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The Flat Earth Nonsense A Royal Creation

Please see for my debunking

UPDATE the Royals are behind the Flat Earth push.

Ahahahahah  he removed his video.  See I am right.

Further proof we live on a sphere as you can see the spin of water rotates differently per the hemisphere it’s on.
Thanks to Stef P for the video link.


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  1. Hi Ed
    I heard you comment on the flat earth in an interview and I was a bit shocked at your attitude. Seems you are happy to leave some stones unturned and are very ready to throw insults to a stance you haven’t researched, as evident in your comments above.
    There are many ways to see into the hoax of the spherical earth model if you take the time to consider a few simply facts and then look at the many questions that arise when you want to look at the flat earth model and how it could work.
    First the earth was flat till around 500 yrs ago, it because a sphere or globe only recently and we’ve been navigating around it for a long time perfectly well.
    You do need to consider the spin of the globe and how water reacts to movement and non movement.
    We say sea level and water level and use spirit levels with bubbles to find a level. There is no time we can say water won’t find a level if allowed to settle. If the sea were really glued to a globe it would defy everything we know and experience about water’s properties. Saying gravity does not remedy this problem the globe model has or they would demonstrate water doing this magical thing on a ball in every classroom.

    Second we use gyroscopes to navigate in planes flying over the plain. Gyroscopes are calibrated on the earth before take off. So the plane will know where it is in relation to the ground. This information is only relevant if the plane is flying over a plain. On a ball or sphere the calibration done before take off would be useless in a few miles. As the sphere curves in all directions from any spot.

    Third we always see the horizon rise to eye level no matter the height attained. This works with a flat plain but not for a sphere. The higher one is above a sphere the greater the angle one must take to look down to the ground. In a plane you can see the horizon from both sides through the windows.

    This flat earth non science is just the opposite with ordinary people looking past the insults and jibes to see we’ve all been fed fiction instead of fact in our school daze. You can look or you can leave it, all a choice.

    • What interview? I have alwasy said it is a globe since its easy to see the phases of venus just as copernicus did. That’s in addition to the spin of the tornadoes is opposite per the different hemispheres.

  2. Well THIS was all very interesting! Berta, you seem to like dgb quite well. Even summing up his work. At length. Good grief. Military taught atom, uh, revelations? Now I’m back to doubting. I’ve also never witnessed a tornado in the northern hemisphere, much less the southern, but I live an hour from Colorado Springs! Or Pikes Peak. THAT I can do, and dgb your spelling is terrible. My relatives are leaving tomorrow. I’ll call you. Peace.

  3. Johnknott /

    And I don’t believe this either,you would think they’d of accomplished more than a rocket in the air because that’s what it seems like.somethings are sometime not ment to be.

  4. Marjo /

    “Everyone else turns out to be bogus in one way or another.” YEP!!

  5. russellkanning /

    I am thinking the earth is flat, but I could see them putting actors in the community. 🙂

    • Then you are a fool who doesn’t have the capacity to look out the window and see the evidence. Explain the tornado and how the spin differs per hemisphere? You can’t have it both ways on a flat model. It is consistent with a two hemispheric model, and that means Sphere. JUST LIKE THE OTHER PLANETS YOU CAN SEE THROUGH A TELESCOPE and see the moons orbiting around them. Why would you think that out of all that is visible with a telescope we should be anything different than the other planets? BUT NEVER MIND THAT BECUASE MOST PEOPLE DONT HAVE A TELESCOPE. but they do have two eyes and can see tornados

      • sdr763c /

        I don’t know Ed if you’ve had much time to examine a wealth of various you tube presentations on the flat earth issue. From radio interviews such as you’re occasionally been involved with wherein one a naval instructor came to grips with the fact that he could watch the ship-ship missiles on target way beyond the horizon - maybe close to 30 miles. Of course there’s a wealth of presentations with ships not sinking into the ocean way beyond there horizons. Other offerings have shown the sun both in front of the clouds and behind them at the same time. If I recall correctly this has been shown to be true with the moon also. In another case or two rockets have taped there ascent and reached an end point where their ascent clearly seemed to have been abruptly stopped in the 1 case and being somewhat ground down while rubbing against the barrier trying to get to wherever it had hopes of reaching?
        Before I leave a final link to someones discourse on this issue [who’s certainly given it a lot of consideration] the issue is not that someone’s a fool as you so often seem to cite but your common sense does not necessarily override some one else’s. Water given the slightest opportunity will spill over any containment vehicle seeking its own level. Yet its agreed to lift this sanction and on the sea/ocean macro scale decide to maintain the arc of the ‘globe’ and fail to seek this level - where anywhere on the ocean is downhill. Sea level must be a misnomer STP in the chemical world likely would be at question. link 1:
        link 2:

        • First off, it is a matter of being a fool or not because you can clearly prove without a doubt by observing the Spin of a tornado in the northern Hemisphere and then the southern hemisphere. The opposite spin demonstrated by the different hemisphere is solid provable proof. I don’t need to look at speculation and opinions when I can clearly see the evidence with my own eyes. If you require more evidence (which an intelligent person does not need more then what I just said), all you have to do is watch the other video that shows the spin of the water on the equator and then in the northern and then southern hemispheres. AGAIN end of story. As for your ship issue. EVERY VIDEO I HAVE SEEN CLEARLY SHOW THE SHIPS below the water’s horizon line. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW LARGE THE EARTH IS? Apparently not if you think that your eye will be able to see the slight drop off. YOU ARE NOT BIG ENOUGH TO NOTICE A BUILDING TILTING IN THE DISTANCE. The small degrees that are would be tilting is not noticeable by the human eye. I have extensive training in my college years with perspective. I went to the University of the Arts, and ever person I see online that is pushing this nonsense does not demonstrate lens distortion or the understanding of how large the earth is. You also have problems with the Heat and cold wish will distort the image. Lens distortion and depth of field are issues the hardly anyone that talks about this even mentions. You do understand that everything you see online is filmed with a camera that you don’t have the info to calibrate the lens distortion. As for your calling that a rocket hit is COMPLETE NONSENSE have you ever seen a meteor shower? Have you ever been to Pikes Peek? I have so unless you think that meteorites come from clouds then they have no problem other then when they hit the molecules that are increasingly more dense as you get closer to the earth that causes friction, and they glow. I think Iva addressed all your issues but AGAIN the way a scientist works is he looks for the most substantial evidence and tries to test that data, and if he cants prove it wrong there is no need to move on to other speculative claims . be smart about your time. Address the hemispheric different spin of the tornado and you will see that is all you need to know the facts.

    • then you just proved one thing to anyone who reads your comment. THIS ISNT A FAITH BASED SITUATION. BELIEVING is not what you are being asked to do. You are being asked to comprehend the data and conclude whether or not the results of a Flat or Spherical planet are provable with that data. Therefore either you are incapable of understanding the difference between fact and theory, are an idiot, or one of the opposition. Take you pick.

  6. Berta /

    I don’t quite see this one. You’re saying this is the same guy. The videos don’t do it for me. Ed I know you don’t speculate as to the “why” of these activities other than the creation of content. It’s a wise stance to hold because we can speculate forever on the script when the real issue is that it IS a script. Yet the flat earth nonsense seems like such a strange subject. I wonder if it’s to test the scientific and critical thinking of the younger population. Perhaps to see how “dumbed down” people are at this point. Interesting that the prince brings up the “resource” of youth twice in that short clip.

    • Berta /

      When thinking of “resources” we generally think of something we can create out of nature. Trees by themselves are appreciated as themselves. As a “resource” they are cut down and ground into paper or sawn into lumber. Water as a “resource” is dammed, put in canals and used for cooling of large machinery such as electrical generating facilities. Not itself, only for how it can be used.

      • How can water be damned? Desalinization of water means there is plenty. Evaporation of water and the redistribution via storms and seasons continues to bring it back upstream and to the places that normally get it. Water is not going anywhere, neither is the earth. People, on the other hand, have created the means that could cause our destruction if we choose to make poor decisions. But as for oil and water they are replenished due to the naturally recycling of the earth being pulled into the core and spit back out through the veins and creating more of that (Fossil fuel) that they scarcity creators claim will run out. BULLSH*T

    • That is a possibility. We see them testing the perception of the public all the time by throwing things in our face to see us react. Just like at the time of Galileo (who once again I believe was a fictional character they used to scare the people into not bucking the system. A person they claim spent the majority of his life in prison for speaking out against the Bible and the believed model of the universe) these same families created the drama they profit from. They use events to create their so-called experts who they then use to back up their bullshit and further educate the people to the point they know if you don’t get past the indoctrination then you will stay a dumb fool they don’t have to worry about. Note I have a patent on a hydrogen fuel cell electrode. If I would have allowed their college level electronic principal training to be my only guide for my design, do you think I would have the most efficient electrode ever designed? NO, it wasn’t until I got the truth about the world of the electron through my Military training. Combining all my skills and my real understanding of the atom allowed me to design an electrode that the electron loves to flow around. Same with everything else they what you to believe. The second you call yourself an expert in a field and then mention some bullshit they planted in place they know you don’t know shit. A scientist that then says well the bible says Doh! they know they are full of it. It is a filtering mechanism. The same way I will throw something in front of a person I suspect is opposition just to see them react. I don’t care what the public thinks of me; I’m not here to make friends or to be liked. I’m here to stop these people, and I will do it how I see fit, and their reactions are as important to me as their bullshit they spread. Seeing the Royal influence behind the flat earth and the dance they do when they are asked about the tornado spin and how it is opposite for the southern hemisphere is effing funny. They get all bent out of shape as once again I throw a wrench in their gear box and bring them to a screeching halt. It’s just a matter of time before the real leaders get in position. Once they are in place, the signal will be given, and we will systematically take out every stronghold of the opposition. This will cause confusion in those who are not aware of what’s going on. The ability for one to understand my work and to see what I see is again a test of the person’s mental level. It in itself is a filtering system to weed out the opposition who say ALL OF MY WORK IS BULLSHIT. NONE of the people I expose are accurate. That person is one of them. An individual who says I might not agree with Ed 100% but he is far more accurate than not. That is a person who has the potential. The person who says it’s not about the actors ED shows, but is the fact they are ACTORS is an individual who possesses the skills to understand the mechanism that is the problem and will be a leader who will attack the cause and not allow themselves to get hung up on whether or not the actor is who I say they are. That will be substantial in the accountability stage. When all the players are rounded up and dealt with one by one and made examples of for future generations.

      • Berta /

        Yes, the point is ACTORS are our “leaders” everywhere. Worldwide. As we said here in U.S., all from city council up.
        Quibbling over “who” they are only gets us lost again in the tangled BS. Though your research into the various Roosevelts morphing into Kennedys and Bush’s et al has been most interesting and enlightening. It gives us insight into how this happens. I’m sure it is the explanation for many of these very wealthy and “royal” families. Surely it is happening still when necessary to establish in another country or make it look as though there is more diversity in ownership of world wealth than there actually is.
        Interesting that you got a better understanding of electro-physics in the military than you would have going to college for it. The same thing happened to you when you worked for Halibuton and found out the truth about oil being constantly created by the earth’s natural processes. Then you knew forever more that the “peak oil” nonsense was just BS.
        When we have the courage to see and accept that Everything we are taught and told is a lie to keep us bound to a certain planned and scripted perception, then we can begin to work our way out of the illusion.
        Thanks for your work on this. As far as I know you are the only one who is clean and honest about your work. Everyone else turns out to be bogus in one way or another.

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