The Queen Is Missing!?

By now most everyone has seen the photos of the person said to be Obama’s mother posing nude, but did anyone stop to look at the woman that’s with her?


When was the last time anyone saw the Queen?

Was it just after I released the story below on Dec 13, 2016, @ 02:40?  

Did she not make her appearance for Christmas? or any holiday event this season.  Did I hit a cord that was supposed to remain a secret?  Hmmm I think I’ll have to do some more digging because their actions speak volumes.

Lucille Ball NUDES?

Dec 13, 2016, @ 02:40?  

By now most everyone has seen the photos of the person said to be Obama’s mother posing nude, but did anyone stop to look at the woman that’s with her?  she looks very familiar and might have some splainin’ to do!

I’m looking for more photos of the woman with Obama’s mother.  But if that is Lucille Hunt Ball, I can fill you in on details that would make a lot of sense.

o we find out she is supposedly The wife of Lenny Bruce, Honey Bruce. She has a sister Virginia that we are still trying to track down.  Interesting the connection to Lenny and the comedy scene as I have stated before Obama is the son of Richard Pryor,




You think that’s a coincidence?  Come on now.  The first reporter that asks a question is from Hawaii then the next is from Chicago.

Hawaii is where Obama grew up and the same place Honey is said to of died on (age 78) in Honolulu.

Guess who's Grandfather was a Hearst?
Guess who’s Grandfather was a Hearst?



and O’s mother is the child of Media Mogul Hearst who’s Mistress (I believe was really his wife playing the role) daughter.  Hearst was know to back her comedy club ventures and this is easily how we see the connection. 

Pryor’s people acknoledge he got a 16 ear old girl pregnant and she kept the child but they wont say the names of her or the child.  then I saw this on her bio…

Harriet’s unstable home life led to rebellion, and she started skipping school and staying away from home. Eventually she ran away from home with a female friend and two boys to nearby Toledo, Ohio, and from there, the four teenagers decided to go to Florida. The boys hot-wired cars to steal transportation, and soon they arrived in Miami where they rented a room. To earn money to support themselves, the girls answered an ad in the paper for showgirls; Harriet was hired to be a topless dancer, but her friend was deemed not pretty enough and so was given a job as a cigarette girl.

Once Harriett had earned enough money for the group to continue on their journey, she quit the dancing job, and the group planned to move from Miami Beach to Palm Beach. The two boys she was with had enlisted in the army and were “sowing some oats” before heading to basic training for World War II. One of the boys raped Harriet while she was sleeping, which she shrugged off as “the way things were”. Harriet’s friend left the group and went home to Detroit.

With Harriet and the two boys in need of more money, they decided to break into a vending machine. They broke out the glass and managed to get cigarettes, candy, and cash into their pockets and escaped on foot into a nearby orange grove, but were caught by police. Once in custody, it was established that the group was responsible for several cars being stolen in addition to the theft, and Harriet was sentenced to one year incarceration at Florida State Prison.

After her release, she worked as a successful stripper in Miami under the name “Hot Honey Harlow.”[4]

Could it be that Richard was one of the boys?

Remember the connection to Desilu Production and CBS as well as all the school shootings.  If you are not familiar with what I’m referring to you learn all about it with the latest DVD production that I am releasing this week.

Template-101-CD-DVD-Disc-Face ted-bundy

Know their connection to Sandy Hook


Know their connection to Columbine

And how do we confirm this?
Simple here is his Nephew standing right behind him.


The family is all there.


John Astin playing the Columbine sheriff  Behind him are his sons McKinsey and Sean, and alongside him the actor that plays Gomez Adams in the recent tv remake of the Adams family the same role John played in the original.




AND if you didn’t know.  From the Queen of Comedy to the Queen of England she is still pulling the strings of this nation.

queen-mother queen2 queen3 queens-ear queen-of-comedy

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  1. Apparently they don’t give a damn if they whore themselves out to/or as tyrants and fuck around with the whole of history & humanity BUT they’ll get All Embarrrased if their HooHaa gets exposed Ahaha real fukn assholes

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