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The Planet Is Not Flat. End of Story.

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My goal a few months ago was to find simple observable evidence that could prove without a doubt that in fact, we are on a spheroid shaped planet.
Flat earth

Flat earth


Some points that Flat earth people will not discuss are as follows:

1. If we are the center of the universe and the sun and moon spin around over us how are lunar eclipse possible?

2.  Why can’t the people in the southern hemisphere see the stars that the northern hemisphere people can see?

3.  How is there lunar phases?

4.  How is it that Venus has phases?

5.  How is it that the stars when viewed from the Southern hemisphere rotate in the opposite direction as they do in the Northern hemisphere?

6.  IF the sun and moon were spinning around above us they would have to appear small then grow in size as they get over us then shrink again as they move away.  They will show you a cloudy photo of the sun appears to do this but that is due to the clouds.  they will never show you the moon because it does not start out small on the horizon and grow and it gets closer then get smaller as if moves away.

7.  The big one is this.  We can predict where planets are mathematically and you can then view them with the telescope.  We can predict eclipses, we can predict phase changes and where satellites orbiting other planets are with math then go observe them right where they are supposed to be.  The is what’s called a model.  This model works now and works for all the astrological events in the future, do you know why we can predict this?  Because the model is accurate and we know by observation which is something the flat earth people will refuse to even look up in the sky and realize their model cannot predict anything because it has nothing to base its existence on and cannot tell us the locations of other planets because their model does not work.  That’s why it was thrown out so long ago.

What you are seeing is a push from the religious folks who are trying to bring the focus on man and god.  You can tell these folks are those people just by how they argue.  They spout off nonfacts because they can’t grasp concepts that are larger than they are.  So let them cry and throw tantrums.  Those of us who are smart and can comprehend the scientific data don’t have to worry about the actors that they use to try and attack us with.   We see through their masks and will be bringing their game to an end soon.

Not that the people who push the flat Earth Bull will shut up after they see once again the facts that are easily observed with their own eyes. But I’ll let you see them cry all on their own as they throw a temper tantrum knowing their game is over.  We know they are being paid by the Royals who own the media who profit from the propagation of the lie when you buy their books and video along with watch youtube clips with banner ads on them.

We know they are being paid by the Royals who own the media conglomerates who profit from the propagation of the lie when you buy their books and videos.  Every time you click on another youtube video link you are providing them a profit.


My goal a few months ago was to find simple observable evidence that could prove without a doubt that in fact,  we are on a spheroid-shaped planet.

The fools pushing the flat earth crap won’t let you use facts like Copernicus and the phases of Venus to prove the point.  since they seem to think because Copernicus was a mason that the facts somehow don’t add up.

So I kept looking for evidence that could be evaluated by the average person without any special equipment. Then I realized observable evidence is the fact that tornados on the northern hemisphere spin opposite of those in the southern hemisphere

I see it as very easy to debunk simply by the fact that if you look at a tornado in the northern hemisphere and look at a tornado in the southern hemisphere. You will notice something is different.  On one hemisphere, it rotates in one direction, and on the other hemisphere the opposite. If the earth were flat, it would spin in the same direction.

In Australia (The Southern Hemisphere) they rotate Clockwise.   In the U.S. (The Northern Hemisphere.) They rotate counterclockwise. Here is your experiment If you grew up in the northern hemisphere, I want you to picture a tornado in your mind, note how it spins.   It rotates counterclockwise.   Here is a video to help you imagine it.


Now watch this video and you immediately feel that something is wrong with it because you are used to seeing the tornado spin in a particular direction your entire life so you will notice it immediately.

This is because we are in different hemispheres of the globe and as a side note, the toilet flushing thing that’s a myth.  It only spins like that because of the direction of the water is pushed into the bowl.


Side note.  If ANY of the bottoms of the buildings are obstructed by water that means there is a curve.  According to flat earther people, water finds its level, so ANY curve proves them wrong.

More Evidence we live on a spherical planet

Further proof we live on a sphere as you can see the spin of water rotates differently per the hemisphere it’s on.  Thanks to Stef P for the video link.

The next post I made

UPDATE Oct 11, 2016 @ 07:00

As a spheroid, you see the sun for 24 hours.  You can’t if the earth is flat.  This is proof.  So all those who want to question it after viewing this video are either not very bright or in bed with those who are positioned to deceive others for personal gain.


After putting some more thought into this situation it suddenly hit me.

If you are standing in the Northern hemisphere at the same time a person is standing you the Southern hemisphere and you both look at the moon.  What will you see?  You will see the moon from the perspective of that hemisphere and that means the moon will be flipped or opposite from the other person’s perspective.

Look at the largest crater Tycho (/ˈtaɪkoʊ/) is a prominent lunar impact crater located in the southern lunar highlands, named after the Danish astronomer Tycho Brahe (1546–1601).

Note it’s position.  now look at the video from the other hemisphere and you will see the image is flipped because they are in the other hemisphere of the SPHERE planet.  CASE CLOSED.

If you were thinking about giving money to these flat earth people I hope you have now rethought that decision.  If you are looking to support someone who consistently shines the spotlight on the actors who are part of this lie consider supporting this site.

Another project we have scheduled is the collection of the airborne particulates known as chemtrails and bring a sample to the ground for testing.    If you want to take part in that project you can via PayPal at donate@wellaware1.com

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Biblically the 4 corners of the earth are likely akin to compass directorates.

The ancients knew much more about certain things than the present peoples the present iteration would take former knowledge as nonsence and ridicule it unless they actually see it in action – as if the megalithic structures arent enough.


Your language is attacking everyone here who disagrees with you. I am not sure this is you. Your actor information is priceless. Something strange is up here. We clearly live on a Plane. I too am very intelligent and a mathematician. Mostly I observe and trust myself. Why are your responses here so hateful instead of dialogue-based? Something is off.


What has happened to you? Is this you?


see my earlier post!!


so by your own admission, the curve,
since as you say you can’t see it,
only exists in your imagination,and not in reality
(if that’s not the case perhaps you have some credible proof of the mysterious “curve” you could show us all?)
one doesn’t need to be “religious” in order to depend on “faith”
mr Goldbug,because that is what you are doing here


Sorry Dallas, but how would you explain “your existence” if you don’t believe in an actual Divine Creator?

Please understand that there are some things that DO require faith!

By the way, you do have some incredible talent, but I wouldn’t recommend you allowing that to go to your head, without first giving credit where credit is due. And that would be to simply give Glory to God, which is the One who originally placed that gifting within you, when he created you.

Just in case you weren’t aware of your existence, allow me to say that God did know you before He formed you in your mother’s womb. You are fearfully and wonderfully made! Blessings my friend!!

I don’t have to know things lie that to know what is right and what is wrong on this planet. You on the other hand cant cope with the fact that life has always been here and will always be here. You need some extraterrestrial purpose for your life. I look within.


1 The Sunlight goes through the strong magnetic field of the north pole, and the sunlight turns orange. And that light then hits the moon.

haha haha haha

2. Since the sunlight is orange, it makes the moon appear orange as in this image-

The sunlight is not orange That atmosphere is made up of a mixture of gaseous molecules, mostly nitrogen and oxygen, with some water vapor and trace gasses thrown in. These molecules clumped more densely close to Earth where the atmosphere is thickest, create tiny obstacles for traveling light waves to navigate.

The light at the longest wavelengths—red, orange, and yellow—sails more easily over these atmospheric speed bumps, while the shorter blue and violet rays get bounced left and right as they journey towards us, in a process called “scattering.”

At “solar noon,” when the sun appears at its highest point in the daytime sky, light reaches us most directly, passing through less atmosphere on the way, reducing the scattering effect. When the spectrum remains together, the light we see is the familiar yellowish-white look of sunshine.

But as the Earth turns during the day and the sun drops toward the horizon, sunbeams enter the atmosphere at a slant and pass through a denser swath of air before they reach us. “When the short rays at the violet and blue end of the spectrum are deflected out in all directions, they can’t get to our eyes,” Nese notes, “while the orange and red wavelengths dominate our perception of the sky’s color.”

PLEASE look up KEplers laws and the Coriolis effect. Please stop listing to this idiota who can’t provide you with data but think drawings are sufficient but it is not.

William lane

Atmospheric lensing. The air isn’t nothing.


First off You need to remove yourself from the conditioned state you are in. Its a fucking book. Written by royal assholes as a means to control the peasants. People LIE, BOOKS DON’T SAY ANYTHING. THEY ARE WORDS PRINTED BY ROYAL LIARS ON THEIR ROYAL PRINTING PRESSES> Don’t believe me then why is there a copyright on the bible and its LONDON ENGLAND? You are free to distribute the book anywhere on the planet EXCEPT London England.

Once you come to grips with that and stop trying to use that fiction as something other then the observable scientific methods that prove without the need for some government agency then you can come back and play.


midnight sun in norway? no way, baby. not tilted, spinning. you don’t grasp your illegitimate sense of superiority or misinfo is your aim here. i’m not coming back to your website again, but i feel bad for the people who do.


Yeah no shit because if you were in a car in space you wouldn’t need the windshield because there is nothing for you to be shielded from. Duh


It does bend four ways, but your eyes are not able to notice it since we are so small in relation to the size of what we see. We are a meer microscopic speck in relation so the size of the planet. What the flat earth people fail to comprehend is their argument that the horizon changes if you use binoculars. If their argument were accurate then technically you would be able to use a telescope and see europe. They also fail when it comes to explain when objects approach us they increase in size and decrease as they move away. the moon and sun do not do this (but they do but since they are so far away our eyes cant register it.) If they were close as they claim you would be able to see the size change.

Finally they fail with their diagrams of the sun projecting a beam of light to the ground like a focused flash light. The sun is a ball of radiant energy, so no matter the distance you would still see it shining 24/7 from the sides. UNLESS its so far away (which it is) that you see what we see when we look up at it.

I could go on and on with things such as the way the jet stream and wind patterns are formed at the equator but if people cant grasp these simple things then they wont understand them.


So let me get this straight you are not addressing any of the facts but yet you are basing you argument on a fucking logo? How about the fact that their logo doesnt show the north pole either? To try to argue the earth is flat the the big ball of the sun shines like a flash light is iditoc. the fact that if it were flat and the sun and moon orbit above us you would be able to see it with a telescope and it would never fucking set, lets not forgety that objects in the distance are smaller and grow in size as they get closer then small as they move away and neigher wdo the sun or moon do this. SO FLAT EARTH busted.

You try to say you can see a ship with optical devices SO MUST YOU BE ABLE TO DO THE SAME WITH THE SUN AND THE MOON. but you can’t because they disappear beyond the horizon. THE SUN DOES NOT shine a flashlight and therefore you would never have nightfall if the earth was flat. SIMPLE OBSERVATIONS EASILY PROVE THE SPHEROID PLANET but the best example is the fact that the tornado spins opposite direction per each hemisphere AND HOLY SHIT GUESS WHAT ELSE DO TO? THE FUCKING STARS. Open your eyes and fuck what NASA says I don’t need NASA to prove what is easily observable.

GO ahead try to tell me one thing that the flat earth people say is fact and ill show you the error in their example and the lie they push on you that you are overlooking.


AND your adjustment again is so so so small that we cant detect it. Again yes you live on a cylinder, just one that wraps in both directions. 😉


Moon from Antartica taken with an SLR cameracomment image

Look different from what you are used to? Go ahead and say no so I can call you a liar.


Where? And if you think typos make the facts any less factual then you are reaching.


Here is a video with the math that explains your perspective change of about 3 degrees at 30K. But remember your horizon increases as you get higher. The angles from which the horizon appear expand equally.


When the flat earthers say they can see the ship that has passed over the horizon when they use binoculars, then technically they should be able to stand on an elevated surface with a telescope and track the ship across the ocean till it reaches Hawai. ALSO by their own claims then when the sun sets behind the horizon you should be able to use binoculars to then keep tracking it. But you can’t because the earth is not flat.


so you are saying the earth is the center of the universe and everything else is moving around it? Then how do you get the counter clockwise and opposite spin per hemisphere as seen with tornadoes? If we stood still how do you explain being able to predict to the exact second the phases of the moon and venus? Did you have a telescope as a child? Did you understand the lunar eclipse? Do you understand the wobble of the earths axis which causes the different tides per the lunar pull? You do understand the tide correct? You do know that it is different per where you are related to the equator and the tilt of the planet? If it were flat the tide would be the same globally. The moon I have issues with per its gravity but that is for another topic, but as for this argument you must understand the effects it has on the tides and this demonstrates once again the spherical shape of the spinning planet per the tidal differences at the equator and at the poles.


Moon from Antarticacomment image

Drops mic.




Now play dumb and say it’s faked, Then try to tell us that all the thousands of photos you can google from antarctica that show the moon are ALL fake, so we can laugh at you.


You don’t grasp the distance we are to the stars. Just like when you are driving and you look out the side of your window and see things moving by, they move by faster the closer they are to you. the further away they are the less movement you see. The stars are SO EFFING FAR away your eye can’t pickup the little movement that is taking place.


Have a friend send you a photo of the moon from the southern hemisphere. Then tell me it’s flat.


Yes I used to love going to the Franklin Institute as a kid and watching their Foucault pendulum


Correct. It’s just another means for them to scam the public into buying their books and dvds along with dividing the public. That’s how the Royals do it.


No, you can’t compare something in a moving car not flying to the back because the kinetic energy is being blocked (windows, door, anything that keeps wind energy from getting through), unlike a tree that is not being blocked by anything. If the windows were open, the fly would move in the direction of the kinetic energy


You are blinded by your own ignorance and determined to defend it even though the the three videos that i posted on this page show you the MATH that you can do yourself (WITHOUT NASA, WITHOUT A TELESCOPE, WITHOUT A VIDEO) just YOU your EYES and the observable proof that is scientifically mathematically provable.

You can’t even understand the lunar eclipse and how the CURVE of our planet creates the shadow

If the planet were flay and as you idiots claim the sun and the moon are flying around in a circle and you claim the reason they disapear is due to perspective then you fail because the objects the travel away from us due to perspective get smaller but the OBSERVABLE MOON AND SUN DONT.

You have no understanding of perspective and how large this planet is. You lace the ability to understand what facts and math prove because you are part of a culture that is being run by a bunch of actors who are paid hollow souls that suck the life from you and cause you to spin in circles and attack anyone your little brain can’t understand.

Now if you would like to make an argument as per why I’m wrong then you better be specific and list out your facts by number so we can all follow your song and dance as I will show you your error. WITHOUT NASA. WITHOUT VIDEO FROM SOME SATELLITE.


They are called Crepuscular and Anti Crepuscular rays .


I am trying to reconcile two things: First is flying. We take off and fly to a “flight deck” of i.e., 33,000 feet. And when it is time to descend, the pressure in our collective ears tell us we are descending. Even the slightest change in altitude can be felt (either way) when in flight. However, all the while we are flying at the cruising altitude, there is never an “adjustment” over the many (sometimes) thousands of miles relative to the curve of the earth. That’s what I’m ruminating about. Secondly, in respect to horizon, why does it only ever bend “one way” (i.e., west/east). If we were looking through binoculars and the boat “disappearing over the horizon”, wouldn’t the horizon adjust the four ways, not just two ways? We don’t live on a cylinder. Yes, the earth is Uge, but common, there must be a mathematical equation that says after so many feet (not hundreds of miles,) the earth “bends”. Earth is not a dodecahedron. At least I don’t think it is. I’ve never been to space afore. Peace.


Zondar . . . the main thing that you and others alike, aren’t seeing, in regards to the shape of our earth, is that it is scripturally based. The Bible does not lie and for this reason alone one should have no problem believing the earth is geocentric. It is in fact stationary. The sun, moon and stars circle above the (one level surface) earth. Of course if your not a believer in Jesus Christ, you obviously will find all of this hard to receive. I suggest you research some of the verses that speak about the “ends, sides, foundations, pillars and corners” of the earth. It’s important to note that the sun, moon and stars weren’t brought onto the scene until the 4th day. And then it says they were placed (in) the firmament. Anyone can look at the sun and moon and see that they are not that far away. Of course I believed the lie for many years, just like all others, only because we were conditioned to. Many do not understand that the devil literally deceives the whole world, as shown in Revelation 12:9. Even though he is a defeated foe, he’s still entitled to his free reign as god of this world, 1 Cor. 4:4. His time is short though. Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ!


don’t need a spaceship when we have something as simple as a pendulum


I’m sorry but I don’t BELIEVE in anything. you examine the facts and make a decision. Leave faith-based hocus pocus at the door.


Sorry but you are a typical flatearther who cant address the fact that are observable which I have provided. If you want to bash the frauds at nasa you can do so on the nasa page. Address the 360 degree sun at the top of the page.


It boggles my mind listening to some of the rants by these FEs , how they seem to think they should see a curve along the horizon. Using logic to weed through falsehoods, it blows me away how some of these folks buy into this. I’m thinking of the video where he uses the analogy with the orange . They also want address the swirling effect of water north & south & center of the equator


and it’s ONLY possible on a tilted spinning ball.


I can see you pulled up youtube videos that ‘support’ your facts, but some of the points are ‘supported’ also. The ability for people to mathematically determine where the planets are going to be works regardless. And if you’ve looked up flat earth videos, I’m sure you’ve seen the United Nations logo that shows the flat earth, and the moon and sun spinning around it.

Not bringing up any of your other excellent work, focusing only on this one topic, makes me wonder why your so convinced that your correct.

Here’s a quick quote from a website.
“The fact is that everything that this President or any President says in his speeches are extremely well-choreographed. His speeches are always carefully written by speech writers in order to further some kind of agenda. There are no wasted words, and there are no spontaneous moments or accidental statements. The President of the United States is almost nothing more than an actor who reads the lines that he is given. We all know that there was one President who actually was a big-time Hollywood actor. The same holds true for all mainstream new media anchors, by the way.”

President Obama mentioned the flat earth ‘theory’ 3 times in 4 years. Maybe, just maybe, like if everything else you write about, is an actor based reality, i mean really, wouldn’t that be a pretty good dig? got the entire planet to believe that we live on a globe, when even the United Nations logo refuses to show a globe.


No problem. If it were flat and the evidence backs it up I would be saying its flat. Either way it makes no difference to me but the facts are facts like it or not. So thanks for the comment, and anyone unwilling to listen to the evidence is no one you should waste your time talking to because they will never accept any evidence. That is a good thing because its a method of filtering out close minded irrational and illogical thinking people.


I cant help but laugh that in the paragraph (and probably rest of the article) where you are specifically talking about how smart globe heads are and how stupid anyone that believes in religion is, your entire text is full of typos. I am not normally one to point out typos, but when you are trying to convince the world of how smart you and other people that buy the spinning globe rhetoric, you might want to actually use correct grammar and spelling, lol, just saying, it certainly doesn’t help your case.


Dear Mr Chiarini,

I am a new member and I believe the Earth is round and concave, and motionless.

This attained closure emerges from literature that I inspect currently. It is a new announcement which enticed me with its validity.

I will not reveal its name to you for fear of derision.

I admire and respect your work. However I will need time to be convinced of its efficacy.
For the moment, I remain neutral but extremely interested.

I do immerse you in deference.


K. Irino

“Even if the Earth were a ball, their formula for measuring the curve doesn’t make sense.”



No its not him but I know that guys face. Give me a little bit to let is sink in but I do know he is an actor.


Why would I care about that? I have exposed lennon and the Roosevelt connection. I dont have time to track down every actor’s baby momma. Let me know when Leo runs for office then Ill be interested.

Traciann Lee

Glad i found this, i was just arguing with a flat earther on youtube lastnight lol…Thank You


I sail, I plot courses, I chart. I can see way way waaaay beyond the mathmatical curve. It’s either flat or much much larger than they tell us. An observation; place a sundial on a flat earth map and it works, place a pin into a globe and using a light – it doesn’t act like a sundial on a ball. It doesn’t work.

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