  2. If you think blood looks that red, you should spend some time in a hospital ER observing.  FAIL.
  3. The child is not crying after they claim 3 shots are fired into the car.  That’s laughable!
  4. The video starts after the alleged incident, meaning instead of her attending to her boyfriend OR comforting her daughter, she pulls out her phone and logs into Facebook and starts to stream video. hahaha such bad acting.
  5. CODE word Rose.  (You know what that means if you are a member of this site)


It’s also amusing to note she states they had some “weed” in the car.  At what point was that discovered before or after the officer asked for the ID?

That is a rhetorical question because I have explained numerous times on Radio shows that the objective of these productions is to get you wrapped up in the crafted script.  They create them with the intent to touch on emotional topics or to get you wrapped up and lost in the nonsense which then gets you committed to their mind game when you really should have stopped and taken a step back to view the logical conscripts.  Once you view it from that critically thinking perspective you will see the mistakes the producers have made allowing you to say with certainty this production is a HOAX.  

Anyone wanting to argue that must present evidence countering the points I made and those who attempt to by means of mud throwing or name calling forfeit being taken seriously.

As you can see in the comments I like leaving those comments in because it makes it easy for us to see we are correct and the opposition have nothing but childlike bullying tactics to fight with.   So they will get spanked just like a child who misbehaves should.

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  1. Zeej /

    Ok so I do have some doubt about this one only because she was allowed to keep her cellphone and doesn’t really seem to phased by what happened? I think she’s far too composed but I think everyone is different and maybe she’s used to shootings.

    The little girl was taken out of the car and comforted,thats why we don’t see her crying and I’ve seen blood as red as this before. It’s when it dries that it loses its vibrant color. Also, people do favor each other but you’re saying Henry Louis Gates Jr. Is Philandro’s father? That doesn’t seem right.

    But still this video does look strange and if it isn’t real Philandro’s is a good actor because I really could see death in his eyes.

  2. I read several accounts that the family (mother) was never allowed it identify the body. It was a strange comment since he was shot in the arm and not the head. anyone see the casket?

  3. Dr.T /

    Hey Ed-Were The Windows ‘Up’In This Vehicle While The Cops Allegedly Shot Him? If That’s The Case I See “No Damage” To The Glass??

  4. Aimee Jacobs /

    Ignorant, you say? How many of you were physically & personally there to witness this crime? I know the victim’s girlfriend, Diamond and this bullshit you are spreading is completely untrue. Seems to me that the people who are giving their opinion this matter, are just as guilty of fueling the fire and enjoy being fallaciously fanatical. I find this act completely detestable and you should be ashamed as human beings by laying blame on the victim. This family has lost someone they love, no matter your ‘opinion'(which is all this garbage is) performing this cruel action is beyond reprehensible. What is wrong with you? This family is in mourning and it is more real than you will ever know. Truthiness- The quality of seeming or being felt to be true, even if not necessarily true. Believe all you want that this is a ‘conspiracy’, you are a sociopathic and heartless.

    • There are no laws being violated here, so there’s no “conspiracy” as you say. That’s just the problem. There is nothing illegal about lying your ass off to the American people in front of a camera.

      I don’t know who you think you ‘know’ but you have been lied to. Nobody is trying to hurt your feelings, O.k.?

      Truthiness…??? Really.? Try Truthfulness…

      truth·ful·ness - ˈtro͞oTHfəlnəs/ noun

      The fact of being true; truth.

      “We have had to judge the truthfulness of the evidence” the fact of being realistic or true to life; realism.

      “Truthfulness of her playing of an aging American spinster”

      Much Love,


      • Aimee Jacobs /

        No, I meant TRUTHINESS, it is an actual term added to Merriam Webster and Oxford English dictionary, I am not a moron. And I know the family, so I DO KNOW that is in fact a real murder. I chose to use “truthiness” instead of the standard, truthfulness, because this story is completely fabricated anecdote, that has no factual support, it is someone’s opinion. However, no matter how untrue, people will credit the opinion because they choose to remain ignorant and paranoid. I am very educated and I also research & think for myself. My life is not driven by sheer ignorance or Schizophrenic delusions. I am NOT a Democrat either, police brutality, incarceration and our legal systems are completely failing a large majority of our citizens. Read some EDUCATIONAL statistics, a random blog is not a great source of “TRUTHFULNESS.”

        • You obviously need to turn in your SAG card because you suck as an actor. Bobbi Kristina Brown, take you Invisalign gap back home and tell the rest of your clan we will be coming for you all soon.

        • Aimee Jacobs /

          Like I said, people will believe what they want, regardless of the actual truth. It is easier to have someone tell you the “truth” as opposed to actually being a free thinker and reading for yourself. I could care less what you think, I basically came to say my piece because I am sick of seeing these disgusting lies spread on the internet because they have nothing better to do than be fucked up assholes. From your comment, I guess you thought I was black? I went to school with Diamond in Indianapolis, dipshit! LOL
          It sounds like you should go acquire some more book learnin’, that way you can respond like a human being, instead of a moronic supremist. “Tell the rest of your clan we will be coming for you soon.” Try taking am English class because you suck at your so called natural language. I know 5 year olds with better grammatical structure and PUNCTUATION. They know what a RUN ON sentence is, which I’m guessing you don’t.
          Have a wonderful night and go grab some new books, it might help when you want people to take you seriously..You are a prime example of someone who would believe everything that was told to you because they tell you what you want to hear.

        • Phillip Jermakian /

          Always amazing how someone who knows the families makes it to some video with 300 views on it.

        • SO you went to school with Bobbi Kristina Brown then. SO I’mm sure you have your yearbook, so let’s see her photo since you went to school with her.

    • You’re dumb. just like all the other fake shooting in Dallas and in Orlando. These people did it along with BLM to get money and take away gun rights. This is stupid. No this mother Freaker never got shot. To much lack of information. Reversed camera image also shows her exiting the wrong side of the street. The cars behind her confirm its bull crap and her hands show in the back seat of the car. Do you know how much your blood raises and how hysterical a person gets in these situations? Not even the baby was crying. Fake shit, so if you know them tell them we said . You guys suck at acting that’s why you were never given a chance before. And also tell them fuck you for trying to get us divided bastards. traitors

  5. Bluegill /

    If you look into the Castile family they have a whole back story in place…… look up Ashley Castile….. she’s supposedly his sister. …we all know her as tiara Parker in Orlando

  6. Dawn Lewis /

    So staged…stop being so gullible you dumb Americans!

    • Uhh that goes for both sides of the pond. 7/7 hoax with the Monty python, and Patton Oswald and his wife playing victims. Just go to the 7/7 page and you will see all the other actors. So its not just America.

  7. Awodjobi /

    I believe live feeds flip images. Also you have to be under arrest before your things are taken, this is a traffic stop, the kid not freaking out….people do not react to trauma the same…I’ve seen more than my share of death growing up in Detroit and working in the medical field for 9+ years, etc….I am not saying believe the media or anything, but really learn how to scrutinize information and think critically before you start with the theories.

    • No. When you are in hand cuffs you are patted down and your cell phone is taken from you. This is done to preserve the evidence.

      • Aimee Jacobs /

        It was a “traffic stop” while she was filming, she was NOT under arrest until she vacated the vehicle. So that is why she was able to take video on her phone (evidence). And many cities use front hand cuffs, but I believe it is when the suspect is not considered a threat.

    • Uhhhh I think your kid would be freaking out having just watched a person sitting a few feet in front of her getting shot three times. The gun alone would scare the kid to the point of hysterics.

    • Aimee Jacobs /

      I absolutely agree! I am trying to figure out the right way to react to trauma, so I can do it properly and without criticism. They are calling her a liar, but the cops ALWAYS tell the truth. Right? I have worked in healthcare for nearly 15 years and his blood is completely real, it is amazing to see how many people were at the actual incident. I wasn’t aware that so many people on this thread and the storyteller, actually saw this. I wish they would have gotten the full video, so we could see everything that happened as soon as they were pulled ove. You are correct in the matter of confiscation of person items when being arrested and from everything I know, they were told that they were pulled over for a broken tail light, but the story suddenly changed to Philando and Diamond being “suspected” armed robbers? All black people look alike, I guess? And the fact that Diamond was smoking Newport’s is being theorised because the actual armed robbers stole cash register and Newport’s , so they must be guilty. Do you think that ANY officer in their right mind would approach a suspected armed robbers vehicle without backup? Really? These “death hoax” stories are just a place to fantasize someone elses tragedies because they have no life and apparently no morals. I just can’t believe people, it amazes me to see how truly apathetic this whole world is/has become. If anyone from this story was able to catch the full incident, please post. That way you can educate the rest of us on what the real TRUTH is, since you were obvious witness and have the ultimate knowledge.

  8. Who’s filming while she’s talking? The phone pans to the left and she says that’s the officer that shit my boyfriend the heavy set guy. It couldn’t have been the child she wouldn’t have known to pan like that while her mother was talking. I thought that was a bit strange.

  9. Desiree /

    Her asking where her kid is or do you got my kid, when her kid is obviously in the officers arms she’s facing. Then she is told turn around. So she should have known, they were in front of her. Also when did the child get taken out of the car, I didn’t see nor hear it. And if police had just killed someone infront of me, I sure am not moving my hands anywhere. Yet she is able to film after he’s shot. The video appears to pause as well, on facebook live, I’ve not seen that option. Also if a stranger was shot and killed next to me, I would be hysterical.

  10. Dzik Siemienski /

    The Steering wheel is on the wrong side ,this would be normal in the U.K but in the US Philando is on the passenger side and the steering wheel is where the girlfriend is . Is the video somehow reversed ?

    • RbM /


      See my comments below. I think I have determined that the video was inverted before it was released to the networks…

      It is in fact an American made car. Notice that everything is “on the left side” in this video - passing cars, stop sign, etc…

      Why they did this…??? To see if we are paying attention…? To shove it in our faces…?

      I kept looking at this video and something just didn’t seem right about it until I finally saw that the steering wheel was on the wrong side…

      Kind of reminds me of when Ed discovered that the Hitler house was Walt Disney’s house. The photo there was flipped and inverted to try and mislead an unwary observer. Then comes Ed…


      • Philip Kimbrough /

        I have seen cars with steering wheels on the right like that,not many,they r made fpr mail delivery

      • Aimee Jacobs /

        And btw, the blood is also not fake and it doesn’t appear that way at all. I have for worked in healthcare for nearly 15 years and have seen more than my fair share. This is yet another example of “TRUTHINESS.”
        Have a great night

        • Tell Bobbi Kristina Brown we all said hello.

        • Awww look at Aimee, what does that say MEDIA PRODUCTION? Oh you get a BIG FAIL

        • Aimee Jacobs /

          Who’s profile is that?! It’s not mine! Hahahaha!
          You really are ignorant! LMAO
          Just because my email contains the name Worley, doesn’t mean that last name! Hahahaha
          And I don’t live in KY, I am in a total different state. Bless your little heart, Dallas. Nice try though!

        • And no I didn’t think you were black (like I care) But I’ll be waiting for that high school yearbook photo of her. And make sure you include the whole page not just her little photo

  11. Scott Brouse /

    It’s probably no coincidence he is wearing a plain white t-shirt to show off the blood more

  12. markat /

    also help me with how spazzy the cop is & calm she is…soap operas are better acted this is ridiculous

  13. RbM /

    ED..! I just realized that this video of the “shooting” shows a car with the damn steering wheel on the wrong side a the car for one driven in the United States…??? What the hell.?

    When was this video produced anyway..? Or better yet, where…?

    Am I seeing things, bro…?? These stupid ass people can’t even get a car with steering wheel where it’s supposed to be..?? Awh, man…

    The dude gets shot on the shotgun side of his ride, but that’s where the steering wheel is… AAAHHhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! I’m sorry.


    • RbM /

      Can’t stop watching this. It looks like the cars that are going by in the video are on the left side of the road… And what looks like a stop sign is on the left side also…

      Am I losing it here or what..?? This video wasn’t even ‘shot’ in the United States, Ed.! Good grief… They’re doing this shit on purpose just to see if we’re paying attention..? Oh, wait it’s the illuminati! Because they do everything backwards..! Hahahah. I’m sorry. You should ban me, really.


  14. Nina /

    One of the first things she says is, “they killed my boyfriend.” When he is moaning and moving beside her, then she catches herself? She starts saying “please don’t tell me he’s dead, please don’t tell me he’s gone.”

  15. Geewhiz /

    I absolutely knew this was a hoax as soon as I saw it! i mean, the cops not only let her videotape everything, but did nothing to give him emergency attention, and she continued taping after being put in the cop car, after she said she dropped her phone? What did the nice cop handcuff her in the front and hand her the phone back to continue? Total BS!

  16. John /

    Yeah i knew it was shit as soon as it was released
    And that blood stays bright for too long
    The productions are slipping ed
    Anyone know the boyfriends name? Haha

  17. Rose Patton /

    you cunts are sad, get a life.

    • Those who are not intellectually capable of presenting an argument resort to name calling out of desperation. So thank you for making our understanding about you clearer.

    • Also, AGAIN the use of the code word ROSE gives you away. Members of this site know your key phrases and where they originate. So save your attempt to push your drama, because we are not your target audience and will stand up to you and aggressively pursue you legally. I’m surprised you didn’t include your go fund me page in the video. hahaha

    • ALSO note that Gimmick4life(youtube) is the same person as Rose Patton. This fool doesn’t know they have the same IP address. Therefore making the case for me by their own ignorance. DOH!

      • rox /

        They believe in giving clues, just so you know. they believe in doing that; they have wierd occultic rules. Im not saying they arent a bunch of dumbasses who didnt cover their IP’s; they probably DID forget to cover it.. but just know that they DO believe in giving out clues to the intelligent.

      • rox /

        She doesnt have real emotionsal responses.. as if shes rehearsed it

  18. Guess what her boyfriend’s name is…’my boyfriend’..Ahaha wat bullshit

  19. RbM /

    YEA, and these Haters of God are using the Name of Jesus to perpetrate their Hoax…??

    Please pray for us..??? Really? Yea, that you repent! Hahaha…

    Same shit in Baton Rouge on the 6th, man.

    Maybe Trump’s little girl will be Vice Pres. afterall… I’m sorry.


    • RbM /

      The lawyer in the Baton Rouge, Louisiana hoax shooting of Anton Stirling is representing who we are told is the mother of the son of Anton Stirling (Quinyetta McMillion). This lawyer is the same lawyer in the South Carolina hoax shooting, his name is Chris Stewart.


      Louisiana is the first state to offer hate crime protections to police officers…

      The ‘timely’ and carefully orchestrated video of the Baton Rouge hoax shooting is no accident either…


      “”That video, which caused nationwide outrage after it went viral on social media, was actually filmed by a member of an organized group that specifically seeks out violent crimes using police scanners with the intention of filming them, not for the purpose of exposing police but to deter young people from crime.

      Early Tuesday morning, members of the group, called Stop the Killing, followed a call they overheard on police scanners to the Triple S Food Mart in Baton Rouge. There, they filmed the shooting that has created a nationwide furor.

      The group’s founder, 43-year-old Arthur “Silky Slim” Reed, made the decision to upload the video of Sterling’s shooting on social media Tuesday afternoon.””


      The corruption in Baton Rouge Louisiana is the perfect arena for this and all the other hoaxes that happen there…

      Can’t go into it all here, but know this - We know that what is going on in Baton Rouge and who is behind it…

      Thank You, Ed.


  20. genghis urich /

    I live in Minneapolis, and was waiting for u to expose this bs…

    • I was just notified of it this morning by an ignorant now ex-friend. She won’t see this because she only reads things she writes and disregards anyone who is able to critically think because logic is not her forte.


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